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Latest News
Latest News - February 2003

Last updated 28.02.03

[ 28.02.2003 ] - Dave Gahan tour dates are official now!

Check out the dates for the European Leg of Dave Gahan's tour. Details on the forthcoming US tour, which goes from July 18th until the end of August, will be up shortly.

June 2003

05 - Zurich, Switzerland - Volkshaus (
07 - Nurburgring, Germany - Rock am Ring Festival (
08 - Nuremburg, Germany - Rock im Park Festival (
10 - Berlin, Germany - Columbia Halle (
12 - Hultsfred, Sweden - Hultsfred Festival (
14 - Imola, Italy - Heineken Jamming Festival (
15 - Vaasa, Finland - Provinsi Festival
17 - St Petersburg, Russia - New Ice Arena (
18 - Moscow, Russia - Olimpiski
20 - Kiev, Ukraine - Palace of Sports
23 - Budapest, Hungary - Arena (
24 - Prague, Czech Rebublic - T-Mobile Arena (
26 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Roskilde Festival (
28 - Werchter, Belgium - Werchter Festival (
29 - Pilton, UK - Somerset Glastonbury Festival

July 2003

01 - Leipzig, Germany - Stadt Park (
02 - Hamburg, Germany - Haus Auensee (
04 - Paris, France - Olympia (
06 - Belfort, France - Eurockeennes Festival (
09 - London, UK - Shepherds Bush Empire (
12 - Manchester, UK - Move Festival (
13 - Wolverhampton, UK - Civic Hall (

Info taken from official Dave Gahan web site.

[ 28.02.2003 ] - «Paper Monsters» - upcoming album of Dave Gahan!

«Paper Monsters»
«Paper Monsters»

Long-awaited was launched on February 26th. And finally everybody's know the title of his first album - «Paper Monsters». Here is an official press release:


Dave Gahan has risen from livewire Essex soulboy to globally adored rock'n'soul star during more than two decades as one of pop's most iconic frontmen. As the voice of Depeche Mode, Dave has become a hero to millions, hitting intense public highs and deep personal lows. But in all this time he never quite found the right emotional frame of mind to vent his true feelings on record. Until now.

«Paper Monsters» is Gahan's first solo album, and finds the singer starting from scratch again. Composed with a multi-instrumentalist friend from New York, Knox Chandler, and produced by Ken Thomas of Sigur Ros fame, the album is a 21st century masterpiece of tones and textures, reflection and rebirth. Boasting the freshness of a debut but the seasoned wisdom of an old soul, it was recorded in an open-ended, back-to-basics manner which Dave found both liberating and exhilarating.

«What really hit me most was how happy and fulfilled it made me feel,» he nods. «I wanted to hear something that makes me feel good. That's been the train of thought throughout this record, and Ken's been really great with that.»

Although Dave has fronted Depeche Mode for 22 years, «Paper Monsters» marks his debut as a fully fledged songwriter. The monsters of the title make passing reference to his former appetite for destruction, but mostly to more everyday demons - from the agonies and ecstasies of long-term love to the heartbreaking euphoria of fatherhood. But while sensual, sublime confessionals like «Hold On», «A Little Piece», and «Stay» may be lullabies of longing wrapped in chamber-music arrangements, the album's prevailing mood is overwhelmingly positive. «It sounds hopeful because that's what I am,» insists the rejuvenated singer.

Indeed, «Paper Monsters» is a musical journey where hope conquers hurt. According to Dave, «Bitter Apple» is about rediscovering the exquisite pain of love. «Stay», meanwhile, is a majestic hymn of quiet awe inspired by the birth of his daughter. «When she was born it was like a big arrow went through my heart,» Dave recalls. «I really started to feel like my heart was beating again.»

But «Paper Monsters» also has its dark, wasted, lustful side. From the meatgrinder glam racket of «Bottle Living», featuring Dave's own ragged blues harmonica, to the nightmarish Wizard of Oz fantasy of «Dirty Sticky Floors», the singer gives vent to the sleazy alter ego he half-jokingly calls Evil Dave: «Essex Boy made good,» he laughs.

All of the album's diverse emotional themes come together in «She Said (Goodbye)», an uplifting anthem about answered prayers and spiritual reawakening. «The most important thing to me was that all of the songs have a sense of humour,» Dave explains, «but at the same time a message of hope and faith.»

