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Latest News
Latest News
Latest News - August 2003

Last updated 30.08.03

[ 30.08.2003 ] - «Nothing Fails» - third new single from Madonna!

Madonna - GAP sessions
Madonna - GAP sessions

Warner France has officially confirmed that Madonna's third single in Europe from the «American Life» album, will be «Nothing Fails».

A promo CD with an Edit Version of the song will be given to radios in the next few weeks.

Info taken from various official sources.

[ 30.08.2003 ] - «Sternenstaub» tracklisting

As we already informed you, new Melotron album, «Sternenstaub», will out on October 6th in Europe (via Synthetic Symphony / SPV) and on October 7th in USA (via Metropolis Records, cat. no. MET 301).


Tracklisting (Europe):

[01] Sternenstaub
[02] Der Anfang
[03] Der Kosmonaut
[04] Wünsch mich nicht zurück
[05] Erwartungen
[06] Immer noch
[07] Kein Morgen
[08] Kein Problem
[09] Manchmal
[10] NGC 1005
[11] Mediensturm
[12] Das Letzte

Tracklisting (USA):

[01] Kein Problem
[02] Folge mir ins Licht
[03] Sternenstaub
[04] Der Anfang
[05] Der Kosmonaut
[06] Wünsch mich nicht zurück
[07] Erwartungen
[08] Immer noch
[09] Keinen Morgen
[10] Manchmal
[11] NGC 1006
[12] Mediensturm
[13] Das Letzte

Info taken from various official sources.

[ 30.08.2003 ] - «Schtiel» by Rammstein!

During all summer, RoverScan company did giveaway unique CD, recorded by Till Lindemann and Richard Kruspe, specially for 100-annivessary of «Harley Davidson». Till and Richard covered song «Schtiel» of Russian band Aria from «Chimera» album, and they did it in Russian!

«Schtiel» -  front cover
«Schtiel» - front cover

5" CD packed in soft paper case. Disc contains «Schtiel», and promotional trailer for «Miller» beer (for PC only).

«Schtiel» -  back cover
«Schtiel» - back cover

Also must be added, that only 400 people could win this rare CD, and SHOUT! Online was among lucky winners too.

By the way, remembered about Rammstein concert at private party of Rover Computers last year, note that this year in May in B-2 club was concert of HIM, specially for Rover Computers's stuff again.

Info taken from RoverScan web site.

[ 22.08.2003 ] - Details of new De/Vision releases

On October 6th, 2003 «I regret 2003», new De/Vision single, will be released by SPR/Indigo. The first edition of the German Version will be sold as a Maxi CD in a digipack. Outside Germany this CD will be released on October 27th in a jevel-case. Sweden Memento Materia label and US A Different Drum label will release this CD on October 27th together with «Devolution Tour - Live 2003» (as it's bonus CD).
«I regret 2003»
«I regret 2003»


[01] I Regret (Colony 5 Radio Remix)
[02] Bleed Me White (Backlash Remix)
[03] Try To Forget (DJ Ram Dance Remix)
[04] I Regret (VNV Nation Remix)
[05] Blue Moon (Live 2003)
[06] I Regret (Live 2003)
[07] I Regret (H.M.B Vocoder Mix)
[08] I Regret (J.A.B Mix)
[09] I Regret (Multimedia - Video)

«I regret 2003» 3 track Promo
«I regret 2003» 3 track Promo

«I regret 2003» 3 track Promo
( YellowSPR005)

[01] I Regret (Colony 5 Remix)
[02] Try To Forget (DJ RAM Remix)
[03] I Regret (Video version)

«Devolution Tour - Live 2003»
«Devolution Tour - Live 2003»

The long awaited live album «Devolution Tour - Live 2003» will also be released by SPR/Indigo. The release is scheduled for October 26th, 2003.


[01] Intro/Sadness
[02] Try To Forget
[03] Digital Dream
[04] I Regret
[05] Miss You More
[06] Your Hands On My Skin
[07] New Drug
[08] Foreigner
[09] Strange Affection
[10] Drifting Sideways
[11] Blindness
[12] We Fly... Tonight
[13] Endlose Träume
[14] I Regret (Multimedia - Video)

Note: all CDs has no copy protection.

Info taken from various official sources.

