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Latest News
Latest News - January 2005

Last updated 26.01.05

[ 26.01.2005 ] - News from Colony 5

«Plastic World»
«Plastic World»

On February 21st, 2005 Colony 5 will released new single «Plastic World» (via Memento Materia) (cat. no.: TYPCDM19). Tracklisting:

[01] Plastic World (Hakan Lidbo Remix)
[02] A Test
[03] Plastic World (C5 single Edit)
[04] Heta nätter

The new album «Fixed» will be out April 18th, 2005 - as regular Jevel Case (cat. no.: TYPCD20), Digipak (cat. no.: TYPCD 20L) and Limited Edition with Bonus CD (cat. no.: TYPCD20X).



[01] Fix
[02] 20th Century Plague
[03] Big Brothel
[04] Fusion
[05] A New World Arise
[06] Plastic World
[07] I Know
[08] Like Leaves
[09] Misery
[10] A Fallen Star
[11] Symphony Of Hope
[12] Psycho Blonde
[13] Phosphor

Bonus CD

[01] Fix (Soft Remix)
[02] Plastic World (Amplifier Remix)
[03] A New World Arise (E50)
[04] Big Brothel (Necro Facility Remix)
[05] Last man on Earth (S.P.O.C.K Cover!)
[06] Big Brothel (Plain Remix)

The releaseparty for their third album will take place at Get Electrofied Festival 2005 (Kulturmejeriet, Lund, March 19, 20-03).

In other Colony 5 news: Memento Materia has re-released the band's rarities compilation as «Colonisation [Extended]». This re-release of collection of Colony 5 singles is now available in a regular jewel box with 4 bonus-tracks, not included on the original Digipak edition. The new, additional 4 bonus-tracks are: «Black» (club edit), «Stay Young», «Syncronized Hearts» and «Heta nätter».

Info submitted by Memento Materia record label.

[ 26.01.2005 ] - Die Krupps - live on Wave Gotik Treffen 2005

As we were informed, electro metal heros Die Krupps are going to do reunion performance (after 8 years of absence!) - it will take place during Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig (May 13-16th, 2005). The gig will mark their 25th anniversary, so band will probably play some of their old classic.

Other WGT acts include The Human League, Anne Clarke, Tiamat, Melotron, Das Ich, Love Is Colder Than Death and Welle:Erdball.

Info taken from various official sources.

[ 26.01.2005 ] - Anton Corbijn is directing movie about Ian Curtis

Celebrated rock photographer Anton Corbijn has been confirmed as the director of much-awaited biopic movie about Ian Curtis (former Joy Division frontman). It is his first time as a film director. Deborah Curtis, the widow of Ian Curtis, and former Factory Records boss Anthony Wilson will both have executive producer roles on the film.

The film’s working title is «Control» and is based on Deborah Curtis’ touching book account of Ian’s life «Touching From A Distance». A film documenting Curtis’ life had been planned for a number of years, but Curtis’ family had never been happy with the proposals until now.

Anthony Wilson said at a press conference in Manchester (January 7th): «Whenever Hollywood gets involved in the music industry, the end product is invariably shit. Apart from a few films. «24 Hour Party People» was one of them. I think we’ve got the right team together to convey the spirit of Ian on film.»

The film marks Anton Corbijn’s debut as a film director. The photographer had a long working relationship with the band, photographing their first ever press shots and also directing the video for their track «Atmosphere».

He said: «When I was growing up in Germany, Joy Division were a band that really moved me. The NME was like a bible and Paul Morley’s interviews with Joy Division really inspired me. Joy Division are the reason I moved to England in the first place.»

The film is due to go into production in July. Casting will begin in March/April, and the production team have confirmed that a number of «very established screen actors» have already been approached to play the part of Curtis.

Info taken from NME web site.

[ 26.01.2005 ] - New Order: new album and single

Legendary electro pop band New Order are going to release new album entitled «Waiting for the Sirens Call» - it will happen on March 28th, 2005 via Warner Bros. in the UK and April 26th in US. The eleven track album is produced by a bunch of different producers, such as Stephen Street, John Leckie and Stuart Price.


[01] Who’s Joe?
[02] Hey Now What You Doing
[03] Waiting For The Sirens’ Call
[04] Krafty
[05] I Told You So
[06] Morning Night And Day
[07] Dracula’s Castle
[08] Jetstream
[09] Guilt Is A Useless Emotion
[10] Turn
[11] Working Overtime

«Krafty», first new single (and first single since 2002!) is already out, second - «Waiting For The Sirens Call» - will released in Summer 2005.

