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Latest News
Latest News
Latest News - December 2004

Last updated 27.12.04

[ 27.12.2004 ] - News from mesh studio

As we were informed, our Bristol favorites mesh will do final mixing of new album in January 2005. All tracks are written. All tracks have been recorded and mixed by mesh. Some tracks are to be tidied and some tracks are also currently being mixed by Gareth Jones (he worked with Nick Cave, Erasure and Depeche Mode).

Home Records had finished their partnership with Sony and were waiting to receive the final version of mesh album before talking to new label partners.

Info submitted by official mesh web site.

[ 27.12.2004 ] - «Aus Gold» feat. Kim Sanders & Peter Heppner

«Aus Gold»
«Aus Gold»

New side-project of Peter Heppner: his vocals was appeared on miLú feat. Kim Sanders & Peter Heppner «Aus Gold» Maxi CD single released December 6th, 2004 via Drakkar Entertainment/BMG (LC: 0053).


[01] Aus Gold
[02] Du Mensch
[03] Für mich bist du aus Gold
[04] Aus Gold (Video)

miLú is new project of Anke Hachfelds, and «Aus Gold» is first single taken from «No Future in Gold» album. American singer Kim Sanders and German Peter Heppner contributed their vocals for «Aus Gold». Original version of this song is «Für mich bist du aus Gold» (can be found on MCD/ album), it was totally reworked by all three artists.

The result is available now. A song with unfortunately everyday topic, the death of children, will help children of Afghanistan, living in poorhouses - all money from this single will be forwarded to German Red Cross and then - to this poor country.

Song was produced by Dirk Riegner, which was responsible for «Heal Yourself», another famous charity project of various German alternative artists.

Info taken from official Wolfsheim web site.

[ 20.12.2004 ] - News from Psyche

News from Psyche: First is sad - Remi Szyszka has decided to part from Psyche to start a new project under the name Nonpoptale. So Darrin maintains the sole representation of Psyche. Second is good - new Psyche album entitled «The 11th Hour» will out at January 21st, 2005 (by Accession).

«The 11th Hour»
«The 11th Hour»


[01] Bloodcurse
[02] Yearning
[03] Defenseless
[04] 15 Minutes
[05] September Moon
[06] Until
[07] The Belonging Kind
[08] Justice And Damnation
[09] 11th Hour
[10] Buried Alive
[11] Theme 7

Psyche presents «The 11th Hour» on the tour with Diary Of Dreams:



04 - Zapfendorf, Germany
05 - Wien, Austria
06 - Munich, Germany
08 - Stuttgart, Germany
09 - Zurich, Switzerland
10 - Rome, Italy
11 - Milan, Italy
12 - Reggio Emilia, Italy
13 - Geneva, Switzerland
15 - Frankfurt, Germany
16 - Fulda, Germany
17 - Essen, Germany
18 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
19 - Gent, Belgium
20 - London, UK
21 - Sheffield, UK
23 - Hannover, Germany
24 - Bremen, Germany
25 - Albertslund, Denmark
26 - Oslo, Norway
28 - Hamburg, Germany


01 - Berlin, Germany
02 - Leipzig, Germany
03 - Erfurt, Germany
04 - Dresden, Germany
05 - Magdeburg, Germany

Info taken from official Psyche web site.

[ 20.12.2004 ] - The next U2 single - twice


«All Because of You» is to be U2's second single in North America, while «Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own» is set for release in the rest of the world. Both tracks are taken from the multi-million selling album «How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb».

U2 are currently working on videos to accompany both new singles. The video for «All Because of You» was shot during the band's recent visit to New York, while Phil Joanou filmed the band in performance at Dublin's Gaiety Theatre for «Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own».

The single release of «Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own» will feature a Bono/Pavarotti performance on the B-side «Ave Maria» (Jacknife Lee Mix).

«Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own» tracklistings:


[01] Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (Radio Edit)
[02] Vertigo (Redanka Power Mix)


[01] Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (Radio Edit)
[02] Ave Maria (Jacknife Lee Mix)
[03] Fast Cars (Jacknife Lee Mix)


[01] Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (Live at Hanover Quay, 16 Nov 2004)
[02] Vertigo (Video)
[03] Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (Audio)
[04] Vertigo (Trent Reznor Remix) (Audio)

In other news: U2 will begin a 10 month World Tour in the US on March 1st, 2005. The band are set to play 115 shows beginning in Florida in the Spring, reaching Europe in June, heading back to North America in the Autumn before finishing up in Japan and Australia in November and December.