[ 22.08.2003 ] - A lot news from Camouflage

On August 25th, 2003 the new Camouflage single «I Can't Feel You» will be released. The single will be available in 3 formats: CD1, CD2 (Remixes) and 12" Vinyl. For the first time in many years there will be a pure Camouflage Extended Version. The releases will include additional remixes by Mesh and Mellow Trax and the unreleased instrumental bonus track «Telephone Sensor». Both of the CD singles will contain access information to download the exclusive Beborn Beton Remix of «I Can't Feel You».

«I Can't Feel You» CD1
«I Can't Feel You» CD1

«I Can't Feel You» CD1
Cat. no.: Polydor Island 981 087-2

[01] I Can't Feel You (Radio Edit) (3:48)
[02] I Can't Feel You (Extended Version) (5:19)
[03] I Can't Feel You (Mellow Trax Short Full Vocal Club Remix) (3:59)
[04] Telephone Sensor (4:17)

+ access information to download the exclusive Beborn Beton Remix of «I Can't Feel You»

«I Can't Feel You» CD2
«I Can't Feel You» CD2

«I Can't Feel You» CD2
Cat. no.: Polydor Island 981 087-3

[01] I Can't Feel You (Mesh Remix) (7:00)
[02] I Can't Feel You (Mellow Trax Full Vocal Remix) (7:47)
[03] I Can't Feel You (Mellow Trax Club Remix) (6:03)

+ access information to download the exclusive Beborn Beton Remix of «I Can't Feel You»

«I Can't Feel You» 12"
«I Can't Feel You» 12"

«I Can't Feel You» 12"
Cat. no.: Polydor Island 981 087-4

[01] I Can't Feel You (Mellow Trax Club Remix) (6:03)
[02] I Can't Feel You (Extended Version (5:19)
[03] I Can't Feel You (Mellow Trax Full Vocal Remix) (7:47)
[04] Telephone Sensor (4:17)

In other news: Universal Russia has now released «Sensor» for the Russian market. The CD contains the same tracks, but the layout of the booklet and the design of the CD has changed. Also band announced their live dates for Autemn. As we were informed Camouflage could perform in Russia (Moscow and/or St. Petersburg) later this year too!


30 - Stockholm, Sweden - Fryshuset, EGF Festival


17 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle
18 - Berlin, Germany - Columbia Fritz
19 - Dresden, Germany - Alter Schlachthof
20 - Magdeburg, Germany - Factory
21 - Bielefeld, Germany - PC69
23 - Cologne, Germany - Live Music Hall
24 - Stuttgart, Germany - Longhorn
25 - Munich, Germany - Backstage
26 - Erfurt, Germany - Spot
27 - Leipzig, Germany - Werk 2
28 - Rostock, Germany - M.A.U. Club


28 - Barcelona, Spain - Sala Bikini
29 - Madrid, Spain - Sala Caracol

Info taken from official Camouflageweb site.

[ 22.08.2003 ] - Tracklisting of «101» DVD

Long awaited re-release on DVD of famous «101» documentary set on October 6th, 2003 ( DMDVD3 via Mute Film). The two disc set has a lot of bonuses incl. the legendary «Concert For The Masses» show from Pasadena Rose bowl, interviews with the band and the promotional video for «Everything Counts» single.


Disc 1:

- «101»

A film by D. A. Pennebaker, Chris Hegedus, David Dawkins

Audio Options:

- 5.1
- PCM Stereo
- Commentary track by band members/filmmakers (stereo)

Disc 2:

- Live At The Pasadena Rose Bowl, June 18th, 1988
Total time: 53 min

[01] Master & Servant (4:30)
[02] Pimpf (1:20)
[03] Behind The Wheel (4:32)
[04] Strangelove (3:30)
[05] Blasphemous Rumours (4:10)
[06] Stripped (4:40)
[07] Somebody (4:36)
[08] Black Celebration (3:05)
[09] Pleasure Little Treasure (4:26)
[10] Just Can't Get Enough (3:50)
[11] Everything Counts (4:10)
[12] Never Let Me Down Again (5:22)

- Everything Counts (Music Video) (5:23)

Interviews with:

- Dave Gahan (6:00)
- Andy Fletcher 6:15)
- Martin Gore (6:11)
- Daniel Miller (5:34)
- Jonathan Kessler (4:20)

Interviews with the Fans - «Where are they now?»:

- Christopher Hardwick (3:38)
- Oliver Chesler (4:00)
- Jay Serken (4:00)

Audio Options:

- PCM Stereo

DVD format:

PAL, All region

Info taken from various sources.

