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Latest News
Latest News - April 2007

Last updated 26.04.07

[ 25.04.2007 ] - [:SITD:] - new album and tour

Germans [:SITD:] have revealed the name of their new album. The longplayer is entitled «Bestie: Mensch» and will be released in September 2007 through Accession Records. The band will be going on tour with their special guests Destroid and Painbastard in the second half of this year. Look at confirmed dates:

22.09 - Guben, Germany - Fabrik
28.09 - Berlin, Germany - K17
29.09 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Das Boot
02.10 - Hamburg, Germany - Kir
05.10 - Dresden, Germany - Strasse E
06.10 - Erfurt, Germany - Centrum
11.10 - Frankfurt/Main, Germany - Nachtleben
13.10 - Hannover, Germany - Musikzentrum
27.10 - Herford, Germany - X
02.10 - Bochum, Germany - Matrix

More dates to come. Tickets available at or

Info submitted by official [:SITD:] web site.

[ 25.04.2007 ] - «Schattenreich Vol. 4» tracklisting

«Schattenreich Vol. 4»
«Schattenreich Vol. 4»

On May 25th, 2007 German record label Drakkar will release the fourth part of their famous compilation «Schattenreich». It will released as usual on 2 CDs and DVD. Look at tracklisting:


[01] Within Temptation feat. Keith Caputo - What Have You Done (03:59)
[02] ASP - Krabbat (Schattenreich Clubmix) (04:57)
[03] Jesus On Extasy - Assassinate Me (03:49)
[04] Moby - Lift Me Up (03:19)
[05] She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart (04:43)
[06] The Cinematics - Keep Forgetting (04:00)
[07] Strip Music - Headlights (03:21)
[08] L'Âme - Phoenix (04:07)
[09] Blutengel - My Saviour (04:00)
[10] De/Vision - Love Will Find A Way (03:44)
[11] Diary OF Dreams - Traumtänzer (04:46)
[12] Skinny Puppy - Politikal (Humble Brothers Remix) (05:57)
[13] Oomph! feat. Marta Jandová - Träumst Du? (03:55)
[14] The 69 Eyes - Perfect Skin (03:45)
[15] Lovex - Guardian Angel (03:54)
[16] Qntal - Von den Elben (04:50)
[17] Letzte Instanz - Wir sind allein (04:35)
[18] In Extremo - Rasend Herz (Killing Joke Remix by Paul Raven) (05:49)


[01] Placebo - Meds (02:54)
[02] Apoptygma Berzerk - Cambodia (04:22)
[03] Lost Alone - Blood Is Sharp (02:35)
[04] IAMX - Spit It Out (03:52)
[05] Northern Lite - Enemy (Apoptygma Berzerk RMX) (04:15)
[06] Covenant - Ritual Noise (07:18)
[07] And One - Military Fashion Show (Clubhit) (05:13)
[08] Straftanz - Straftanz (Schatten) (04:49)
[09] Welle:Erdball - Das Alpha-Tier (03:10)
[10] Suicide Commando - Second Death (05:32)
[11] Lacuna Coil - Enjoy The Silence (04:07)
[12] 30 Seconds To Mars - The Kill (03:51)
[13] Xandria - Save My Life (03:56)
[14] Krypteria - Somebody Save Me (04:58)
[15] Nightwish - Over The Hills And Far Away (05:03)
[16] All Ends - Wasting Life (03:34)
[17] Deathstars - Blitzkrieg (04:04)
[18] Rammstein - Mann gegen Mann (03:51)

Info submitted by Drakkar.

[ 25.04.2007 ] - New Paradise Lost album

«In Requiem»
«In Requiem»

Gothic metal band Paradise Lost are set to release their new 11th album «In Requiem» on May 21st, 2007 via Century Media.


[01] Never For The Damned
[02] Ash & Debris
[03] The Enemy
[04] Praise Lamented Shade
[05] Requiem
[06] Unreachable
[07] Prelude To Descent
[08] Fallen Children
[09] Beneath Black Skies
[10] Sedative God
[11] Your Own Reality
[12] Missing (Bonus Track)
[13] Silent In Heart (Bonus Track)

Info submitted by official Paradise Lost web site.

[ 25.04.2007 ] - Details of special Russian Minerve compilation

«Love Traces»
«Love Traces»

Upcoming Minerve's album titled «Love Traces» is almost done and will be available through the Russian label Q-Code Records on May 9th as Enhanced CD. It is a special compilation for the Russian music market only and contains some remixed and alternative versions of tracks from last Minerve album «Sensefiction» plus some selected exclusive club remixes from Iris, Lowe and Altera Forma, the previously unreleased track «Forbidden Love» and new «My Universe» video.