Info taken from official New Order web site.

[ 25.01.2005 ] - «Why Do You Love Me» - first new Garbage single!

First single from «Bleed Like Me», upcoming Garbage album, will be track «Why Do You Love Me». The video will be shot in Los Angeles on January 31st. More details - later.

Info taken from official Garbage web site.

[ 25.01.2005 ] - New album from Paradise Lost

«Paradise Lost»
«Paradise Lost»

British dark electro rock band Paradise Lost are working on their new album «Paradise Lost» together with producer Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly, Delerium). It will be released on February 21st.

«Forever After»
«Forever After»

The first single from the new album - «Forever After» - will be released on February 14th in two versions. One will be a standard 3-track single, the other will be a limited edition 5-track CD with a bonus DVD.


[01] Forever After
[02] Through the Silence
[03] Sanctimonious You


[01] Forever After
[02] Through the Silence
[03] Sanctimonious You
[04] Let me Drown
[05] A Side you'll Never Know

The DVD will contain behind the scenes footage of the promo photo shoot, the making of the «Forever After» video, and some live footage recorded from the recent gigs.

Paradise Lost are currently in Berlin, filming the video for the upcoming single. The video is directed by Volker Hannwacker.

Band are planning tour in May 2005 in following countries: Holland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

Info taken from official Paradise Lost web site.

[ 25.01.2005 ] - «Triumph of a Heart» tracklistings

Just look at tracklistings of «Triumph of a Heart», new Björk single (set to release in February 2005):

«Triumph of a Heart» CD1
«Triumph of a Heart» CD1

CD1 (cat. no.: 447TP7CD1)

[01] Triumph of a Heart (Radio Edit)
[02] Desired Constellation (Ben Frost's school of emotional engineering mix)

Track 2 original production by Björk & Olivier Alary. Remixed by Ben Frost.

«Triumph of a Heart» CD2
«Triumph of a Heart» CD2

CD2 (cat. no.: 447TP7CD2)

[01] Triumph of a Heart (Audition Mix)
[02] Vökuró (Gonzalez Mix)
[03] Mouth’s Cradle–Mouth (recomposed by ensemble)

Track 1 performed by Björk with Bangsi, Bóas Hallgrimsson,Dokaka, Egill S, Einar Örn, Hrafnhildur ‘Shoplifter’ Arnardóttir, Jóní Jónsóttir, Laddi, Markus Thor Andresson, Ragnar Kjartansson, Ragnhildur Gísladóttir, Rahzel, Sigrún Hrólfsdóttirand Úlfur Eldjarn.

Track 2 original production by Bjork and remixed by Gonzalez.

Track 3 performed by Björk. Orchestral Arrangements by Johannes Malfatti. Saxophones by Erik Hove. Recomposed and Reproduced by Olivier Alary.

«Triumph of a Heart» DVD
«Triumph of a Heart» DVD

DVD (cat. no.: 447TP7DVD)

[01] Triumph of a Heart (Video)
[02] Oceania (Piano & Vocal)
[03] Desired Constellation (Choir Mix)

Video directed by Spike Jonze.

Track 1 performed by Björk. Piano by Nico Muhly.

Track 3 performed by Björk with The Icelandic Choir.

Info taken from official Björk web site.

[ 20.01.2005 ] - DVD from Front Line Assembly

New Front Line Assembly DVD is now being prepared by German multimedia artist Henrik Bauer. If everything turns out as planned, the DVD will contain all FLA videos, plus 5 newly made videos by Henrik. The concert from the live video «Live Wired» will also be included, in remastered form. Some extras are also being worked on.

Info taken from Release Music Magazine.

[ 20.01.2005 ] - «Gelb» - new CD from Neuroticfish


For fans of uncompromising electronic future pop, February 7th, 2005 sees the return of one of the finest bands from within the genre. The utterly unique Neuroticfish return with their brand new album «Gelb» (via Strange Ways / Indigo), a beautiful and sublime exploration of melodic, danceable and pure electronic music. Supported on this album by co-producer, remixer and live keyboard player Henning Verlage, Neuroticfish mastermind Sascha Mario Klein delivers track after track of fantastic uptempo synth-electro - pulling the listener into the album with the dense and wonderful opener «Loading...», to the synthpop ballad («Suffocating Right») to hypnotic trance («Why Don't You Hate Me») to pumping club-electro as evidenced on the hit single «Bomb» and the tracks «Waving Hands», «I Don't Need The City» and «I Never Chose You». «Gelb» offers a unique and exciting mixture of varied electronics - for all fans of uptempo, immaculately produced synth/future-pop songs with an anthemic club-friendly edge.

