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Latest News
Latest News - August 2008

Last updated 28.08.08

[ 28.08.2008 ] - KMFDM - «Extra Volume 3»

«Extra Volume 3»
«Extra Volume 3»

KMFDM presents «Extra» - a three volume set of double disc collections of all KMFDM tracks not included on the ten KMFDM classic albums. Extra features remastered tracks culled from the band's 12" vinyl singles, CD singles and alternate versions of albums. All of the material on «Extra» has been out of print for many years with some songs appearing on CD for the first time ever.

Continuing the tradition started with the KMFDM classic releases the accompanying booklets for the «Extra» series are packed with exciting material. Highlights include cover art from every album and single from which cuts were taken (most covers are by famed KMFDM cohort Brute!) and never before seen photos of the band. As it has been with all the KMFDM re-releases, work on this series, from the remastering to the packaging, has been done with the highest level of participation from Sascha K., KMFDM's leader and founder.

«Extra Volume 3» ( MET 570) will be available on October 7th via KMFDM Records/Metropolis Records.


[01] Move On (Scott Burns Remix)
[02] Glory (Cajun Mix)
[03] Juke-Joint Jezebel (Single Mix)
[04] Kraut
[05] Juke-Joint Jezebel (Poly-Matrix Mix)
[06] Juke-Joint Jezebel (Metropolis Mix)
[07] Juke-Joint Jezebel (Paradox Mix)
[08] Juke-Joint Jezebel (Poly-Matrix X-Tended Mix)
[09] Juke-Joint Jezebel (Poly-Matrix X-Tended Mix Intrumental)
[10] Brute (Single Mix)
[11] Brute (Kun$t Mix)
[12] Brute (In Your Face Mix)
[13] Brute (Punch Mix)
[14] Revolution II


[01] Son Of A Gun (Overhauled Mix)
[02] Inane (Undermined Mix)
[03] Rules (Reapplied Mix)
[04] Power (Single Mix)
[05] Megalomaniac (Single Mix)
[06] Anarchy (Payola Mix)
[07] Megalomaniac (Excessive Force Remix)
[08] Anarchy (Fusako Mix)
[09] Megalomaniac (UXII Mix)
[10] Unfit (Death Before Taxes Mix)
[11] Anarchy (God And The State Mix)
[12] Megalomaniac (TVVA Mix)

Info submited by official KMFDM web site.

[ 28.08.2008 ] - «Porta Macedonia» - 3rd solo album from Alexander Veljanov

«Porta Macedonia»
«Porta Macedonia»

Unique voice of legendary German dark wave band Deine Lakien, Alexander Veljanov will release his third solo album «Porta Macedonia» on November 7th preceeding it with a single on October 24th.

Look for album preview at official Veljanov's MySpace page.

Info submited by official Veljanov's MySpace page.

[ 28.08.2008 ] - «Pathways» tracklisting


«Pathways», debut solo album of German musician Felix Marc, well-known as member of Diorama and Frozen Plasma, will out August 29th, 2008 via Infacted.


[01] Give Back The Moments
[02] A Thorn Inside My Head
[03] Follow The Demons
[04] Belles
[05] Winterwalk
[06] Seperation
[07] Back To Life
[08] Digital Love
[09] All The Words (Catharsis)
[10] Sweet Dancer
[11] Control
[12] Pathway

Info submited by official Felix Marc web site.

[ 28.08.2008 ] - Debut solo album of Peter Heppner!

Peter Heppner
Peter Heppner

Debut solo album from Peter Heppner titled «solo» will released September 12th, 2008 via WEA Germany. It has been produced by Peter John Vetesse (Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Clannad, Annie Lennox) and José Alvarez-Brill (Wolfsheim). The first single «Alleinesein» already available on radio and will commercially released on September 5th. You can preview some new songs at official Peter Heppner's MySpace.




Maxi Single CD

[01] Alleinesein
[02] Alleinesein (Paul van Dyk Remix)
[03] Alleinesein (Video)

2-Track Premium Single (Limited Edition)

[01] Alleinesein
[02] album snippet & track-by-track commentary (3 album tracks with Peter Heppner's comments)
+ access code for free download of the track-by-track commentary by Peter Heppner to full length album!