A masterpiece of reflection, redemption and rebirth, «Paper Monsters» finds Dave Gahan at the peak of his powers, seizing the day and celebrating his unquenchable lust for life. «It's like I'm waking up, and I'm realising there's been a hell of a lot given to me,» explains Dave. «I've been given a lot of chances in my life and it's time for me to take those gifts and do something with them. It's all about freedom.»

Info taken from official Dave Gahan web site.

[ 28.02.2003 ] - «American Life» album - final tracklisting

«American Life» album
«American Life» album

Upcoming Madonna's album - «American Life» - will be out on April 21st (on April 18th in Japan). Final tracklisting:

[01] American Life
[02] Hollywood
[03] I’m So Stupid
[04] Love Profusion
[05] Nobody Knows Me
[06] Nothing Fails
[07] Intervention
[08] X-Static Process
[09] Mother And Father
[10] Die Another Day
[11] Easy Ride

Some album credits. Produced by: Mirwais Ahmadzai, Madonna. Collaborators: Guy Sigsworth, Jem Griffiths, Monti Pittman, Stuart Price, Mark Stent. Michel Colombier on «Die Another Day», «Nothing Fails», «Easy Ride». Album photos by Craig McDean. Album Artwork by Michael Amzalag from M / M, Paris.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 28.02.2003 ] - Formats of «Stardust»

As recently announced, there will be 3 commercial formats of Martin Lee Gore's «Stardust» single: CD, 12" and DVD. Look at their tracklistings:


[01] Stardust (Album Version)
[02] I Cast A Lonesome Shadow (Stewart Walker Vocal Mix)
[03] Life Is Strange

Track 02 is originally performed by Hank Thompson, track 03 - by Marc Bolan.

[01] Stardust (Atom Vocal Remix)
[02] Stardust (Atom Instrumental Remix)
[03] I Cast A Lonesome Shadow (Stewart Walker Instrumental Mix)


[01] Left Hand Luke And The Beggar Boys (Video)
[02] Stardust (Album Version)
[03] Stardust (Atom Vocal Remix)

Track 01 contains exclusive footage of Martin Gore performing an acoustic take of Marc Bolan's «Left Hand Luke And The Beggar Boys».

Info taken from official Martin Lee Gore web site.

[ 25.02.2003 ] - Perfidious Words will perform in Tallinn at Depeche Mode Party

On April 4th, 2003 at biggest Estonian club - Tallinn «Decolte» - will be next event from Depeche Mode Party series.

Special guests - electronic band from Germany Perfidious Words. It will be first live appearance of foreign electronic band at Depeche Mode parties in Estonia.

Perfidious Words show in Tallinn - their first concert in East Europe. At Depeche Mode Party as expected will be a lot of fans from Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

Beside live show at 11pm, during party there will sound big variety of synthpop music, incl. video projections. All visitors will be able to win something in various contests. Party starts at 10pm, and till 5am.

Since March 10th tickets goes presale at Piletilevi and Piletipunkt - 80 kronne.

Info submitted by organizers.

[ 25.02.2003 ] - «Me And You» - new Camouflage single

New single of classic synthpop band Camouflage titled «Me And You» will out on March 31st. Tracklisting:

«Me And You» CD1
«Me And You» CD1


[01] Me And You (Radio Version) 3:29
[02] Me And You (F.E.O.S. and Sniper Mode Downbeat Mix) 5:09
[03] Me And You (Kaycee's Downbeat Mix) 5:44
[04] Perfect (Huntemann and Bodzin Mix) 4:37

«Me And You» CD2
«Me And You» CD2


[01] Me And You (Humate Mix) 8:49
[02] Me And You (Smallboy Remix) 4:39
[03] Me And You (F.E.O.S. Tech Mix) 7:15
[04] Me And You (Warp Acht Mix) 6:23

«Me And You» 12"
«Me And You» 12"


[01] Me And You (Humate Mix) 8:49
[02] Me And You (Kaycee's Downbeat Mix) 5:44
[03] Me And You (F.E.O.S. Tech Mix) 7:15
[04] Me And You (Smallboy Remix) 4:39

As we already reported new Camouflage album titled «Sensor» set to release on May 5th.

Info taken from official Camouflage web site.

