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Latest News
Latest News
Latest News - July 2006

Last updated 31.07.06

[ 24.06.2006 ] - U2ís Vertigo Tour hits the road again


U2 announced the rescheduled Vertigo//2006 shows. Band will hit the road again in November. Starting in Brisbane on November 7th, U2 will play further dates in Australia, New Zealand and Japan before finishing in Hawaii on December 9th.

The new show dates are as follows:


07 - Brisbane, Australia - QSAC Stadium
10 - Sydney, Australia - Telstra Stadium
11 - Sydney, Australia - Telstra Stadium
16 - Adelaide, Australia - AAMI Stadium
18 - Melbourne, Australia - Telstra Dome
19 - Melbourne, Australia - Telstra Dome
24 - Auckland, New Zealand - Ericsson Stadium
25 - Auckland, New Zealand - Ericsson Stadium
29 - Tokyo, Japan - Saitama Super Arena
30 - Tokyo, Japan - Saitama Super Arena


04 - Tokyo, Japan - Saitama Super Arena
09 - Honolulu, Hawaii - Aloha Stadium

Info taken from official U2 web site.

[ 24.06.2006 ] - Next Ministry album will be last

Al Jourgensen
Al Jourgensen

According to an interview with, Al Jourgensen claims the next Ministry album will be the last. He will do «The Last Sucker» right after the ongoing MasterBaTour, and it will finish off his trilogy of albums. Al says he will instead focus on his new label 13th Planet Records.

Info taken from official Ministry web site.

[ 24.06.2006 ] - «Brave New World» details

«Brave New World»
«Brave New World»

Swedish electro band Covenant return on September 25th, 2006 with ultra-catchy new single «Brave New World» - via Synthetic Symphony/SPV. The second slice of euro-techno-pop perfection unearthed from world stopping album «Skyshaper» it delivers trademark Covenant: from Eskil's super-smooth, deep and melancholy vocal melody, to a chorus to melt the heart and enough darkness and hard electro around the edges.


[01] Brave New World (New Version)
[02] Brave New World (Radio Version)
[03] Brave New World (Club Version)
[04] The New Virus
[05] Brave New World (Tempest Remix by Client)

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 21.06.2006 ] - Third single from Oomph!

«Die Schlinge»
«Die Schlinge»

On August 4th, 2006 Germans Oomph! will release «Die Schlinge (feat. Apocalyptica)», the third single taken from the their latest album «GlaubeLiebeTod» - via Gun Record (Sony BMG). Single will available as Basic and as Premium versions. Look at tracklistings:


[01] Die Schlinge (feat. Apocalyptica)
[02] God Is A Popstar


[01] Die Schlinge (feat. Apocalyptica)
[02] God Is A Popstar
[03] Polizisten
[04] Zauberstab
[05] Die Schlinge (feat. Apocalyptica) (Video)

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 21.06.2006 ] - «Bodypop» - on September 1st!


We are happy to inform you that new long awaited And One album «Bodypop» will be released on September 1st, 2006 via Out Of Line. Limited edition will feature special Bonus «Frontfeuer» EP with 5 exclusive tracks!


[01] Mein Anfang
[02] Military Fashion Show
[03] So Klingt Liebe
[04] Enjoy The Unknown
[05] Body Company
[06] Sexkeit
[07] Love You To The End
[08] Traumfrau
[09] Stand The Pain
[10] The Sound Of Believer
[11] The Dream
[12] Dein Ende

Bonus EP (Limited Edition only)

[01] Rearming Strafbomber
[02] Master Master
[03] A Kind Of Deutsch
[04] Steine sind Steine
[05] The Force

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 14.06.2006 ] - Best Of album from Depeche Mode

As we can see from Mute/EMI release plans, new Depeche Mode Best Of album will be released on November 13th. No tracklisting is known yet but already confirmed that band will record at least one new song for this CD. More information - later, check our site for updates!

Info submitted by our own sources.

[ 14.06.2006 ] - New single from Frozen Plasma

«Irony, Ltd»
«Irony, Ltd»

On July 21th, 2006 synthpop project Frozen Plasma will release new maxi-single «Irony, Ltd» - via Infacted (Soulfood Music).


