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Latest News - June 2007

Last updated 30.06.07

[ 30.06.2007 ] - First ever live DVD from Oomph!


German industrial rockers Oomph! released «Rohstoff», their first ever live DVD - on July 20th, 2007 via Gun Supersonic. This DVD features live footage consisting of 23 songs, most of the video clips the band has created as well as making of videos and interviews.



[01] Fragment
[02] Träumst Du?
[03] Unsere Rettung
[04] Keine Luft Mehr
[05] Du Willst Es Doch Auch
[06] Fieber
[07] Wenn Du Weinst
[08] Die Schlinge
[09] Supernova
[10] Sex Hat Keine Macht
[11] Mitten Ins Herz
[12] Das Letzte Streichholz
[13] Dein Feuer
[14] Das Weiße Licht
[15] Mein Schatz
[16] Dein Weg
[17] Gekreuzigt
[18] Niemand
[19] Augen Auf!
[20] Brennende Liebe
[21] Gott Ist Ein Popstar
[22] Menschsein
[23] Burn Your Eyes


[01] Träumst Du
[02] The Power Of Love
[03] Gekreuzigt 2006
[04] Die Schlinge
[05] Das Letzte Streichholz
[06] Gott Ist Ein Popstar
[07] God Is A Popstar
[08] Sex Hat Keine Macht
[09] Brennende Liebe
[10] Augen Auf!
[11] Niemand
[12] Supernova
[13] Fieber
[14] Das Weiße Licht
[15] Gekreuzigt

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 30.06.2007 ] - Best Of from L'ame Immortelle

«10 Jahre»
«10 Jahre»

Ten year retrospective «Best Of» album from the sultry and seductive gothic/darkwave legends L'ame Immortelle - «10 Jahre» presents the highlights of their career with hit tracks and fan favourites taken from each of their albums. This release also includes 2 brand new exclusive tracks («Let Me Fall« and «Come Closer») amidst L'ame Immortelles spellbinding mixture of gothic rock guitars, moving piano harmonies, emotional female vocals and pounding electro club beats.

«10 Jahre» was released June 22nd, 2007 via Gun Supersonic.


[01] 5 Jahre
[02] Phonix
[03] Nur Du
[04] Tiefster Winter
[05] Aus den Ruinen
[06] Fallen Angel
[07] Stumme Schreie
[08] Judgement
[09] Lass Mich Fallen
[10] Du Siehst Mich Nicht
[11] Gefallen
[12] Stern
[13] Bitterkeit
[14] Figure In The Mirror
[15] Life Will Never Be The Same A
[16] Come Closer
[17] No Tomorrow

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 30.06.2007 ] - Recoil – Listening Event

Alan Wilder
Alan Wilder

As you definitely know, Recoil return with a brand new album, «SubHuman». Listen to the album prior official release on July 9th and chat live with Alan Wilder and other fans - just go to Shunt web site on July 2nd 7PM (GMT).

To take part in this event, subscribe here.

Info submitted by official Recoil web site.

[ 30.06.2007 ] - «Hourglass» - second solo album from Dave Gahan

Dave Gahan
Dave Gahan

Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan will release his second solo album «Hourglass» in late October. This release is the follow-up to his 2003 solo album «Paper Monsters», which marked his debut as a full-fledged songwriter.

Gahan recently returned to the studio to record an array of songs that would become «Hourglass». Created without the pressure of a deadline, Gahan wrote and produced all the songs in collaboration with Christian Eigner (drums) and Andrew Phillpott (guitars) of the Depeche Mode touring band. They worked at Gahan's 11th Floor Studios in his adopted hometown of NYC where he's lived for the past 10 years. Tony Hoffer, known for his work with Beck and Air, has been tapped to mix the album in July.

Gahan says «Hourglass» is more electronic-sounding than «Paper Monsters», «but we were very aware of the importance of keeping urgency in the sound and a feeling of spontaneity. We didn't want to get bogged down in trying to make everything sound perfect. You want to keep the rough edges.»

