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Latest News
Latest News
Latest News - June 2003

Last updated 26.06.03

[ 26.06.2003 ] - A lot of official news from De/Vision!


A lot of official news from De/Vision! First - they will release later this year a live CD from the Devolution Tour (on Synthetic Product Records), it's tracklisting:

[01] Try To Forget
[02] I Regret
[03] Miss You More
[04] Digital Dream
[05] Your Hands On My Skin
[06] New Drug
[07] Foreigner
[08] Sadness
[09] Strange Affection
[10] Drifting Sideways
[11] Blindness
[12] We Fly... Tonight
[13] Endlose Traume

plus possible bonus multimedia track «I Regret 2002». All tracks were recorded live in April 2003 in Berlin and Leipzig.

Second new release called «I regret 2003» will also follow, maybe as bonus CD or double MCD or one EP. Tracks on this release:

[01] I Regret (Special Radio Remix)
[02] I Regret (Colony5 Remix)
[03] I Regret (VNV Nation Remix)
[04] I Regret (Haujobb Remix)
[05] I Regret (JAB Remix) (taken from «Remixed» album)
[06] Bleed Me White (Backlash Remix)
[07] Try To Forget (DJ Ram Remix)
[08] Blue Moon (Live 2003)
[09] I Regret (Live 2003)
[10] I Regret (Videoclip 2002)
[11] A New Dawn (Live 2003)

Finally, re-release as DVD of the 2 live De/Vision videos («Live Moments We Shared» and «Fairylive») is also in progress, of course with bonus material.

And coolest news - the band will be on tour in Autumn again!

NB: We wanna bring our personal apologies to Mr. Lorenz Macke, for published yesterday wrong information (deleted now). We will put online only official and confirmed information from De/Vision - as we always did, do, and will do.

Info taken from official De/Vision web site.

[ 25.06.2003 ] - Release date of «Agressor»!

As Virgin Germany said to our german friends, there will be new And One single in July (no release date yet). «Agressor» will be released on August 25th.

Info taken from our own sources.

[ 22.06.2003 ] - «Hollywood» cover and release dates


New single from Madonna - «Hollywood» - will released tommorow, June 23rd, in UK and July 8th in USA. On June 23rd tune your satellite receiver at 11:00pm to VH1's «Making Of The Video» to watch behind-the-scenes footage from the set of her new video, «Hollywood», and then catch the world premiere of this video!

Info taken official Madonna web site.

[ 22.06.2003 ] - And One: news from Studio

Steve Naghavi
Steve Naghavi

As recently reported by Virgin Germany, new long-awaited And One album «Aggressor» will be finally released at the end of August. First And One concert with new album will take place on August 2nd in Weissenfels (near Leipzig) with a band Black Design. Also they'll do Release Party on August 30th during Darkflower Festival (Leipzig). More info - here.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 22.06.2003 ] - Dave Gahan - concert in Moscow

Dave Gahan - Live
Dave Gahan - Live

On June 18th, 2003, Mr. David Gahan, more known as Depeche Mode frontman, performed in Moscow, at «Olympisky» with 1 hour solo program from his «Paper Monsters Tour». Complete setlist:

[01] Hidden Houses
[02] Dirty Sticky Floors
[03] A Question Of Time
[04] Bitter Apple
[05] Black And Blue Again
[06] Walking In My Shoes
[07] I Need You
[08] Bottle Living
[09] Personal Jesus

[10] I Feel You
[11] Never Let Me Down Again

Complete report, with photos and video snippets - later.

Info taken from our own sources.

[ 14.06.2003 ] - News from Madonna


New Madonna's single «Hollywood» will released on June 23rd (UK), as two CDs (CD1 & CD2) and 12". Video for this single was filmed in... Hollywood during June 2nd and 3rd. «Hollywood» video will launched on June 23rd on VH1 channel, with special «Behind the Scenes» programme.

As rumoured next single from «American Life» album will be track «Nothing Fails».

By the way, complition of Madonna's fairy tales for children and adults entitled «The English Roses», will be print out on September 15th in more than 100 countries and translated on 42 languages.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 14.06.2003 ] - Tickets for Bjork concerts are onsale now!