[01] Artificial (open) 01:30
[02] Irony (radio edit) 03:49
[04] Irony (dj edit) 06:28
[04] Artificial (extincted species) 06:10
[05] Irony (rotersand rework) 07:23
[06] Irony (twisted fate mix) 04:02
[07] Irony (extended d.m.o. style) 10:04
[08] Irony (pay! radio remix) 07:05
[09] Irony (album version) 04:46
[10] Artificial (end) 04:36

Info submitted by Infacted Recordings.

[ 14.06.2006 ] - «Dream Collector» from Diary of Dreams

«Dream Collector»
«Dream Collector»

On July 14th, 2006 Germans Diary of Dreams will release their new compilation album «Dream Collector» - via Accession (Indigo).


[01] Stranger Than Rebellion
[02] PrisonER
[03] Soul Stripper (L.I.M. Strip Mix)
[04] O'Brother Sleep(Extended Sleepwalk Mix)
[05] The Curse (Freak Edit)
[06] Chemicals (Remix)
[07] Ex-ile (Upgrade 03)
[08] She (Demonic Mix)
[09] Forestown
[10] No-Body Left To Blame (Truth Mix)
[11] Now This Is Human
[12] People Watcher (L.I.M. Version)
[13] Butterfly:Dance! (Upgrade 02)
[14] Bladerunner 2001 (Director's Cut Remix By Adrian Hates)
[15] False Affection, False Creation(1st Version)

Info submitted by various official sources.

[ 14.06.2006 ] - New licensed releases from Gravitator Records

Russian independent record label Gravitator Records announced their forthcoming releases under license from Infacted Recordings - Frozen Plasma «Artificial», Heimataerde «Gotteskrieger», Endanger «Eternalizer 2.0» and Syrian «Kosmonauta» (with two exclusive bonus tracks!)


Frozen Plasma

[01] Irony
[02] Crossroads
[03] 1980
[04] War / Flashbacks
[05] A second of life
[06] A generation of the lost
[07] Home
[08] Betrayed (Remix)
[09] Unborn faith
[10] Hypocrite
[11] Condense
[12] A second of life (Chillout Extended Version)



[01] Non nobis
[02] Die Offenbarung
[03] Endlos
[04] Du fehlst mir
[05] Gott ist mit uns
[06] Deus lo vult
[07] Moerder
[08] Immortalis
[09] Die Läuterung
[10] Gib mir
[11] Ich hab die Nacht geträumt
[12] Wiedergänger Reinhören
[13] Gibt es wirklich einen Gott
[14] In nomine domine

«Eternalizer 2.0»
«Eternalizer 2.0»

«Eternalizer 2.0»

[01] Last entry
[02] No transmission
[03] Like a crowd
[04] Punishment (Extended Version)
[05] My belief
[06] Die Liebe
[07] Help me
[08] Mein Stern
[09] Whispering winds
[10] Light dissolves (and we close our eyes)
[11] Dignity of love
[12] Meditation, spritualism & love
[13] Puls des Lebens (IQ Mix)
[14] Light dissolves (Alphaluna Remix)
[15] Puls des Lebens (Syrian Mix)
[16] Like a crowd (Hecq-Reemiqs)
[17] No transmission (Lastrax Mix)



[01] The beginning of the end
[02] Enforcer
[03] Future storm
[04] Empire of the sands
[05] Blue moon
[06] Navigation
[07] Beyond the sun
[08] Space overdrive
[09] Cosmic gate
[10] Urania
[11] Nova 4001
[12] Cosmic gate

Info submitted by Gravitator Records.

[ 14.06.2006 ] - «Motif Sky» details

«Motif Sky»
«Motif Sky»

New Camouflage single «Motif Sky» will out on July, 28th, 2006 via Synthetic Symphony (SPV)


[01] Motif sky
[02] Real thing (longer)
[03] Conversation
[04] Motif sky (Extended)
[05] Motif sky (smallboy dub mix)

Info submitted by various official sources.

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