Gahan adds: «Christian plays drums and Andrew can easily find his way around bass and guitar - and then we're basically cutting all this stuff up and fucking with it by using ProTools, effects and all kinds of stuff. Accidents do happen, and they're good.»

With its themes of racing against - and running out of - time, the songs on «Hourglass» dig deeper into Gahan's psyche. «I'm still that teenager who's desperately trying to grow up, but in total fear of it really happening,» he says. The album's tracks include «Saw Something», «Use You», «Endless», «21 Days», «A Little Lie», «Deeper and Deeper», «Love Will Leave», «Down», «Miracles», «Tomorrow» and «Kingdom».

Stay tuned for more news!

Info submitted by official Dave Gahan web site.

[ 20.06.2007 ] - De/Vision announced Noob Tour


Germans De/Vision announced that their upcoming Noob Tour will starts on September 22th, 2007. Look at already confirmed dates:


22 - Erfurt, Germany - HSD (Gewerkschaftshaus)
23 - Cologne, Germany - Prime Club
24 - Essen, Germany - Zeche Carl
25 - Bielefeld, Germany - Stereo
27 - Dresden, Germany - Röschenhof
28 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle
29 - Magdeburg, Germany - Factory


30 - Rostock, Germany - Mau Club
02 - Leipzig, Germany - Anker
03 - Frankfurt, Germany - Batschkapp
04 - Stuttgart, Germany - Röhre
05 - Hannover, Germany - Capitol
06 - Lodz, Poland - Dekompresja
07 - Berlin, Germany - Columbia Club

Order your ticket at

Info submited by official De/Vision web site.

[ 20.06.2007 ] - Cool female electro pop from Greece

«Peek A Boo»
«Peek A Boo»

Greek female duo Marsheaux is releasing «Peek A Boo» on July 6th, 2007 via Out Of Line, a true revelation and an essential release for all electro pop fans everywhere. Impressive multi-coloured arrangements vie with breathy, seductive female vocals, ultra-catchy and infectious melodies and brilliant analogue flourishes. If you like Client or Ladytron, you should like Marsheaux too!

«Peek A Boo» will be released as a Limited Deluxe Double Digipak complete with the group’s highly acclaimed debut album «E-Bay Queen» as a special Bonus second disc!


«Peek A Boo»

[01] Hanging On
[02] Wait No More
[03] No Sense
[04] Promise
[05] City Of Lights
[06] Dream Of Disco
[07] What A Lovely Surprise
[08] Home
[09] What Don't You Like
[10] Love Under Pressure
[11] People's Mind
[12] Regret
[13] Heaven

«E-Bay Queen»

[01] Marsheaux
[02] Flash Lights
[03] Shake Me
[04] Pure
[05] Play Boy
[06] Computer Love
[07] Tonight
[08] The Game
[09] Ola Gyrizoun
[10] Hands On Me
[11] Pop Corn
[12] Analyse
[13] Pop Corn

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 20.06.2007 ] - [:SITD:] cancelled US Tour, but will tour Germany anyway


Germans [:SITD:] have canceled their US Tour with Combichrist in August/September this year due to tragic death case of a direct family member.

In other band news, [:SITD:]'s newest album «Bestie: Mensch» will be released in September 2007 via Accession Records to be followed by a European Tour with special guests Destroid and Painbastard. Look at confirmed dates:

22.09.07 - Guben, Germany - Fabrik
28.09.07 - Berlin, Germany - K17
29.09.07 - Kopenhagen, Denmark - Das Boot
02.10.07 - Hamburg, Germany - Kir
05.10.07 - Dresden, Germany - Strasse E
06.10.07 - Erfurt, Germany - Centrum
11.10.07 - Frankfurt/Main, Germany - Nachtleben
13.10.07 - Hannover, Germany - Musikzentrum
27.10.07 - Herford, Germany - X
02.11.07 - Bochum, Germany - Matrix

Info submited by official [:SITD:] web site.