[ 22.02.2003 ] - «Drifting Sideways» released in US

«Drifting Sideways» is released in U.S.A. as limited 1000 copies CD single with the following tracklisting:

[01] Drifting Sideways (T.O.Y.toburger Wald Mix)
[02] Drifting Sideways (Album Version)
[03] Miss You More (Radio Cut)
[04] Digital Dream (Mesh Classic Cupboard Cut)
[05] Digital Dream (Album Version)

You can order it at A Different Drum or De/Vision Online Shop.

In oher news: right now Steffen and Thomas are preparing themself for the tour. A live DVD will not happened but a live CD is realistic. Soon, there will be a DVD video compilation with «Try To Forget (1996 live)» and many other bands.

Info submitted by De/Vision management.

[ 20.02.2003 ] - Moby will tour Russia!


Hot news! As officially announced, well-known Mute artist - electronic guru Moby - will do 2 concerts in Russia this summer. First show will be on June 23rd in Moscow (Sport Palace «Luzhniki»), tickets costs approx. 15 - 30 USD. Second show will be on next day, June 24th, in St. Petersburg (Ice Palace), tickets - 12 - 25 USD.Every concert starts at 7 pm.

Info submitted by TCI concert agency.

[ 20.02.2003 ] - Bjork and Front 242 at Arvika Festival

Just reported that among performers at Arvika Festival (July 10-12th, Sweden) will be such stars as Bjork, Front 242 and Him. Also there will be concerts of Moonspell, Cruxshadows, Chicks on Speed, Cruxshadows, Gothminister, Melody Club, Jeansteam and E-Craft.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 18.02.2003 ] - FAQ: new name and new album

Swiss band carpe diem FAQ have now new name and new album. The band is now called F.A.Q («Frequenty Asked Questions») and the new CD was titled «Carpe Diem» and it will be released on March 31st followed by a tour with DE/VISION.

Info taken from our own sources.

[ 18.02.2003 ] - Steffen sing on new T.O.Y. album!

well-known synth band T.O.Y. (ex-Evil's Toy) will released a new album entitled «White Lights» on May 26th in Germany. Cool details: De/Vision singer Steffen Keth will provide vocals for a track called «The Sky Is the Limit» and the album will also be available in a limited edition with a bonus remix disc.

Info taken from Release Magazine.

[ 18.02.2003 ] - New studio work from The Cure

Some information about new studio album from The Cure. As rumoured recording session will be in April and album set to release in September 2003. By the way, «Trilogy» DVD can be released much earlier than planned - in May.

Info taken from our own sources.

[ 18.02.2003 ] - Dave Gahan on tour

Below you can find some unofficial dates of Dave Gahan's summer tour:

6-8.06 - Rock Im Park Festival (Germany)
6-8.06 - Rock Am Ring Festival (Germany)
11.06 - Prague (Chech Republic)
12-14.06 - Hultsfred Festival (Sweden)
17.06 - St.Petersburg (Russia)
18.06 - Moscow (Russia)
20.06 - Kiev (Ukraine)
23.06 - Budapest (Hungary)
27.06 - Torhout/Werchter Festival (Belgium)

All dates and cities are subject of change. Please wait for complete official list.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 16.02.2003 ] - Camouflage - new single and album

German synth classic Camouflage are nearly finished working on their new studio album «Sensor». Some of the recording sessions have taken longer than expected but now it is a matter of weeks, or even days. Promos will be sent out any day now. The first single off the album, not «Thief» as announced earlier, will be «Me & You», a catchy direct pop tune. The single will be released in late March or early April with the album following later in the Spring, hopefully in May.

Info taken from Release Magazine.

[ 15.02.2003 ] - Hot news from Madonna!


The new 11-song album from Madonna is finally titled «American Life» and set to release on April 22nd. It was co-produced by Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadzai, who also co-produced her «Music» (2000) and the recent James Bond tune «Die Another Day».

Madonna co-wrote the songs on «American Life» with Mirwais, Guy Sigsworth, Jem Jones, Monte Pittman and Stuart Price (aka 'Jacques Lu Cont of Les Rhythmes Digitales'), who was the musical director and keyboardist on her Drowned World Tour. Among the tracks slated for inclusion are «Hollywood», «Nothing Fails» and «Love Profusion».

Single titled the same as album - «American Life» - goes to radio on March 24th. Video premiere is announced for the same date.