[01] Lost In Your Room *
[02] The Inner Cage *
[03] It's Quiet *
[04] My Universe *
[05] Take Me Higher (Warp Acht Remix) ***
[06] Numb (X-Fusion Remix)
[07] Sick Of You *
[08] There Is Nothing *
[09] Crush (Scratching Real Remix by Clear of Junk) ***
[10] My Universe (Iris Remix 2007) **
[11] It's Quiet (Altera Forma Remix) ***
[12] Forbidden Love ***
[13] Take Me Higher (Alchemist Project Remix) ***
[14] My Universe (Lowe Remix 2007) **
[15] Lost In Your Room (DJ Kidney Remix) ***
[16] My Universe (Video)

CD will available through Q-Code Records (Russia), A Different Drum (USA), some local independent stores near you - for example Poponaut (Europe) or Popmarket (Russia).

Info submitted by official Minerve web site.

[ 25.04.2007 ] - New Bjork's album, «Volta»


Musical innovator and icon Björk releases her next studio album «Volta» on May 7th, 2007 via One Little Indian Records. «Volta» is Björk's sixth studio album and follows the release of «Medúlla» (2004). Featuring new and original tracks, «Volta» is written and produced by Björk, with three tracks co-produced with Timbaland and Mark Bell. In the role of producer Björk has brought in various other musicians to work on her songs and «Volta» features some of her most interesting collaborations so far with Antony (Antony And The Johnsons) singing on two tracks, and Timbaland working with Björk on beats that she created for three further songs. Other artists that feature on «Volta» include electronic pioneer Mark Bell (LFO) and two unique drummers - Chris Corsano (the improvisational drummer who has worked with Sonic Youth amongst others) and Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt). Björk also brought in two acclaimed African artists for «Volta» - Toumani Diabate, the Malian kora player and Konono No1, the experimental band from The Congo, who won a BBC World Music Award in 2006. She has also put together her own 10 piece female brass section of Icelandic musicians who play on three further tracks.


[01] Earth Intruders
[02] Wanderlust
[03] Dull Flame Of Desire
[04] Innocence
[05] I See Who You Are
[06] Energy / Vertebrae By Vertebrae
[07] Pneumonia
[08] Hope
[09] Declare Independence
[10] My Juvenile

Limited Edition version complete with special packaging and a Bonus DVD featuring «Volta» in 5.1 Surround Sound.

Info submitted by official Björk web site.

[ 25.04.2007 ] - «Light At The End Of The World» tracklisting

«Light At The End Of The World»
«Light At The End Of The World»

British electro pop idols Erasure will release their new album «Light At The End Of The World» on May 21st, 2007 via Mute/EMI. It will available in two versions: regular CD and Limited Edition.



[01] Sunday Girl 4:35
[02] I Could Fall In Love With You 4:15
[03] Sucker For Love 3:58
[04] Storm In A Teacup 4:04
[50] Fly Away 3:21
[06] Golden Heart 3:12
[07] How My Eyes Adore You 3:20
[08] Darlene 3:38
[09] When A Lover Leaves You 3:51
[10] Glass Angel 5:03

Limited Edition LCDSTUMM285

[01] Sunday Girl 4:35
[02] I Could Fall In Love With You 4:15
[03] Sucker For Love 3:58
[04] Storm In A Teacup 4:04
[05] Fly Away 3:21
[06] Golden Heart 3:12
[07] How My Eyes Adore You 3:20
[08] Darlene 3:38
[09] When A Lover Leaves You 3:51
[10] Glass Angel 5:03
[11] Be My Baby 3:30
[12] I Don't Know Why 4:02

Info submitted by Mute Records.

[ 22.04.2007 ] - «SubHuman» - new Recoil album!

Alan Wilder
Alan Wilder

New long awaited Recoil's 5th studio album titled «SubHuman» set to release on July 2nd, 2007 via Mute/EMI. New Alan Wilder's work musically will be dark ambient with following guest appearances - some blues by Joe Richardson (Louisiana, USA) and alternative UK female singer Carla Trevaskis. Also Alan was helped by his beautiful wife Hepzibah Sessa and French musician / sound engineer Paul Kendall.

Album will available in 3 formats: regular CD, Limited Edition (CD+DVD, with bonus DVD with all Recoil, 5.1 Surround Version and exclusive ambient re-working of entire album) and Limited Edition Gatefold Vinyl.

No single is planned for this album.

Info submitted by official Recoil web site.