[ 20.06.2007 ] - Recent licensed CDs from Gravitator Records

We are glad to present recent licensed CDs from Gravitator Records. It's dark electro/EBM band Grendel «Harsh Generation» (2007), electro/TBM band Soman «Mask» (2007) and electro / EBM project Electro Synthetic Rebellion «Wounds And Scars» (2007) - all made by licensee from Infacted Recordings.

«Harsh Generation»
«Harsh Generation»

Grendel «Harsh Generation»
Cat. no.: GRR 033
Total time: 38:58
Format: jewel case CD with 8-page booklet


[01] Intro 0:22
[02] Harsh Generation 3:55
[03] Void Malign 4:43
[04] The Judged Ones 4:41
[05] Remnants 4:40
[06] B.A.A.L. 4:40
[07] Dirty 4:18
[08] Hate This 4:18
[09] New Flesh 4:25
[10] Outro 2:54


Soman «Mask»
Cat. no.: GRR 029
Total time: 63:13
Format: jewel case CD with 8-page booklet


[01] Descent 2:49
[02] Mask 5:34
[03] Ransom 6:42
[04] Innocence v.2 6:01
[05] Twister 6:14
[06] Beatboxx 6:55
[07] Eye to Eye 4:57
[08] Detail 5:37
[09] Exhale 5:46
[10] Body Stepper 4:17
[11] Phonkey 4:27
[12] Ascent 3:52

«Wounds And Scars»
«Wounds And Scars»

Electro Synthetic Rebellion «Wounds And Scars»
Cat. no.: : GRR 031
Total time: 73:36
Format: jewel case CD with 6-page booklet


[01] Inner Fear 2:48
[02] It Hurts 6:02
[03] Regenerate 4:47
[04] Blood On The Walls 5:04
[05] Nothing Stays 5:10
[06] One Last Tear 5:14
[07] Timeless Sensations 5:00
[08] Introspection 5:43
[09] Humanity Collapsing 5:09
[10] Downward Spiral 5:35
[11] Final Dream 12-Forever 5:37
[12] It Hurts (Dislocated mix) 3:42
[13] Final Rebellion (Gravitational Extended mix) 6:25

Info submitted by Gravitator Records.

[ 20.06.2007 ] - Album and single from The Smashing Pumpkins

The Smashing Pumpkins are back! After seven years, the acclaimed Pumpkins have returned with «Zeitgeist» (release date: July 10th, 2007). Featuring the single «Tarantula» (release date: July 5th, 2007), this new sound is not to be missed. «Zeitgeist» will be available in following formats: CD, CD + DVD, Special Edition (CD with 76 Page Booklet), CD with yellow slip cover, CD with purple slip cover, CD with green slip cover, iTunes Digital Release with exclusive track «Stellar», Japanese release with extra track «Death from Above» and Vinyl.




[01] Doomsday Clock
[02] 7 Shades of Black
[03] Bleeding the Orchid
[04] That's the Way (my Love is)
[05] Tarantula
[06] Starz
[07] United States
[08] Neverlost
[09] Bring the Light
[10] (Come on) Let's Go!
[11] For God and Country
[12] Pomp and Circumstances




[01] Tarantula
[02] Death From Above

Info submited by official The Smashing Pumpkins web site.

[ 20.06.2007 ] - New album and single from Marc Almond

«Stardom Road»
«Stardom Road»

«Stardom Road», the long awaited new album from Marc Almond, was released on June 4th via Sanctuary Records.


[01] I Have Lived
[02] I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten (featuring Sarah Cracknell)
[03] Bedsitter Images
[04] The London Boys
[05] Strangers In The Night
[06] The Ballad Of The Sad Young Men (featuring Antony Hegarty)
[07] Stardom Road
[08] Kitsch
[09] Backstage (I’m Lonely)
[10] Dream Lover
[11] Happy Heart
[12] Redeem Me (Beauty Will Redeem The World)
[13] The Curtain Falls

«I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten»
«I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten»

«I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten» (featuring Sarah Cracknell), which is a Dusty Springfield cover, was released as a single on May 28th.