Digital Single (exclusive at iTunes)

[01] Alleinesein
[02] Alleinesein (Paul van Dyk Remix)
[03] Alleinesein (Azzido da Bass Remix)

Digital Single (all Online Music stores)

[01] Alleinesein
[02] Alleinesein (Paul van Dyk Remix)



[01] Easy
[02] Alleinesein
[03] Suddenly
[04] Vorbei
[05] Being Me
[06] I Hate You
[07] No Matter What It Takes
[08] Walter [London or Manchester]
[09] Wherever
[10] Das geht vorbei...

- regular CD incl. 10 tracks - at all CD music stores

- Limited Edition with exclusive extra track «Being Me» (Berlin Nighttime version) (only at Media Markt & Saturn)

- Limited CD / DVD Digipack with following additional extras: «Making of solo», alternative «Vorbei» version of Peter Heppner feat. Moon Rise

- Limited CD / DVD Digipack (Amazon only) signed by Peter Heppner, strictly limited edition of 500 pieces

- Digital standard album

- Digital standard album (exclusive iTunes version) with exclusive track «Mr. Blue» and a PDF booklet

- Digital standard album (exclusive Nokia Music Stores version) with exclusive track «Suddenly» (DRP 08/2008 Mix)

Info submited by official Peter Heppner web site.

[ 14.08.2008 ] - Final tracklisting of «Hypnagogic States»

«Hypnagogic States»
«Hypnagogic States»

The Cure announce complete details regarding «Hypnagogic States» EP set to release digitally and on CD on the September 13th. Look at final tracklisting:

[01] The Only One (remixed by 30 Seconds to Mars)
[02] Freakshow (remixed by Jade Puget (AFI)
[03] Sleep When Iím Dead (remixed by Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) and Julien-K
[04] The Perfect Boy (remixed by Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy)
[05] Exploding Head Syndrome (all 4 singles) (remixed by 65 Days Of Static)

All Artist royalties from the EP will benefit The International Red Cross.

Info submited by official The Cure web site.

[ 08.08.2008 ] - Hot news from Apoptygma Berzerk

Apoptygma Berzerk
Apoptygma Berzerk

Apoptygma Berzerk is working eagerly on their new album «Rocket Science»; new song «Green Queen» - which was already received enthusiastically by the fans at the bandís Hurricane and Southside performances - was mixed by brilliant Jon Schumann (Kent, Mew, Kashmir, Carpark North), more mixes will be done by luminary Bob Kraushaar (Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Human League, A-ha) and head of Serena Maneesh, Emil Nikolaisen.

The release of the album will be accompanied by the most extensive and best Apoptygma Berzerk tour ever, including dates in Europe, USA, Russia and South America. With all these activities going on, booking requests to be handled and schedules to be coordinated, Apoptygma Berzerk have decided to shift the European live dates from November to February to hit the world with the full Apoptygma Berzerk package in 2009! And to those who have already bought their tickets, please donít worry, your city will still be on the routing and your tickets are still valid!

Info submited by official Apoptygma Berzerk web site.

[ 08.08.2008 ] - «Electropop.1» - new electro pop compilation series


«Electropop.1» is the first volume of the new compilation series from the team that compiled «Elektrisch!» over the past years. «Electropop.1» begins where «Elektrisch!» stopped and will bring you fresh sounds of new and brilliant electropop-bands - worth to discover.

The edition of the compilation is strictly limited to 777 numbered CDs - there won't be a digital release nor a second pressing! The price of «Electropop.1» is just 9,99 euros plus postage and packaging (to Europe 5,00 euros, worldwide 8,00 euros). Everyone who pre-orders his personal copy will get her/his name printed in the CD booklet (if he/she wants)! Please make your pre-order here.

«Electropop.1» will out October 31st via Conzoom Records.