Note that Limited version of this album comes with the Bonus CD «Audiobook» containing the spoken word track «Die Bombe, Die Nicht Tickt».


Disc 1:

[01] Loading...
[02] Why Don't You Hate Me?
[03] The Bomb
[04] I Don't Need The City
[05] I Never Chose You
[06] Waving Hands
[07] Short Commercial Break
[08] Ich Spure Keinen Schmerz
[09] Are You Alive?
[10] You're The Fool
[11] Solid You
[12] They're Coming To Take Me Away
[13] Suffocating Right

Disc 2:

[01] Die Bombe, Die Nicht Tickt

Info submited by online store Music Non Stop.

[ 20.01.2005 ] - Client as support for Erasure


As we were informed, our favorite electric girls Client will support Erasure on European Tour 2005. Look at the dates:


28 - Edinburgh, UK - Usher Hall


01 - Glasgow, UK - Academy
03 - Newcastle, UK - City Hall
05 - London, UK - Hammersmith
07 - Nottingham, UK - Royal Concert
09 - Manchester, UK - Apollo
20 - Cardiff, UK - St Davids
24 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
26 - Berlin, Germany - Columbiahalle
27 - Hamburg, Germany - CCH 3
28 - Cologne, Germany - E-Werk
29 - Offenbach, Germany - Capitol
31 - Munich, Germany - Muffathalle


01 - Dresden, Germany - Alter Schlachthof

Info submited by official Client web site.

[ 20.01.2005 ] - Wolfsheim Russian Tour 2005!


In March 2005,long-awaited German synth band Wolfsheim will play their first shows in Russia. These concerts will take place in Moscow («Tochka», March 18th), in St. Petersburg («Red Club», March 19th), and in Kaliningrad («Vagonka», March 20th).

Special guest for Moscow show - famous German project Schiller. All details - here.

Other Wolfsheim live dates in 2005:

16.03.05 - Istanbul, Turkey - Roxy
31.07.05 - Bolkow, Poland - Castle Party Festival

Info taken from various official sources.

[ 07.01.2005 ] - Release date for «Bleed Like Me»


As officially confirmed now, new Garbage album titled «Bleed Like Me» will be released outside of North American on April 11th via Warner Brothers Records and in North America on April 12th via Geffen Records.

Info taken from official Garbage web site.

[ 07.01.2005 ] - «Turn Me On» - new single from De/Vision

American record label A Different Drum will release new De/Vision single «Turn Me On» - it will happen on January 17th, 2005.

«Turn Me On»
«Turn Me On»


[01] Turn Me On
[02] Turn Me On (Delobbo Mix 132)
[03] Unputdownable (Single Edit)
[04] Turn Me On (Wave In Head Mix)
[05] Turn Me On (Rename Vocal Club Mix)
[06] Turn Me On (Delobbo Mix 138)

Info submited by A Different Drum web site.

[ 07.01.2005 ] - «Keine Lust» - 4th new Rammstein single!

«Keine Lust»
«Keine Lust»

«Keine Lust», the fourth single from new Rammstein album «Reise, Reise», will be released on February 14th, 2005 by Universal. «Keine Lust» will be released in 2 formats in Germany (Jewel Case and Limited Digipak CD singles) and 3 in UK: CD single, DVD single and 7" Vinyl.


Jewel Case & Limited Digipak CD singles

[tracklisting not available yet]


CD single

[01] Keine Lust
[02] Ochne Dich (Mina Harker's Vsn) (Laibach Remix)
[03] Mutter Orchesterlied I (Orchestral Vsn)

DVD Single

[01] Keine Lust (Audio)
[02] Mein Teil (Audio)
[03] Mein Teil (Video)
[04] Mein Teil (Making Of EPK)

Picture Format: PAL
Region Code: 0 (all regions)

7" Vinyl

[01] Keine Lust
[02] Du Hast (Live, August '98 at Parkbuhne Wuhlheide, Berlin)

The video shooting will take place in January. Jörn Heitman, who was in charge for videos to «Amerika» and «Ohne Dich» among others, will be directing «Keine Lust».

Info taken from official Rammstein web site.

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