Info submited by official Marc Almond web site.

[ 08.06.2007 ] - New Madonna's song for Live Earth


Inspired by the upcoming Live Earth series of concerts on July 7th, Madonna has written a new song, «Hey You», which was available to download as MP3 on Microsoft's MSN page, on May 16th. The first million downloads of «Hey You» were free as Microsoft had pledged to donate $0.25 per download to the Alliance for Climate Protection for the first million downloads.

Madonna is scheduled to perform «Hey You» live at the Wembley Stadium Live Earth concert in London, it was confirmed by her record label, Warner Bros. Records, who have also announced that they will be releasing a live CD/DVD of the Live Earth Concert Series.

Madonna's new song, «Hey You», recorded in London, was produced by Pharrell Williams and Madonna. She is one of seventeen headliners that have been announced including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Genesis, Beastie Boys and others who will perform at Wembley as part of the 24-hour, 7-continent Live Earth Concert Series.

«On 7/7/07, Live Earth will inspire people from around the world to combat global warming with live performances from superstar artists like Madonna,» Live Earth Founder Kevin Wall said. «The early release of «Hey You» is an incredible boost to our efforts to get people engaged in the environmental cause. We are thrilled that Madonna donated her art to Live Earth and is a part of this movement for us.»

Live Earth is a monumental music event on 7/7/07 that will bring together more than 100 headlining music artists and 2 billion people to launch an ongoing, mass movement to combat the climate crisis. Concerts will take place in New York, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro and Hamburg. Live Earth's 24 hours of music across 7 continents will deliver a call to action and the solutions needed to answer the call. Live Earth marks the beginning of a multi-year campaign led by The Alliance for Climate Protection to move individuals, corporations and governments to take action.

The concerts will be streamed live at and available on CD/DVD.

Info submitted by Warner Bros. Records.

[ 08.06.2007 ] - «Noob» - new De/Vision album!


We are happy to announce that new De/Vision album titled «Noob» will released on August 24th, 2007 via Drakkar. Steffen Keth and Thomas Adam again co-operated with producers Schumann & Bach. Album contain 12 brand new songs and the already known «Love Will Find A Way» in a new version. The duo describes the sound as clearly faster, more straighter and much more electronic. However lovers of De/Vision typical ballads don't need to fear, because this CD has few of such tracks too. In addition right after album release band finally will start extended German Tour.

You will able to hear «What You Deserve», first new track from «Noob» at band's MySpace page - on Friday, June 15th! Later you will able to listen there snippets from all new De/Vision songs.

Info submitted by official De/Vision web site.

[ 08.06.2007 ] - New KMFDM album, «Tohuvabohu»


New KMFDM album «Tohuvabohu» will out via KMFDM Records/Metropolis Records on August 21th.

KMFDM, now in their 23rd year, remain a musical entity to be reckoned with. Through relentless experimentation and reinvention they have continued to unleash a barrage of songs that allow their fans to dance with abandon, bang their heads or dissect the band’s cuttingly cunning lyrics – sometimes all at once!

KMFDM’s new album, «Tohuvabohu» is no exception. ‘Tohuvabohu’, an Old Testament word meaning «wild and chaotic», perfectly captures the spirit and energy behind the tracks contained therein. Sascha Konietzko, the band’s founder and leader, conducts his army of analog synths and wields his razor sharp lyrics and vocals. Chanteuse Lucia infuses her tracks with a fiercely powered urgency alternating with soft beauty. The KMFDM core remains solid as ever with Jules Hodgson, Andy Selway and Steve White providing the cranking guitars and forceful beats that KMFDM is known for.