In addition to her new album Madonna also plans to release a box set before the year is out, marking the 20th anniversary of her recording career. Contents have not yet been announced, and release date has not been set too.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 15.02.2003 ] - Official announcement of Covenant concert

Russian Synth-Pop Community presents exclusive concert of european futurepop/ebm star - Covenant (Sweden). Live show will take place at Moscow «Defile» club on March 22nd. Support band: Cyclone B (Estonia).

Tickets in pre-sale 400 rubles (13 USD), at doors 450 rubles (15 USD). You can order your own ticket here:

Informational support:, and

Info submitted by concert promoters.

[ 12.02.2003 ] - New Das Ich album

On March 17th you'll able to grab your hands on new release from Das Ich. It's a double best of CD entitled «Relikt», and it's not just collection of old hits, but also some exclusive, new remixes and tracks. Also it will contain remix from winner of remix contest, that was held by the band on their webpage during Fall/Winter 2002. The winner of the contest is The Ancient Gallery and their remix of «Der Schrei».

Don't forget - Das Ich will perform in Moscow club «Tochka» on February 16th - just few days till this great evening!

Info taken from various sources.

[ 12.02.2003 ] - Ultra Dark Festival in Cologne

On April 21st, 2003 the Ultra Dark Festival will take place at the Live Music Hall in Cologne, Germany. Confirmed bands are from : And One and Neuroticfish. Other bands to play at the festival: T.O.Y., Psyche and Plastic. Further news on

Info submitted by Project Management.

[ 12.02.2003 ] - Watch Mesh TV!

News from Mesh camp. Two weeks delayed new single «Friends Like These» was finally released. As previously reported it comes with 9 tracks and 2 videos. Band's web site launch so called Mesh TV section which features some cuts from Mesh videos and a short «Behind The Scenes» segment available exclusively for the first week of release.

The new video has already been broadcast throughout Europe - on free satellite music channel ONIX and occasionaly on MTV Russia. Mesh will play live in Leipzig's Wave Gotik Treffen in June. Their new studio record should be out later this year.

Info submitted by official Mesh web site.

[ 10.02.2003 ] - Counterfeit² - official tracklisting and lyrics.


It's already official tracklisting of new M.L.Gore album:

[01] In My Time Of Dying (Traditional) [ lyrics ]
[02] Stardust (David Essex) [ lyrics ]
[03] I Cast A Lonesome Shadow (Hank Thompson) [ lyrics ]
[04] In My Other World (Julee Cruise) [ lyrics ]
[05] Loverman (Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds) [ lyrics ]
[06] By This River (Brian Eno) [ lyrics ]
[07] Lost In The Stars (written by Maxwell Anderson/Kurt Weill) [ lyrics ]
[08] Oh My Love (John Lennon/Yoko Ono) [ lyrics ]
[09] Das Lied Vom Einsamen Mädchen (Werner Heyman/Robert Gilbert) [ lyrics ]
[10] Tiny Girls (David Bowie and Iggy Pop) [ lyrics ]
[11] Candy Says (Lou Reed) [ lyrics ]

Info taken from various unofficial sources.

[ 10.02.2003 ] - Counterfeit² - official press-release!

Martin L. Gore
Martin L. Gore

Official press-release:

«Martin L. Gore, songwriter and one of the founding members of Depeche Mode, is set to release his new album «Counterfeit²» on Mute on the 28th of April.

«Stardust», a version of the David Essex classic, is the first single to be lifted from the album and is released on the 14th of April.

«Counterfeit²» is the second in Martin L. Gore's counterfeit cover version series and, like his first Counterfeit release in 1989, it is a wildly diverse and passionate collection. The new album sees Gore radically rework eleven tracks, originally made famous by the likes of Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Kurt Weill, John Lennon, Brian Eno and David Essex.

Recorded over the last 18 months at his home studio, Gore revisits and reinvents songs which have touched him deeply over the years. The tracks range from sultry 21st Century blues to achingly lovely sci-fi lullabies; sublime alt-country crooners to engrossing electronic torch songs. A glittering haul of buried treasure, their only guiding spirit being the visceral emotional attachment felt by Martin towards them.

«I really wanted to get across a fan's perspective,» says Martin. «There is something about the songs I like that somehow gives the album a thread. Deep emotions, I suppose. There has to be a personal connection.»

Info taken from official Martin Lee Gore web site.

[ 10.02.2003 ] - Official sites of Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher

For the latest Martin Lee Gore news, please make sure to check his just launched official web site

For the latest news from «Toast Hawaii», or regarding Andy Fletcher's first signing Client, please make sure to check

Dave Gahan's solo news will be posted soon on site (yet in construction).

