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Latest News
Latest News
Latest News - January 2008

Last updated 31.01.08

[ 31.01.2008 ] - First live album from Seabound and US tour with Iris

«Come Forward - Live In Berlin»
«Come Forward - Live In Berlin»

In April 2008, Seabound will release their first live album «Come Forward - Live In Berlin» via Dependent Records in Europe and Metropolis Records in USA. Just prior to the album release, the band will embark on a 3 week US Tour with American synth band Iris. Look at already confirmed dates:

Seabound/Iris: Alliance Tour 2008

March 2008

12 - Philadelphia - Shampoo
13 - Washington - DC Five
14 - New Haven - Black Sun Festival
15 - New York City - Avalon
16 - Rochester - Water Street
19 - Detroit - Luna
20 - Chicago - Darkroom
22 - Austin - Elysium
24 - Dallas - Club Dada
26 - Seattle - El Corazon
27 - Portland - Mt. Tabor
29 - San Francisco - DNA Lounge
30 - Los Angeles - Safari Sams

Info submited by Dependent Records.

[ 31.01.2008 ] - Depeche Mode will return to the studio in March 2008

Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode

As we were informed by various sources, Depeche Mode will return to the studio in March 2008 to record new album. Martin Gore already is working with few new tracks together with Sie Medway-Smith at Goreís home studio in Santa Barbara. Tentative release date is set to late Autemn.

Also rumoured that band will tour in early 2009, with tickets going on sale in Autemn 2008.

Info submited by various sources.

[ 31.01.2008 ] - Details about Clan Of Xymox's «Visible»


New Clan Of Xymox live DVD «Visible» will be released on March 21th, 2008 via Pandaimonium. This DVD will contain all official videos (From «A Day» up to the current single «Heroes») plus live footage from several festivals and club shows. Limited Double DVD (first 5.000 copies) will contain Bonus DVD with some live tracks from M'era Luna 2006 Festival and an exclusive interview with Ronny Moorings.




[01] Heroes
[02] Dark Mood
[03] Stranger
[04] Into Extremes
[05] Cold Damp Day
[06] It's Not Enough
[07] Weak In My Knees
[08] There's No Tomorrow
[09] Farewell
[10] I Want You Now


[01] This World
[02] Louise
[03] A Day
[04] Innocent Back Door
[05] Number One
[06] Out Of The Rain
[07] Cry In The Wind
[08] Jasmine And Rose
[09] Heroes

Bonus DVD

Live at Mera L'una 2006:

[01] Farewell
[02] Weak In My Knees
[03] Calling You Out
[04] Jasmine And Rose
[05] There's No Tomorrow
[06] A Day

Interview with Ronny Moorings


[01] Consolation
[02] We Never Learn

Info submited by Pandaimonium Records.

[ 31.01.2008 ] - «Seventh Tree» as Deluxe Box Set

«Seventh Tree»
«Seventh Tree»

New Goldfrapp album «Seventh Tree» will be released on February 25th, 2008 also as Deluxe Box Set (cat. no.: LCDSTUMM280). Beside CD it will have following additional content: 4 art cards, large foldout poster, a lyric book (including reproductions of Alison's handwritten lyrics), bonus DVD including a short film about the making of the album and the video for first new single, «A&E».


[01] Clowns
[02] Little Birds
[03] Happiness
[04] Road To Somewhere
[05] Eat Yourself
[06] Some People
[07] A&E
[08] Cologne Cerrone Houdini
[09] Caravan Girl
[10] Monster Love

Info submited by official Goldfrapp web site.

[ 24.01.2008 ] - «Mandragore» EP from !distain


«Mandragore», first EP from recent !distain's «Raise The Level» album, will be released January 25th, 2008 via Synthphony Records. Among 11 tracks the CD contains colaborations with Rotersand and Henrik Iversen. Look at tracklisting:

[01] Mandragore
[02] the FLA (!distain vs Rotersand)
[03] the FLA (ReActivate Mix)
[04] Mandragore (Silica Gel Mix)
[05] the League (feat. Henrik Iversen)
[06] the FLA (Peter Rainman Turned On Mix feat. Rasc of Rotersand)
[07] the FLA (Exilanation Mix)
[08] the FLA (Sonic Decoy Mix)
[09] the FLA (Peter Rainman Original Turned On Mix Ė Edit Version)
[10] Mandragore (Instrumental)
[11] White Orange Tree (Instrumental)

In other !distain news: Russian label Gravitator Records proudly presents the release of «Raise The Level» in Russia in January 2008. Russian Edition contains 5 bonus tracks. 4 of them are part of the «Mandragore» EP, and one track Ė «Recruit My Soul» (Peter Rainmanís Mix) - is an exclusive song for this edition!