While staying true to the Ultra Heavy Beat, «Tohuvabohu» also dares to venture into new territory, ultimately destroying everything in its path. The album offers up servings of dance («Looking For Strange»), metal («Saft Und Kraft») and industrial («Spit Or Swallow»), along with the somewhat unexpected elements of darkwave («Tohuvabohu»), sweeping epic («Bumaye») and even rock/pop («Fait Accompli»).

«Tohuvabohu» adds to the growing list of languages sung in the KMFDM catalog – Latin, Hebrew, Lingala (an African language) and Spanish can all be found within. The Spanish language cover of Liaisons Dangereuses’ dancefloor favorite «Los Niños Del Parque» provides a perfectly retro/electronic departure as one of the album’s most memorable tracks.

Continuing the band’s one of a kind relationship with their followers, Sascha K. invited the fans to participate in the creative process via the Fan Phone. For a couple of weeks fans from all over the world called in and recorded stories of what KMFDM means to them. Kapt’n K., as he is known to the devoted horde, wove their voices throughout the album’s opening track, «Superpower», demonstrating once again that KMFDM belongs to the people (and vice-versa).

KMFDM invites you to celebrate chaos with «Tohuvabohu». «Get ready, set, all systems go!»

Cat. no.: MET 500


[01] Super Power 04:17
[02] Looking For Strange 05:18
[03] Tohuvabohu 05:20
[04] I Am What I Am 04:52
[05] Saft Und Kraft 04:36
[06] Headcase 03:57
[07] Los Ninos 03:58
[08] Not In My Name 04:50 [09] Spit Or Swallow 04:11
[10] Fait Accompli 05:05
[11] Bumaye 04:47

Info submitted by official KMFDM web site.

[ 08.06.2007 ] - «Prey» - new Recoil single

Alan Wilder returns with brand new Recoil single «Prey» - it will out June 25th, 2007 via Mute. The single, released on 7" and Download, precedes «subHuman», the 5th studio album out on Mute on July 9th, 2007.


«Prey» (7inch)
«Prey» (7inch)

Cat. No.: Mute372

[01] Prey (Single Version Edit)
[02] Prey (Reduction Edit)

«Prey» (Digital Download)
«Prey» (Digital Download)

Download 1-track Single
Cat. No.: iMute372

[01] Prey (Single Version Edit)

Download Single
Cat. No.: LiMute372

[01] Prey (Single Version)
[02] Prey (Radio Edit
[03] Prey (Reduction)
[04] Prey (Album version)

In other Recoil news: to coincide with the release of «subHuman» on July 9th, the entire Recoil catalogue will be available for download from the iTunes music store. Each album will be available in both the standard 128 kbps AAC as well as the new higher quality 256 kbps, DRM-free encoding (which allows playback on an iPod, other digital music players, or an unlimited number of computers).

Each Recoil studio album will be available on a track-by-track basis or as a deluxe package including all the singles, b-sides and remixes.

Info submitted by Mute Records.

[ 08.06.2007 ] - Club-oriented compilation from Psyche

«Club Salvation»
«Club Salvation»

Psyche have released a limited edition club-oriented compilation, «Club Salvation», with tracks that were previously only avilable on compilations, CD singles, or never before released. This CD will not go onsale into stores, but you are able to purchase this exclusive item at the band's concerts around Europe this year or through Endless Records in Germany.


[01] The Quickening (Club Mix) 04:40
[02] Absolute 03:17
[03] Final Destination (Controlled Collapse Mix) 05:24
[04] Goodbye Horses (Single Edit) 03:25
[05] Sanctuary 03:32
[06] Unveiling The Secret 05:28
[07] Gods And Monsters 05:28
[08] Snow Garden 06:29
[09] Six Feet Under (Re-Edit) 04:32
[10] Brain Collapses (New Version) 04:19
[11] Thundershowers (12" Remake) 05:14
[12] Wanting (Remix) 04:45
[13] Defenseless (On The Bridge Mix) 05:15
[14] 15 Minutes (Lights Out Edit) 04:51
[15] The Hiding Place 05:00
[16] The Outsider 2001 05:42

Info submitted by official Psyche web site.