Info taken from official U2 web site.

[ 20.12.2004 ] - «Bleed Like Me» - new album from Garbage

Shirley Manson
Shirley Manson

As officially announced, new album from Garbage will be entitled «Bleed Like Me» and has a scheduled April 2005 release date around the world. Mastering has been completed and all that is left is minor revisions. Album will have 11 songs (on no particular order): «Bad Boyfriend», «Run Baby Run», «Right Between The Eyes», «Why Do You Love Me», «Bleed Like Me», «It's All Over But The Crying», «Boys Wanna Fight», «Sex Is Not The Enemy», «Metal Heart», «Why Don't You Come Over» and «Happy Home».

Info taken from official Garbage web site.

[ 20.12.2004 ] - «B-Sides & Rarities» from Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds will release triple CD album spanning the full 21 years of their career - on March 21st, 2005. This comprehensive three CD set, entitled «B-Sides & Rarities», presents a retrospective collection of material by the band, some of which has been deleted, featured on a disparate number of soundtrack albums or has never been officially released before. The 56 track compilation includes for instance «The Moon Is In The Gutter» that appeared on the flipside of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds' first 7" inch vinyl release, a cover of Elvis Presley's «In The Ghetto». Also to be found on there are «Under This Moon» (a track that was previously only available on the B-Side of «Breathless» / «There She Goes My Beautiful World»). «Basically, this is material that was B-sides, outtakes or extra recordings,» states Mick Harvey, a founding member of The Bad Seeds. «We tried to include everything that came under that criteria. The other criteria was that it was a Bad Seeds recording not a Nick Cave recording. There isn't anything by Nick working with other people or by himself, it's just Nick with members of The Bad Seeds.» The only real diversion from the theme is «God's Hotel» and «O'Malley's Bar», which are radio sessions. The band decided to leave the B-side from the «Loverman» CD single because the band considers this to be an editing exercise rather than a song. Also «Where The Action Is» was ommitted because it was too long and sprawling.

Info submitted by Side-Line music magazine.

[ 20.12.2004 ] - Marc Almond - back on stage in Spring?

Marc Almond
Marc Almond

According to official Marc Almond web site, Marc's recovery from his recent motorcycle accident is still progressing well. He states that he hopes to return to the stage in the Spring 2005.

All planned projects (live DVD, singles compilation and remix album) are put on hold until Almond's health allows them to be carried out.

Info taken from official Marc Almond web site.

[ 07.12.2004 ] - «The Singles: 1984 – 2004» from A-ha

«The Singles: 1984 – 2004»
«The Singles: 1984 – 2004»

Norwegian legends A-ha celebrates their 20th anniversary with the release of a new singles collection called «The Singles: 1984 – 2004» and released on November 29th. Throughout their career, A-ha has officially released 32 singles. 13 of them became Top 10 singles in the UK, and 14 singles have been number one on the radio lists over the world. The new singles album includes some of the highlights from A-ha’s last 20 years. Tracklisting:

[01] Take On Me (Album Version)
[02] The Sun Always Shines On TV (Album Edit)
[03] Train Of Thought (Remix)
[04] Hunting High And Low (Remix)
[05] I've Been Losing You (Album Version)
[06] Cry Wolf (Album Version)
[07] Manhattan Skyline (Album Version)
[08] The Living Daylights (Single version)
[09] Stay On These Roads (Album Version)
[10] Crying In The Rain (Album Version)
[11] Move To Memphis (Album Version)
[12] Dark Is The Night For All (Album Version)
[13] Shapes That Go Together
[14] Summer Moved On (Radio Edit)
[15] Minor Earth Major Sky (Niven' S Radio Edit)
[16] Velvet (Album Version)
[17] Forever Not Yours
[18] Lifelines (Album Version Edit)

Info taken from official A-ha web site.

[ 07.12.2004 ] - «Triumph of the Heart» - new Bjork's single


«Triumph of the Heart» will be Bjork's new single from «Medúlla». The release is set to February 28th, 2005.

The video to the song is directed by Spike Jonze, a long time collaborator, and it's shot at bar in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Info taken from official Bjork web site.

[ 07.12.2004 ] - «FUBAR» - new KMFDM album


As was written by Sascha Konietzko at official KMFDM web site, new album KMFDM's album titled «FUBAR» will be released September 2005 via Metropolis Records, and will be preceded by a single in the Spring.

Info taken from official KMFDM web site.

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