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Latest News
Latest News - August 2002

Last updated 31.08.02

[ 31.08.2002 ] - MARTIN'S NEW SON!

On July 27th, Martin's wife has given birth to a healthy baby boy, Calo (pronounced KAY-lo) Leon Gore. Our best wishes and greetings to happy father and his family!

Info taken from official Depeche Mode web site.

[ 31.08.2002 ] - A lot of releases from U2!

The second volume of U2's Best of Collection, covering the years 1990-2000, will be released on November 4th (by Universal-Island Records). A limited edition Best of the B-sides will also be released, along with a new single «Electrical Storm» and, in December, a «Best Of 1990 - 2000» DVD.

Two brand new tracks have been recorded for this set, «Electrical Storm», which will be released as a single, and «The Hands That Built America» which will feature on the soundtrack to the Martin Scorsese movie «The Gangs Of New York», released by Miramax in December 2002.

In addition, four songs, «Discotheque», «Gone», «Numb» and «Staring At The Sun» have been substantially reworked by producer Mike Hedges.

A strictly limited edition run of «U2: The Best Of 1990 - 2000» will feature a second cd collection, «The Best Of The B-sides», as well as a bonus DVD with exclusive content including the History Mix of U2 in the '90s. This special value set will be available for one week only, after which the A-sides will be sold as a single cd.

The single, «Electrical Storm», due for release on October 21st will be available on two CDs and a DVD format. The tracklistings are:


[01] Electrical Storm (William Orbit Mix)
[02] New York (Nice Mix)
[03] New York (Nasty Mix)


[01] Electrical Storm
[02] a live medley of «Bad», «40» and «Where The Streets Have No Name» recorded in Boston on the Elevation Tour.


[01] Electrical Storm (William Orbit Mix)
[02] Media : a video, exclusive sound bites from the band and a collection of photographs by Anton Corbijn.

The video for «Electrical Storm» is directed by Anton Corbijn.

The full album tracklisting is:

[01] Even Better Than The Real Thing
[02] Mysterious Ways
[03] Beautiful Day
[04] Electrical Storm (William Orbit Mix) [new song]
[05] One
[06] Miss Sarajevo
[07] Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
[08] Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
[09] Gone [new mix]
[10] Until The End Of The World
[11] The Hands That Built America [new song]
[12] Discotheque [new mix]
[13] Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
[14] Staring At The Sun [new mix]
[15] Numb [new mix]
[16] The First Time
[17] The Fly

The B-sides tracklisting is as follows:

[01] Lady With The Spinning Head (Extended Dance Mix)
[02] Dirty Day (Junk Day Mix)
[03] Electrical Storm
[04] Summer Rain
[05] North & South Of The River
[06] Your Blue Room
[07] Happiness Is A Warm Gun (The Gun Mix)
[08] Salome (Zooromancer Mix)
[09] Even Better Than The Real Thing (Perfecto Mix)
[10] Numb (Give Me Some More Dignity Mix)
[11] Mysterious Ways (Solar Plexus Club Mix)
[12] If God Will Send His Angels - (Big Yam Mix)
[13] Lemon (Jeep Mix)
[14] Discotheque (Hexidecimal Mix)

Finally, a «Best Of 1990 - 2000» DVD will be released on December 2nd and will feature promo videos of tracks from the A-sides cd, complete with commentary by the directors, who include Wim Wenders, Kevin Godley, Stephane Sednaoui, Anton Corbijn and Jonas Akerlund. Six bonus tracks are included on the DVD - «Please», «If God Will Send His Angels», «Wild Horses», «Lemon», «Last Night On Earth» and «MoFo». In addition, many of the tracks feature alternative versions of the clips made for different countries, as early cuts or to accompany different mixes. Further exclusive content includes a mini documentary, «The Road To Sarajevo», filmed in the Bosnian capital in the run up to U2's historic 1997 concert and complete with performance footage.

Info taken from official U2 web site.

[ 31.08.2002 ] - A new DVD from Depeche Mode?

As rumoured, the record label and the band are currently negotiating what material is to be put and released on DVD. Fact is, there's currently an online poll on the band's official website that asks fans to chose their favourite video for a release on DVD. Leading at this moment is «Devotional» followed by the Depeche Mode cult concertfilm «101».

Info taken from official Depeche Mode web site.

[ 31.08.2002 ] - The Cure will record new album!

The Cure will enter the studio to record a new album in October - November. To be produced by Robert Smith and Ross Robinson (best known for his work with bands such as Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Machine Head, Vanilla Ice and Soul Fly), the band looks for a release for spring 2003. The yet untitled album will be released on The Cure's own label and will be distributed by a US indie label. The band have 40 or so songs from which to choose from, and will likely pick about 10 for the album.

Info taken from Chain Of Flowers fan web site.

[ 31.08.2002 ] - New releases from Bjork

On October 7th, Bjork releases a collection of songs, simply entitled «Bjork's Greatest Hits» (released simultaneously on Elektra Records, One Little Indian Records and Universal) The album has been compiled by a unique web vote.