[ 08.06.2007 ] - New releases from Lowe

«Tenant Remixed By...»
«Tenant Remixed By...»

Lowe will release «Tenant Remixed By...» on June 25th, 2007 via Megahype. The double disc album holds 21 exclusive remixes made by the various artists and bands including: Håkan Lidbo, Iris, Colony 5, Elegant Machinery and Minerve.



[01] Ahead Of Our Time (Choy's Garden Remix) Remixed By Viktor Ginner
[02] Face To Face (Minerve Remix 2007) Remixed By Minerve
[03] The Vanishing (People Theatre'S Noctambule Mix) Remixed By People Theatre
[04] Simplicity (Håkan Lidbo Extended Remix) Remixed By Håkan Lidbo
[05] My Song (Mafia Mike Extended Remix) Remixed By Mafia Mike
[06] Hear Me Out (4Tune8 Vs Warp Acht Remix) Remixed By 4Tune8 vs Warp Acht
[07] Never Felt So Low (Nfsl Remix) Remixed By Shoe
[08] Move Me (Blip-Blop Edit) Remixed By Fredrik Skeppholm
[09] Falling Star (Diskodiktator Remix) Remixed By Diskodiktator
[10] Gravitation (Iris Remix) Remixed By Iris
[11] Down The Waterline (Rezonance Version) Remixed By Rezonance


[01] My Song (Rupesh Cartel 2007 Remix) Remixed By Rupesh Cartel
[02] Simplicity (Popish Redux) Remixed By Lowe
[03] Hear Me Out (Inquiremix) Remixed By Tobias Ersson
[04] Ahead Of Our Time (Cellar Door Remix) Remixed By Colony 5
[05] The Vanishing (74262056 Mix) Remixed By Emplosia
[06] Move Me (Ambra Red Eurodisco Remix ) Remixed By Ambra Red
[07] Down The Waterline (Rossisdead'S Lack Of Distinction Voxal Mix) Remixed By Rossisdead
[08] The Vanishing (Sister Wasabi Remix) Remixed By Lowe
[09] My Universe (Lowe Extended Remix) Remixed By Lowe
[10] Save Me (Lowe Version) Lowe Feat Elegant Machinery

At the moment Lowe are in the studio working on «Kino International», the follow-up album to «Tenant». The release is set to October 2007.

Info submitted by official Lowe web site.

[ 08.06.2007 ] - «Sunday Girl» - second Erasure single

«Sunday Girl»
«Sunday Girl»

The second Erasure single from the album «Light At The End Of The World», «Sunday Girl» will be released on June 11th, 2007 and available on two CDs (CD and LCD), 7” Picture Disc and Digital Download.


Cat. No.: CDMUTE376

[01] Sunday Girl (Radio Mix)
[02] Take Me On A Highway

Cat. No.: LCDMUTE376

[01] Sunday Girl (Extended 12" Mix)
[02] Sunday Girl (Riffs & Rays Club Edit)
[03] Sunday Girl (Riffs & Rays Dub Edit)

Cat. No.: MUTE376

[01] Sunday Girl (Radio Mix)
[02] Take Me On A Highway

Info submitted by official Mute Records.

[ 08.06.2007 ] - News from Depeche Mode members

Dave Gahan
Dave Gahan

Official Depeche Mode web site confirmed that Dave Gahan is currently working on second solo album. He is hopeful to have the album released (tentatively) in October 2007.

In other news: Andrew Fletcher will DJing at a few select locations this Summer:

13.07 - Riccione, Italy - Prince Club
14.07 - Rome, Italy - Oasi Beach
20.07 - Barcelona, Spain - Razzmatazz
26.07 - Athens, Greece - Galaxy Bar Hilton
27.07 - Zakynthos, Greece - Barazze Club
29.07 - Pelopponissos, Greece - Blu Club

Info submitted by official Depeche Mode web site.

