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Latest News
Latest News
Latest News - January 2004

Last updated 26.01.04

[ 26.01.2004 ] - Melotron - acoustic versions

Andy Krüger
Andy Krüger

Last Saturday, January 24th, our German favorites Melotron played an exclusive rarity show at the Presseklub in Erfurt. They performed few songs for the very first time and also presented some acoustic versions.

Unfortunately, the planned shows in Mannheim (January 23rd) and Hamburg (February 21st) have been cancelled.

Info taken from official Melotron web site.

[ 26.01.2004 ] - Paul Barker left Ministry

It was Ministry: Al Jourgensen and Paul Barker
It was Ministry

Paul Barker, long time member of Ministry, has left the band - as confirmed officially now. In August last year Barker already told frontman Al Jourgensen that he wasn't interested in remaining with the group. Barker plans on solo recordings and studio production. The band has hired John Monte (M.O.D., Mind Funk, Dragpipe) as replacement on bass guitar.

In other news: Ministry started recording their new album in November. Album titled «Houses of the Molé» set to release Sanctuary Records in May 2004.

Info taken from official Ministry web site.

[ 24.01.2004 ] - New Rammstein album - in Autemn!


As seems to be true, new Rammstein album will released in August-September 2004, with new single planned to May. Possible European Tour is set to Autemn 2004. Look for updates on our site!

Info taken from various unofficial sources.

[ 24.01.2004 ] - Steffen together with T.O.Y. in Moscow


On March 27th, 2004 Steffen will be in Moscow again. There will be a guest appearance during a T.O.Y. gig at ROXY club. Steffen will perform the song «The Sky Is The Limit». Also he will do a DJ set for the Moscow audience on this evening.

In other De/Vision news: Devolution Tour - Part 2 started on Friday, January 23rd, 2004 at the Bunker in Dresden, Germany. During this Tour (January 23rd to 31st) De/Vision will play 7 shows in Germany and one in Switzerland. Besides the actual songs from the «Devolution» album and classic hits the band will introduce two brand new songs to their fans.

Both new tracks, «I'm Not Dreaming Of You» and «Six Feet Underground» will give a first impression of how the forthcoming album will sounds like. The new album is expected to be released by late Spring or early Summer.

Info taken from official De/Vision web site.

[ 24.01.2004 ] - Wolfsheim sounds in new movie

«Erbsen auf halb Sechs»
«Erbsen auf halb Sechs»

On March 1st, 2004 germans Wolfsheim will release new version of their classic track «Blind» - via Strange Ways Records. This song was taken for soundtrack of new Lars Büchel's movie «Erbsen auf halb Sechs».


«Blind» will be available as CD single in 2 formats: ordinary Slimcase (Indigo 4163-2) and limited Digipak (Indigo 4138-2). Limited edition will include promo video for «Blind» directed by Lars Büchel.

Tracklisting (Limited Edition):

[01] Blind 2004 (Herbix Mix) 04:00
[02] Blind 2004 (Slow Alvarez Mix-Live at the Audiothorium) 04:59
[03] Blind (Spectators Version)
[04] Blind 2004 (Herbix Mix Instrumental) 04:12
[05] Blind (Video) 04:09

In other news: Wolfsheim will perform live at following festivals:

07.03.2004 - Gent, Belgium - THE INVITATION Wave-Gothic-Electro Meeting 2004
07.08.2004 - Hildesheim, Germany - M'era Luna Festival
13-15.08.2004 - Erfurt, Germany - Highfield Festival

US Tour:

21.03 - Tampa - The Masquerade
22.03 - Atlanta - The Masquerade
24.03 - New York City - Webster Hall
26.03 - Boston - Manray
27.03 - Detroit - St. Andrews Hall
28.03 - Chicago - Metro
31.03 - Denver - Gothic Theatre
02.04 - San Antonio - Sin 13
04.04 - Los Angeles - Henry Fonda Music Box Theatre
05.04 - San Francisco - Death Guild

Info taken from official Wolfsheim web site.

[ 14.01.2004 ] - News from Mesh camp

mesh - live
mesh - live

Long awaited news from mesh camp: the band currently have around 10 new songs written in preparation for a new album this year. Some have been recorded already at their studio in Bristol but they are also considering working with a producer for the first time. The band hope to announce a decision in January about who they will be working with.