Recently tickets for both Bjork's Russian shows, in Moscow on July 17th at SK «Olympisky», and St. Petersburg on July 19th at Ice Palace, were put on sale! There are some prices for Moscow concert (starts on 7 pm):

Dance parter - 1000 rubles (33 USD)
Loge B - 2200 rubles (72 USD)
A6 - 450 rubles (15 USD)
A8 - 1000 rubles (33 USD)
A12 - 600 rubles (20 USD)
A14 - 450 rubles (15 USD)
B8 - 500 rubles (16 USD)
B10 - 400 rubles (13 USD)
B11 - 400 rubles (13 USD)
B13 - 300 rubles (10 USD)
C8 - 600 rubles (20 USD)
C9 - 1000 rubles (33 USD)
C10 - 2000, 2500 rubles (65, 85 USD)
C11 - 2800, 3000 rubles (92, 100 USD)
VIP1 - 3000 rubles (100 USD)
VIP2 - 2500 rubles (82 USD)
A10 - 2000 rubles (65 USD)

Order your tickets online via

Info submitted by tour promoters.

[ 14.06.2003 ] - New release dates for new Client stuff


As written on official Client web site, their new single, «Rock and Roll Machine», is delayed and out on August 4th, with the album to follow on August 18th (delayed too). Tracklistings:


[01] Rock and Roll Machine (radio edit) by Daniel Miller
[02] Daredevils
[03] Pills (half dose mix)


[01] Rock and Roll Machine (extended mix) by Andy Fletcher
[02] Rock and Roll Machine (the Sie Medway Smith mix)
[03] Rock and Roll Machine (the Droyds mix)

Client on tour:


11 - London, UK - Notting Hill Arts Club
14 - Berlin, Germany - Berlinova Festival
16 - Munich, Germany - Backstage (supporting Ladytron)
17 - Stuttgart, Germany - Rohre (supporting Ladytron)
18 - Hamburg, Germany - Schlachthof (supporting Ladytron)
19 - Cologne, Germany - Gebaude 9 (supporting Ladytron)
26 - Athens, Germany - In The Zoo! Festival
27 - London, UK - The Egg


11 - Belgium - Dour Festival


08 - Prague, Chech republic - Creamfields
10 - Spain - Benicassim Festival
13 - Istanbul, Turkey - Istanbul Festival
15 - Cologne, Germany - Popkomm


28 - Rome, Italy - Festival

Info taken from official Client web site.

[ 08.06.2003 ] - First setlist from Gahan's tour!

Dave Gahan - Live
Dave Gahan - Live

On June 5th Dave Gahan played his first show in Zurich, Switzerland.


[01] Hidden Houses
[02] Hold On
[03] Dirty Sticky Floors
[04] A Question Of Time
[05] Bitter Apple
[06] Black and Blue Again
[07] Stay
[08] Little Piece
[09] Walking In My Shoes
[10] I Need You
[11] Bottle Living
[12] Personal Jesus
[13] Goodbye
[14] I Feel You
[15] Never Let Me Down Again


[16] Enjoy The Silence

Info taken from various sources.

[ 08.06.2003 ] - «I Need You» - second new single from Dave Gahan!

As confirmed by Mute Germany, second single from Dave Gahan's «Paper Monsters» album will be track «I Need You» and it set to release on July 28th. It will available in 3 formats: CD, LCD and DVD.


[01] I Need You (Radio Mix) 3:40
[02] Closer 4:05
[03] Breathe 4:50

More details - here.

By the way, «Closer» was formerly known as «Ocean Song», rejected song from the Ultra recording sessions.

Info taken from our own sources.

[ 08.06.2003 ] - «Hollywood» - second new single from Madonna!


As were announced at official Madonna web site, second new single titled «Hollywood» will have following tracklisting:

CD Maxi

[01] Hollywood (Radio Edit) 3:42
[02] Hollywood (Stuart Price/ Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duck Mix) 7:09
[03] Hollywood (Micronauts Remix) 6:25
[04] Hollywood (Oakenfold Full Remix) 7:01
[05] Hollywood (Deepsky HSH Vocal Mix) 7:55
[06] Hollywood (Calderone Quayle Remix) 9:22

Vinyl Maxi

[01] Hollywood (Micronauts Remix) 6:25
[02] Hollywood (Oakenfold Full Remix) 7:01
[03] Hollywood (Calderone Quayle Remix) 9:22
[04] Hollywood (Stuart Price/ Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duck Mix) 7:09
[05] Hollywood (Deepsky HSH Vocal Mix) 7:55

Info taken from official Madonna web site.

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