Info submited by official !distain web site.

[ 24.01.2008 ] - «Hourglass - Remixes» by Dave Gahan

«Hourglass - Remixes»
«Hourglass - Remixes»

Dave Gahan will release exclusive US only «Hourglass - Remixes» album - on March 11th, 2008 via Mute / Virgin. It will be a Vinyl release with Bonus CD included.



[01] Deeper & Deeper (Juan Maclean Club Mix)
[02] Kingdom (Booka Shade Club Remix)
[03] Love Will Leave (Kap10Kurt Mix)
[04] Use You (Maps Remix)
[05] Deeper & Deeper (T. Raumschmiere Remix Extended)
[06] Kingdom (Digitalism Remix)
[07] Saw Something (Onur Ozer)
[08] Deeper & Deeper (Sebastien Leger Remix)


[01] Deeper & Deeper (Juan Maclean Club Mix)
[02] Kingdom (Booka Shade Club Remix)
[03] Love Will Leave (Kap10Kurt Mix)
[04] Use You (Maps Remix)
[05] Deeper & Deeper (T. Raumschmiere Remix Extended)
[06] Kingdom (Digitalism Remix)
[07] Saw Something (Onur Ozer)
[08] Deeper & Deeper (Sebastien Leger Remix)
[09] Kingdom (Rosario's Big Room Vocal)
[10] Saw Something (Skreamix)
[11] Deeper & Deeper (SHRUBBN!! FX Instrumental)

Info submited by official Dave Gahan web site.

[ 24.01.2008 ] - Yazoo - Reconnected in June 2008!


Cult band Yazoo - Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet - have announced that they will reunite for the first time in over 25 years for Reconnected Tour in UK in June, starting in Glasgow on the June 4th and culminating in a headline show at London's Hammersmith Apollo on June 18th. Tickets are available from February 1st direct from the venue or online at Ticketmaster UK.

The tour is preceded by «In Your Room», a 4 disc Box Set which includes remasters and 5.1 mixes of both Yazoo's classic albums «Upstairs At Eric's» and «You And Me Both», b-sides and remixes CD and a DVD featuring a new short film containing exclusive new interviews with Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet and the promo videos for «Don't Go», «The Other Side Of Love», «Nobody's Diary», «Situation» and «Only You».

The Reconnected Tour will see Yazoo perform material from «You And Me Both» for the very first time as well as pop classics «Only You» and «Donít Go». Look at confirmed dates:

04.06 - Glasgow - Clyde Auditorium
07.06 - Manchester - Apollo
12.06 - Wolverhampton - Civic
15.06 - Brighton - Centre
18.06 - London - Hammersmith Apollo

Info submited by official web site.

[ 24.01.2008 ] - Hot news from West End Girls

West End Girls
West End Girls

As we were informed, our Swedish favorites West End Girls are working on their second album, «Shoplifters». Interesting news that Pet Shop Boys themselves contributed 2 songs for it. One of these songs, «A Little Black Dress», was originally written for Pet Shop Boys' musical «Closer to Heaven» but never released. Both tracks will be further singles, but the first single will be track «What Have I Done To Deserve This», duet togerther with Magnus Carlson (Weeping Willows), which comes out in February or March.

Info submited by official West End Girls web site.

[ 22.01.2008 ] - Shocking news - split up of Wolfsheim!


Really shocking and quite sad news. Recently Wolfsheim's Markus Reinhardt officially announced that they will split up. Reinhardt will continue Wolfsheim with a new singer. Just look at official press-release:

«More than 4 years have passed since the release of the album «Casting Shadows» (2003), and since that date there has not been any release of a new album from Wolfsheim. Meanwhile, the reasons for this silence have become clear: The collaboration between Wolfsheim founder Markus Reinhardt and singer Peter Heppner is reaching its end.