In other news: mesh will headline the Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards (SAMA) 2004 to be held in Gothenburg, Sweden on April 2nd, 2004.

Info taken from official mesh web site.

[ 14.01.2004 ] - New CD from Colony 5!


New Colony 5 CD «Colonisation» will be released January 19th, 2004 via SPR / Memento Materia (Cat. no. SPR 038 / Indigo 3207-2)


[01] Accelerate
[02] Before I'll Give In
[03] Black (Single Edit)
[04] Colony 5 (Single Edit)
[05] Fate
[06] Follow Your Heart
[07] Hate (Single Edit)
[08] Last Chance
[09] Liquid Love
[10] My World
[11] Nocturnal
[12] Science
[13] Second Hand
[14] Trackers
[15] Colony 5

By the way, Colony 5 are planning to visit Russia with concert early this year - check our site for updates!

Info taken from SPR-Kleefeld web site.

[ 12.01.2004 ] - «Civilization» - album cover and tracklisting


Frontline Assembly will release their new album «Civilization» on January 26th, 2004 on Synthetic (SPV).


[01] Psychosomatic
[02] Maniacal
[03] Fragmented
[04] Vanished
[05] Strategic
[06] Civilization
[07] Transmitted (Come together)
[08] Dissident
[09] Schicksal

Info taken from official sources.

[ 12.01.2004 ] - Live DVD from Dave Gahan


As officially confirmed, new Dave Gahan's live DVD titled «Live Monsters» will be released on March 1st, 2004 - via Mute Records (cat. no. DVDSTUMM216). The DVD contains mostly full Dave Gahan's concert recorded at Olympia (July 5th, 2003 - Paris, France) for official broadcast by French music channel MCM.

DVD content:


[01] Hidden Houses 5:13
[02] Hold On 4:14
[03] Dirty Sticky Floors 4:22
[04] A Question of Time 4:05
[05] Bitter Apple 5:21
[06] Black And Blue Again 5:45
[07] Stay 4:54
[08] A Little Piece 6:09
[09] Walking in My Shoes 5:23
[10] I Need You 5:58
[11] Bottle Living 4:01
[12] Personal Jesus 5:11
[13] Goodbye 6:32
[14] I Feel You 5:37
[15] Never Let Me Down Again 5:55


Acoustic set from radio promotion appearance:
Recorded live at Ex’pression Center for New Media, Emeryville, CA

[01] Dirty Sticky Floors 4:52
[02] Bitter Apple 5:21
[03] Black And Blue Again 5:21

Live Monsters - A Short Film 16:01
includes interviews with all band members

All details about this release - here.

Info submitted by Gala Records.

[ 07.01.2004 ] - Steve Naghavi had a car accident - AND ONE Tour postponed!


As written in official press announcement, «dodging fireworks rockets in New Year's Eve gave not only a car damage, but also serious bruises, and an ankle joint injury to the singer of AND ONE.

So Naghavi begins his new year on crutches. The first tour after three years - scheduled for January - is postponed to April 2004. Tickets remains valid.» Check new tour dates - here!

Info submitted by Project Management.

[ 07.01.2004 ] - Online preview of upcoming Fiasko Deluxe

Fiasko Deluxe
Fiasko Deluxe

Fiasko Deluxe, solo project of Joke Jay, have a lot of surprises in new 2004 year. Coolest of them - long awaited new album in Spring 2004. At the moment you can already preview 4 exciting tracks - just look here!

Info submitted by official Joke Jay web site.

[ 07.01.2004 ] - Details of «Leben... I Feel You»

On January 5th, 2004 famous project Schiller mit Peter Heppner released their second new single, «Leben... I Feel You» - on Island (Universal).

Leben... I Feel You (CD1)
Leben... I Feel You (CD1)


[01] Leben... I Feel You (Fernsehfassung)
[02] Leben... I Feel You (Schill Out Version)
[03] Vielklang
[04] Einklang
[05] Leben... I Feel You (Live In Berlin)

Leben... I Feel You (CD2)
Leben... I Feel You (CD2)


[01] Leben... I Feel You (Fernsehfassung)
[02] Leben... I Feel You (Sonos Ghost Of The Past Mix)
[03] Leben... I Feel You (Humate Rmx)
[04] Leben... I Feel You (Mellow Trax Remix)

Info taken from official sources.

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