To compliment the release of the «Greatest Hits», Bjork will also release at same time a special box set entitled «Family Tree» comprising 6 CDs - five 3" and one 5" - of Bjork's favourite songs.

3" mini-CDs divided into «Roots», «Beats» and «Strings» collections.

The two mini «Roots» discs will together comprise 10 tracks, including some Sugarcubes tracks and «Glora», a piece Bjork wrote on the flute when she was 15. This CD includes tracks from Bjork's career, which demonstrate where she «took the biggest leaps as a songwriter».

The «Beats» CD, which comprises 4 tracks, displays the very first experiments in rhythm Bjork did with Graham Massey and Mark Bell after leaving The Sugarcubes and gives the first hints at the importance electronica was to take in her solo work.

Last but by no means least, are two «Strings» CD's on which Bjork, for the first time, confronts and accepts the formal musical training she received as a child. These discs feature the classical arrangements of Bjork's songs by the Brodsky Quartet first heard at the breathtaking shows they played together in England.

The «Family Tree» box set will be packaged in a custom made transparent rose coloured plastic case, ingeniously configured to house the six disc set. The box will also include a 16 page lyric book, a map guiding purchasers through the «Family Tree» collection and individual packaging for each branch of the tree.

Info taken from official Bjork web site.

[ 08.08.2002 ] - Some hot news from De/Vision

German synth band De/Vision recently released new video «I Regret» to promote their new album, «Remixed». This clip is already shown on German TV channels VIVAPLUS and ONYX.

At present time Steffen and Thomas still working in studio on their new album which should come out early 2003 followed by a tour through Germany.

By the way, some time ago Steffen made a remix for track «My World Depends On You» of the band Chandeen, which will be released on August 5th. You could listen it on

Info taken from official De/Vision web site.

[ 08.08.2002 ] - Feuer Frei! - 5th single from «Mutter»!

As recently told their management, there will be another Rammstein single from Mutter - 5th «Feuer Frei». Promo version set to release in September, and the commercial format will be out October 7th.

«Feur Frei!»
«Feur Frei!»

Unconfirmed tracklisting:

[01] Feuer Frei! (Radio Edit)
[02] Pesnja O Trevoyhnoj Molodosti
[03] Feuer Frei! (Sono's Volvano Mix)
[04] Feuer Frei! (Clawfinger xXx Mix)
[05] Feuer Frei! (Westbam Mix)
[06] Feuer Frei! (Enhanced Video)

By the way, video for this single is already floating around - as soundtrack video for «XXX» (Triple X) action movie.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 08.08.2002 ] - Second new single of APB

Apoptygma Berzerk's «Suffer In Silence», the second new single from «Harmonizer» album, will be released in 3 different versions: a limited 12" version and two CDs. Single set to be release on August 26th.

Info taken from our own sources.

[ 08.08.2002 ] - Garbage and No Doubt - together on tour!

No Doubt will soon be announcing a US Tour starting in October (most possible start date is October 9th in St. Paul). No Doubt will be touring together with... Garbage and The Distillers! Cool!

Info taken from official No Doubt web site.

[ 08.08.2002 ] - New live DVD and CD from KMFDM!

KMFDM will release a live DVD and CD which was recorded on their recent Sturm and Drang Tour (completely sold out «32 dates in 34 days»). Sascha Konietzko along with band mates filmed and recorded 4 nights of live performances for the new release. The performers on this live DVD are Raymond "PIG" Watts, Lucia Cifarelli, Sascha Konietzko, Bill Rieflin, Joolz Hodgson, Andy Selway and Steve White. Album will released on November 5th through Metropolis Records.

Info taken from official KMFDM web site.

[ 08.08.2002 ] - New Soft Cell - album and single.

The new Soft Cell album, «Cruelty Without Beauty», will be released on September 30th on the Cooking Vinyl label. The single, «Monoculture», will precede the album with a release date set for September 9th. Both will be released world-wide.

«Cruelty Without Beauty»
«Cruelty Without Beauty»

Album tracklisting:

[01] Darker Times
[02] Monoculture
[03] Le Grand Guignol
[04] The Night
[05] Last Chance
[06] Together Alone
[07] Desperate
[08] Whatever It Takes
[09] All Out Of Love
[10] Sensation Nation
[11] Caligula Syndrome
[12] On An Up

«Monoculture» - CD1
«Monoculture» - CD1

CD 1 (Cat. no. FRYCD132)

[01] Monoculture (Radio Edit)
[02] Monoculture (Playgroup Remix)
[03] Monoculture (Antoine 909 & Oggie B Edit)
[04] Monoculture Video

«Monoculture» - CD2
«Monoculture» - CD2

CD 2 (Cat. no. FRYCD132X)

[01] Monoculture (Extended Version)
[02] Dancing Alone
[03] Monoculture (Jan Driver Remix)

12" Vinyl (Cat. no. FRY132T)

[01] Monoculture (Jan Driver Dub Version)
[02] Monoculture (Playgroup Instrumental Remix)

Info taken from official Theatre of Marc Almond web site.

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