[ 08.06.2007 ] - New releases from Garbage

«Absolute Garbage»
«Absolute Garbage»

Our favorites Garbage has its first «best of» collection–the CD and DVD collections, «Absolute Garbage» will be released July 16th in UK and July 17th in US. Along with the new track «Tell Me Where It Hurts», «Absolute Garbage» features 17 songs of extreme and intense emotion, from «Stupid Girl», «Queer» and «#1 Crush» to «Special», «Bleed Like Me» and «Why Do You Love Me.»

Among the 15 Garbage music videos on DVD for the first time — including «Vow», «Only Happy When It Rains», «Stupid Girl», «Milk» and «Queer» — is almost an hour of never-before-seen footage backstage and behind-the-scenes, live performances and interviews, spanning the band’s entire career.

A special limited edition 2-CD set adds to the original CD a bonus disc of remixes by some of the world’s most renowned DJs, including U.N.K.L.E., Massive Attack, Todd Terry, Crystal Method, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, and Felix Da Housecat.



[01] Vow
[02] Queer
[03] Only Happy When It Rains
[04] Stupid Girl
[05] Milk
[06] #1 Crush
[07] Push It
[08] I Think I’m Paranoid
[09] Special
[10] When I Grow Up
[11] You Look So Fine
[12] The World is Not Enough
[13] Cherry Lips
[14] Shut Your Mouth
[15] Why Do You Love Me
[16] Bleed Like Me
[17] Tell Me Where It Hurts
[18] It’s All Over But The Crying

Remix CD

[01] The World Is Not Enough (Unkle Remix)
[02] When I Grow Up (Jagz Kooner Remix)
[03] Special (Brothers In Rhythm)
[04] Breaking Up The Girl (Timo Mass Remix)
[05] Milk (Massive Attack Remix)
[06] Cherry Lips (Roger Sanchez Remix)
[07] Andgrogony (Felix Da Housecat Remix)
[08] Queer (Rabbit In The Moon Remix)
[09] Paranoid (Crystal Method Mix)
[10] Stupid Girl (Todd Terry Remix)
[11] Androgony (Neptunes Remix)
[12] You Look So Fine (Fun Lovin’ Criminals Remix)
[13] Push It (Boom Boom Satellites Mix)
[14] Bad Boyfriend (Garbage Remix)


[01] Vow
[02] Queer
[03] Only Happy When it Rains
[04] Stupid Girl
[05] Milk
[06] Push It
[07] I Think I’m Paranoid
[08] Special
[09] When I Grow Up
[10] You Look So Fine
[11] The World is Not Enough
[12] Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)
[13] Shut Your Mouth
[14] Why Do You Love Me
[15] Bleed Like Me
[16] Tell Me Where It Hurts (excluding North America)

Garbage will release a brand new single entitled «Tell Me Where It Hurts» on July 9th via Warner Bros. Records (excluding North America). It will be available on two 7" formats and one CD. Each 7" release has a different b-side («Bad Boyfriend» (Sting Like a Bee Remix) and «All The Good In This Life») whilst the CD features track «Betcha».

Info submitted by official Garbage web site.

[ 08.06.2007 ] - Details of «Emigrate»


Debut album of Emigrate, solo project of Richard Kruspe from Rammstein, entitled «Emigrate» and set to release on August 31th, 2007 via Motor.


[01] Emigrate
[02] Wake Up
[03] My World
[04] Let Me Break
[05] In My Tears
[06] Babe
[07] New York City
[08] Resolution
[09] Temptation
[10] This Is What
[11] You Can`t Get Enough

In other news: Rammstein are currently working on songs for a new album. Therefore they will not play live in the near future.

Info submitted by Pilgrim Management.

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