Since 2005, a dispute between the two members of Wolfsheim concerning the future continuation of the Wolfsheim project is in place and reached a peak when singer Peter Heppner signed an exclusive solo artist recording contract for several albums with Warner Music in the end of 2005. Founder Markus Reinhardt considered this a breach of contract and a violation of the basic interests of Wolfsheim. The intention of Peter Heppner to release his solo album followed by promotion and touring first and to suspend the production of a new Wolfsheim album for an indefinite time, but to only vaguely consider such a production later, not before the end of the year 2009, was a decision that Markus Reinhardt deemed unacceptable for Wolfsheim's relation to the fans.

Therefore, Markus Reinhardt declared the exclusion of singer Peter Heppner from the Wolfsheim partnership and filed a lawsuit before the Regional Court of Hamburg in order to determine that Peter Heppner's exclusion is effective. Markus Reinhardt wishes to be able to resume work on the project Wolfsheim and to bring the creative standstill to an end.

During the legal proceedings following Markus Reinhardtís lawsuit against Peter Heppner, the Regional Court of Hamburg offered suggestions to resolve the matter of Peter Heppnerís exclusion amicably; the attempts for negotiations failed, however, due to Peter Heppner's personal objectives. The Court concluded that a continuation of the collaboration between the two artists appears to be impossible because of irreconcilable differences.

Wolfsheim now needs to undergo personal changes. Nevertheless, founder Markus Reinhardt emphasizes that the style and direction of Wolfsheim's music shall remain. In order to move on with Wolfsheim, Markus Reinhardt will intensify his dialogue with Wolfsheim's record label, Strange Ways Records. Jens Schippmann (Kamin + Wilke law firm, Hamburg, Germany), Markus Reinhardt's lawyer, announced that a decision of the Regional Court of Hamburg concerning the lawsuit to exclude Peter Heppner from the Wolfsheim partnership because of his competing solo activities might be estimated sometime in the Spring of 2008.»

Info submited by official Wolfsheim web site.

[ 22.01.2008 ] - «Feel The Silence» - new Elegant Mashinery single

«Feel The Silence»
«Feel The Silence»

New single from Swedish synthpop band Elegant Mashinery titled «Feel The Silence» and will out February 1st, 2008 via Out Of Line.


[01] Feel The Silence (Radio Edit)
[02] Beautiful World
[03] Feel The Silence (Shapeless Mix)
[04] Feel The Silence (Video)

Info submited by Out Of Line .

[ 22.01.2008 ] - The Stray - new side-project from Erica Dunham

The Stray
The Stray

American artist Erica Dunham, well known as Unter Null, just finished album for her new project The Stray. Almost 4 years in the making, release is titled «Abuse By Proxy» and set to release in March 2008 via Alfa Matrix.


[01] Kindred Soul
[02] The Tie That Binds
[03] In Times of Misanthropy
[04] Does It Really Matter?
[05] Fade Into You
[06] Abuse By Proxy
[07] Sleep as Metaphor
[08] Break Me Free
[09] Lost Command
[10] Hold On
[11] Intoxicate

You can listen some tracks on The Stray's MySpace page. Details regarding single «Kindred Soul» will clear too soon.

Info submited by official Unter Null web site.

[ 22.01.2008 ] - Funker Vogt will film a live DVD

Funker Vogt
Funker Vogt

Repo Records announced that Funker Vogt will film a live DVD in 2008. The show will take place at the K17 club in Berlin, Germany. During the concert Funker Vogt will perform a kind 'best of' show. The fans will hear songs from each of the 7 albums and several EPs Funker Vogt released in the past 11 years.

Info submited by Repo Records.

[ 22.01.2008 ] - End of Neuroticfish


According to a blog post at official Neuroticfish MySpace page, this German band will cease to exist after its performance at Wave Gothic Treffen 2008 in Leipzig, Germany. Neuroticfish is solo project of Sascha Mario Klein, last studio album was «Gelb» (2005).

Sascha adds: «Although this project will be closed after the WGT, we are currently working on some new songs to be released along.»

Info taken from official Neuroticfish MySpace page.

[ 22.01.2008 ] - Limited Edition 7" from Marsheaux


Greek female synthpop duo Marsheaux is releasing «Ghost» Limited Edition 7" (1000 copies only) - via UNDO Records.


[01] Ghost
[02] Bizarre Love Duo

First copies of this release will be exclusively sold at band's official MySpace page. Tracks «Ghost» and «Bizzare Love Duo» are both previously unreleased.

Info submited by UNDO Records.

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