[01] Bobby - So Many Scars (Dynamikk's Extended Remix) 6:00 *
[02] Eloquent - Carte Blanche (People Theatre's Grande Affaire Extended Mix) 5:49 *
[03] Jacques C - A Moral Life (Extended Emmon Vocal Mix) 6:25 *
[04] Lowe - A 1000 Miles (Extended Version) 6:27 *
[05] Mars TV - Frantic (Extended Version) 5:17 *
[06] Matinee Club - Jane Falls Down (Extended Mix) 6:23
[07] Nun - Nemo (Club Edit) 7:25
[08] Parralox - Sharper Than A Knife (Electropop Version) 6:38 *
[09] Seize - Craving (Press The Mushroom Mix) 5:44
[10] The Garland Cult - All Good Things (PT's Extended Capture Mix) 5:55 *
[11] The Mobile Homes - Close (Extended 44 Mix) 6:27 *
[12] Thermostatic - Tonight (Nostalgia Mix) 4:36 *
[13] Universal Poplab - Don't Believe The Hype (Sceptic Mix) 5:51 *

* = exclusive version

Info submited by official Electropop.1 MySpace page.

[ 08.08.2008 ] - New single from Björk

«The Dull Flame of Desire»
«The Dull Flame of Desire»

Björk releases the new single «The Dull Flame of Desire» on September 29th, 2008 via One Little Indian Records.

Flooded with melancholic passion and restrained hope, «The Dull Flame of Desire» sees Björk accompanied on vocals by Antony Hegarty from Antony & The Johnsons. Antony joined Björk onstage at her recent Hammersmith live shows and sang «The Dull Flame of Desire» to showstopping effect.

«The Dull Flame of Desire» features lyrics taken from a translation of a poem by Fyodor Tyutchev as it appears in the film «Stalker» by Andrei Tarkovsky. Taken from her most recent studio album «Volta», «The Dull Flame of Desire» is written and produced by Björk and follows recent singles «Earth Intruders», «Declare Independence», «Innocence» and «Wanderlust».

Björk has also commissioned brand new mixes of «The Dull Flame of Desire» by Modeselektor and Mark Stent as well as a Sinden mix of «Innocence». Mixes come on Limited Edition 12" and CD.

Meanwhile the video concept for «The Dull Flame of Desire» is as unique as we come to expect from Björk. Out of hundreds entrants for the «Innocence» music video competition (which ran on her official web site offering new directors the chance to work with Björk), she chose 3 new directors to collaborate on the «The Dull Flame of Desire» video.

Björk and Antony performed against green screen in New York then each director was sent the raw footage to edit and create their piece. Christoph Jantos (Berlin), Masahiro Mogari (Tokyo) and Marçal Cuberta Junca (Girona) are the chosen directors. Each director was given their own section of the film, to develop how they wished - on completion the 3 films were edited together in London to make the final music video.


12" 881TP12

[01] Dull Flame Of Desire (Modeselektorís Rmx For Girls)
[02] Dull Flame Of Desire (Modeselektorís Rmx For Boys)
[03] Innocence (Sinden Remix)
[04] Dull Flame Of Desire (Mark Stent Album Mix)


[01] Dull Flame Of Desire (Modeselektorís Rmx For Girls)
[02] Dull Flame Of Desire (Modeselektorís Rmx For Boys)
[03] Dull Flame Of Desire (Mark Stent Album Mix)
[04] Dull Flame Of Desire (Video / Radio Edit)
[05] Dull Flame Of Desire (Mark Stent Instrumental)
[06] Innocence (Sinden Remix)

Info submited by official Björk web site.

[ 08.08.2008 ] - Second Imatem's album


After the incredible success of the «Earth Song», Sara Noxx and Peter Spilles go on with another brilliant collaboration on Imatem's second album «Journey». Composed by Peter and lyrics/vocals by Sara, album brings 10 new songs with such guest musicians as Ronan Harris (VNV Nation), Sven Friedrich (Zeraphine/Solar Fake), Stefan Grossmann (Absurd Minds), Jay Smith (Deviant UK), Jinxy (Santa Hates You), Nick (Legacy Of Music) and Jan Revolution. Also CD includes special Internet code that enables to download additional Imatem remixes, wallpapers and screen savers.

«Journey» was released on August 1st via Prussia Records.


[01] Fiat Lux
[02] Haven
[03] The Influence
[04] Conquer
[05] Blind Alley
[06] Journey
[07] Escape To Follow
[08] All Ends
[09] Down To The Sea
[10] No One

Info submited by Prussia Records.

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