Info taken from official Depeche Mode web site.

[ 10.02.2003 ] - New release from FRONT242!

«Still & Raw»
«Still & Raw»

Great news for hard-to-die EBM fans! Soon our favorite electro monsters Front 242 will release new material - «Still & Raw» limited EP, set to release on February 24th through XIII Bis. This EP will prelude for their first full length album in 10 years! It will contain 6 tracks and will distributed in Europe only.

«Still & Raw» tracklisting:

[01] 7Rain
[02] Loud
[03] Strobe
[04] Collision
[05] 7Rain (Ghost)
[06] Strobe (Fragments)

The sound is quite different from anything we have heard from the band before - calm and mellow but with Jean Luc de Meyer’s characteristic vocals with and without vocal effects. Front 242 say they wanted to return to the simple sound of their early days on this EP to define and rediscover their identity. The new album which might sound different comes later this spring.

In related news, Front 242 side project Male Or Female recently released new album «Invented scenes / Naked» on February 7th on the Belgian Alfa Matrix label. It's limited (2000 copies only worldwide) double CD, final third part of a trilogy, all available from Alfa Matrix.

Info taken from Side-Line web site.

[ 10.02.2003 ] - Live DVD from The Cure

As reported, The Cure plan to release a live DVD in Autumn 2003 (through Eagle Rock Productions) holding so called «Dark Trilogy» concert (where the band played the albums «Pornography», «Disintegration» and «Bloodflowers» in last year).

In other news, recently band found new record label - ArtistDirect (as their contract with Polydor was ended up in 2001 with the release of «Greatest Hits»)

Info taken from Side-Line web site.

[ 10.02.2003 ] - Ministry: album and tour


Just look at tracklisting of new Ministry album, «Animositisomina» (to be released February 17th]):

[01] Animosity
[02] Unsung
[03] Piss
[04] Lockbox
[05] Broken
[06] The Light Pours Out Of Me
[07] Shove
[08] Impossible
[09] Stolen
[10] Leper (instrumental)

This album is available also in DVD-Audio format.

Band already announced some dates of their upcoming Fornica Tour 2003:

16.02 - El Paso, TX, USA - XCape
24.02 - Amsterdam, Holland - Paradiso
25.02 - Oberhausen, Germany - Turbinenhalle
26.02 - Berlin, Germany - Columbiahalle
28.02 - Paris, France - Elysee Montmatre
02.03 - London, UK - Astoria

Info taken from official Animositisomina web site.

[ 04.02.2003 ] - Client and Andy Fletcher will perform at SAMA

Just confirmed that Client (first band from Andy Fletcher's own label, Toast Hawaii ) will do a live appearance at SAMA festival in Sweden on April 5th. It will be Client's first ever live concert. And cool detail - Andy will work as DJ on stage!

Info submited by official Client web site.

[ 04.02.2003 ] - Hot news from Psyche

German electro-pop band Psyche will release new single in May and new 10th album «Babylon Deluxe» in June. This album is going to be a big surprise for Psyche fans, more tribal rhythms, some trance, and power electropop stylings are being developed in between their recent concerts.

At the moment Psyche starts touring all over the world again. Here is just few dates:

21.03 - Bradford, UK - RIO's
23.03 - London, UK - CAMDEN UNDERWORLD
12.04 - Rostock, Germany - MAU CLUB
21.04 - Cologne, Germany - LIVE MUSIC HALL

Check full list of dates at official Psyche web site.

In June (06-09.06), Psyche will perform for the first time ever at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany.

Info submitted by official Psyche web site.

[ 03.02.2003 ] - Hot mesh news!

As you could notice, the Mesh «Friends Like These» single wasn't released on the January 27th as it was stated. The new officially confirmed date is February 10th. So just wait a week and you'll buy it in your local CD shop.

In other news. Two new versions of the Tom Wax remix of «Friends Like These» will soon be available on vinyl through house label Phuture Wax. Also Mesh guys released 2 remixes, one for De/Vision called «Digital Dream» which is out now as a bonus CD on the new «Devolution» album (and will appearing on some compilations) and a remix of «Lucifer» for Spanish band OBK. The OBK mix will be out in March. And final news - the writing of the new album is progressing well.

Info submitted by official mesh web site.

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