[ 22.04.2007 ] - Second live release from Lacrimosa


Swiss gothic stars Lacrimosa announced their second live release on June 29th. «Lichtjahre», available as double CD album and DVD, shows the band during one and a half year on the road at Lichtgestalt Tour (from Switzerland through Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria, Poland, Romania, Russia and South America to China) and contains the live versions of current hits like «Letzte Ausfahrt: Leben», «The party is over» and «Lichtgestalt», and classics, such as «Ich bin der brennende Komet», «Der Morgen danach» and «Stolzes Herz».



[01] Lacrimosa Theme
[02] Kelch der Liebe
[03] Schakal
[04] Ich Bin Der Brennende Komet
[05] Malina
[06] Alles Lüge
[07] Not Every Pain Hurts
[08] Letzte Ausfahrt: Leben
[09] Halt Mich
[10] Alleine Zu Zweit
[11] Durch Nacht Und Flut
[12] The Turning Point
[13] Road To Pain
[14] Vermächtnis der Sonne
[15] Tränen der Sehnsucht
[16] Seele In Not
[17] The Party Is Over
[18] Ich verlasse heut' Dein Herz
[19] Stolzes Herz
[20] Der Morgen Danach
[21] Copycat
[22] Lichtgestalt

Bonuses on DVD includes some backstage and after party videos, brief interviews, press conference in Hong Kong and some shots at the Red Square in Moscow.

Info submitted by official Lacrimosa web site.

[ 22.04.2007 ] - Nine Inch Nails in Russia!

Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails

We are pleased to announce Nine Inch Nails's Summer live dates. As you can see below, cult Trent Reznor & Co. will perform in Russia for a first time!!! More details will follow!


Australia & Japan Tour
supporting by Serena Maneesh

07 - Brisbane, Australia - Riverstage
09 - Sydney, Australia - Big Top Luna Park
10 - Sydney, Australia - Big Top Luna Park
11 - Sydney, Australia - Big Top Luna Park
13 - Melbourne, Australia - Metro Nightclub
14 - Melbourne, Australia - Metro Nightclub
15 - Melbourne, Australia - Metro Nightclub
18 - Tokyo, Japan - Studio Coast
19 - Tokyo, Japan - Studio Coast
20 - Tokyo, Japan - Studio Coast
22 - Nagoya, Japan - Zepp
23 - Osaka, Japan - Zepp
24 - Osaka, Japan - Zepp


European Tour

01 - Moscow, Russia - DS Luzhniki
03 - St. Petersburg, Russia - DS Yubileyny
07 - Stockholm, Sweden - Hovet
08 - Oslo, Norway - Oya Festival
12 - Bratislava, Slovakia - Incheba Hall
13 - Prague, Czech Republic - Slavia Zimni Stadion
15 - Avenches, Switzerland - Rock Oz'arenes Festival
16 - Salzburg, Austria - Frequency Festival
21 - Edinburgh, Scotland - Meadowbank Sports Centre
22 - Dublin, Ireland - Marley Park
24 - Leeds, UK - Leeds Festival
26 - Reading, UK - Reading Festival
28 - Birmingham, UK - Academy
30 - Wolverhampton, UK - Civic Hall

September 01 - Kontanz, Germany - Rock Am See Festival

Info submitted by official Nine Inch Nails web site.

[ 22.04.2007 ] - Marilyn Manson: new single and album

«Eat Me, Drink Me»
«Eat Me, Drink Me»

New Marilyn Manson album titled «Eat Me, Drink Me» will released on June 5 via Interscope Records.


[01] If I Was Your Vampire
[02] Putting Holes in Happiness
[03] The Red Carpet Grave
[04] They Said Hell Is Not Hot
[05] Just a Car Crash Away
[06] Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand)
[07] Evidence
[08] Are You the Rabbit?
[09] Mutilation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery
[10] You and Me and The Devil Makes 3

The album will available as Standard and Deluxe versions.

«Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides The Hand)»
«Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides The Hand)»

First single from upcoming album is «Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides The Hand)» will out on May 28th via Interscope Records.



[01] Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand)
[02] Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand) (Remix)
[03] Web Link for «Heart-Shaped Glasses» Bonus Materials


[01] Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand) (Album Mix)
[02] Putting Holes In Happiness (Acoustic Version)

Limited 7" Picture Vinyl

[01] Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand) (Album Mix)
[02] Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand) (Penetrate The Canvas Remix)

In other news: Marilyn Manson will promote his new album on tour this Summer co-headlined by Slayer.

Info submitted by official Marilyn Manson web site.

[ 04.04.2007 ] - «Wonderland / One Milllion Face» released as CD

Project Pitchfork «Wonderland / One Milllion Face»
«Wonderland / One Milllion Face»

Originally released as Digital Downloads in June 2006, Project Pitchfork's «Wonderland» and «One Million Faces» will out as CD on May 1st, 2007. Either of those compositions contain three parts. The total playing time of both works together reach album length - 25 minutes for «Wonderland» and 23 minutes for «One Million Faces».