[ 10.08.2003 ] - «Aggressor» release parties!

Orkus presents And One «Aggressor» release parties in Germany:


21 - Munster - Sputnikhalle
22 - Gottingen - Exil
22 - Berlin - Halford
22 - Braunschweig - Jolly Joker
22 - Mengen - Extreme
23 - Mainz - KuZ
26 - Marburg - Kult
27 - Saarbrucken - Canossa
28 - Jena - Kassablanca
29 - Stuttgart - Rohre
29 - Koln - Alter Wartesaal
30 - Zapfendorf - Top Act
30 - Munchen - Millennium Club
30 - Leipzig - Dark Flower
30 - Hamburg - Kir

Info taken from Orkus magazine.

[ 10.08.2003 ] - Covenant in Moscow again... as DJs

Just look at following info from Defile:

12.09.2003 – «Synth-pop/electroclash PARTY»
DJ Eskil (Covenant, Sweden)
DJ RAM (Russia)

13.09.2003 - «Synth-pop/electroclash PARTY»
DJ Joakim (Covenant, Sweden)
DJ RAM (Russia)

All these parties organised by Russian Synth Community.

Info taken from Defile club web site.

[ 10.08.2003 ] - «Heart On Snow» - Russian album from Marc Almond

Marc Almonds's new solo album of Russian songs, «Heart On Snow» (Cat. No. 6403262 on XIII Bis label) set to release on September 29th, along with an accompanying European promo EP featuring two tracks from the album, «Gone But Not Forgotten» and «Gosudariunia», as well as two tracks recorded live with the Orchestra Rossiya, «Just One Chance» and «Heart On Snow». The EP will also feature a video clip of «Heart On Snow» being performed live in Moscow. To launch the album Marc will be performing some special shows in Russia which will be recorded and footage from these shows will be used to complete the «Heart On Snow» DVD which will also feature «Making of the album» documentaries, etc.

Info taken from Marc Almond web site.

[ 05.08.2003 ] - «Counterfeit» and «Counterfeit²» as double CD!

Seems that EMI will re-release «Counterfeit» and «Counterfeit²» as double CD on September 29th, 2003. More info - later.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 04.08.2003 ] - «Rock And Roll Machine» released today!

Client, the first signing to Andy Fletcher's Toast Hawaii label released their second single. «Rock And Roll Machine» came out on August 4th, 2003 (in UK, North American release was on July 29th) and was the follow up to their first, «Price Of Love».

«Rock And Roll Machine»
«Rock And Roll Machine»



[01] Rock And Roll Machine (Edit)
[02] Daredevil
[03] Pills (Half Dose Mix)


[01] Rock And Roll Machine (Extended Mix)
[02] Rock And Roll Machine (Sound System Mix)
[03] Rock And Roll Machine (Droyds Remix)


Don't forget that «Client», their debut album, will released on August 18th in UK and August 26th in US.


[01] Client
[02] Rock And Roll Machine
[03] Price Of Love
[04] Happy
[05] Diary Of An 18 Year Old Boy
[06] Civilian
[07] Here And Now
[08] Sugar Candy Kisses
[09] Pills
[10] Leipzig
[11] Love All Night
[12] (Data Track)

Info taken from Mute Records web site.

[ 04.08.2003 ] - Madonna news

Missy Elliott and Madonna
Missy Elliott and Madonna

Maybe you already noticed new Gap commercial featuring Madonna and Missy Elliott. They are performing «Into the Hollywood Groove» (a mix of «Hollywood» and «Into the Grove»).

Also officially confirmed that UK magazine «Q» will release a Madonna special issue in September. This will be a 148-page, full-colour glossy «Q» special edition completely devoted to Madonna, and on sale from September 26th. The magazine will contain reprinted interviews from the «Q» archive, including the cover stories from June 1991, December 94 and March 98, reappraisals of her key albums and tours, and a rundown of the Top 20 Madonna Songs Of All Time, as voted by fans and musicians. The magazine will have high production values and offer a comprehensive history of Madonna's work as a recording artist, and follows recent similar «Q» special editions for Radiohead, Led Zeppelin and Oasis. Expected retail price for this issue is about 7.50 USD.

Info taken from official Madonna web site.

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