You can order this CD at InfraRot online music store.

Info submitted by official Project Pitchfork web site.

[ 04.04.2007 ] - «Traffic» - new Days Of Fate album

Days Of Fate «Traffic»

After three years of work German indie electro-pop band Days Of Fate are ready to release their new album «Traffic». The band merge synthetic sounds with elements of rock and powerful beats with catching melodies. «Traffic» in itself is style-merging, melancholic, emotional and powerful.

Cool fact that Absurd Minds left their marks on this album. Their singer Stefan Grossmann did not only the whole booklet art work but also inspires in a duet with Days Of Fate's singer Torsten K. on the song «Rising Again».

Info submitted by official Days Of Fate web site.

[ 04.04.2007 ] - The Smashing Pumpkins: new album and and festival gigs

The Smashing Pumpkins
The Smashing Pumpkins

The Smashing Pumpkins are excited to announce their first live performance since December 2nd, 2000 — a very special and intimate theatre show to take place May 22nd in Paris, France at the Grand Rex. Tickets will go on sale April 11th.

This marks the first time The Smashing Pumpkins will unveil songs from the upcoming «Zeitgeist» album (set to release via Martha's Music/Reprise on July 7th, 2007), their sixth album and first of new material since 2000's «Machina/The Machines of God» and the free, digital-only release «Machina II/The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music». «Zeitgeist» was produced by Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin, with Roy Thomas Baker and Terry Date working separately on various tracks, and represents the culmination of two years of work.

After the Paris show, The Smashing Pumpkins will headline major European festivals and some festivals in USA. Just look at already confirmed dates:

22.05 - Paris - Grand Rex
28.05 - Megaland, Landgraaf - Pinkpop Festival
31.05 - Barcelona - Primavera Sound
02.06 - Nürburgring - Rock Am Ring Festival
03.06 - Nürnberg - Rock Im Park Festival
09.06 - Lisbon - Lisbon Festival
15.06 - Nickelsdorf - Nova Rock Festival
16.06 - Venice - Heineken Fetsival
17.06 - Interlaken - Greenfields Festival
24.08 - Leeds - Leeds Festival
26.08 - Reading - Reading Festival
09.08 - Toronto, Ontario - Virgin Festival

Info taken from official The Smashing Pumpkins web site.

[ 04.04.2007 ] - New album from Sinead O'Connor!


Irish female singer Sinead O'Connor will release a brand new double CD album titled «Theology» it will out June 26th, 2007 via Rubyworks Records. The disc features original songs as well as several covers including Curtis Mayfield's «We People Who Are Darker Than Blue», Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's «I Don't Know How To Love» (taken from the musical «Jesus Christ Superstar») as well as the famous Sinead's song «Rivers of Babylon» with new lyrics.

The album was recorded during two separate sessions in Dublin and London . The first disc will feature the material recorded in Dublin which comes in a minimalist acoustic approach produced by Steve Cooney (The Chieftains). The second disc holds the sessions recorded in London and includes a full band. This part was produced by Ron Thom (worked on Sugar Babes).



[01] Something Beautiful
[02] We People Who Are Darker Than Blue
[03] Out Of The Depths
[04] Dark I Am Yet Lovely
[05] If You Had A Vineyard
[06] Watcher Of Men
[07] 33
[08] The Glory Of Jah
[09] Whomsoever Dwells
[10] Rivers Of Babylon
[11] Hosanna Filio David


[01] Something Beautiful
[02] We People Who Are Darker Than Blue
[03] Out Of The Depths
[04] 33
[05] Dark I Am Yet Lovely
[06] I Don't Know How To Love Him
[07] If You Had A Vineyard
[08] The Glory Of Jah
[09] Watcher Of Men
[10] Whomsoever Dwells
[11] Rivers Of Babylon

You can download 2 free live tracks from from Sinead's MySpace.

Info submitted by Rubyworks Records.

[ 04.04.2007 ] - Robert Smith at Ashlee Simpson's new album

Robert Smith
Robert Smith

The Cure frontman Robert Smith has teamed up with female singer Ashlee Simpson for a collaboration on her new album. The as-yet-untitled album is the follow up to her album «I Am Me» (2005). 23-year old Ashlee Nicole Simpson is an American pop rock singer–songwriter and actress, and the younger sister of pop singer Jessica Simpson. Robert Smith decided to work with Simpson after having seen her last performance as Roxie Hart in the musical «Chicago».

Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee Simpson

Info taken from The Cure fan site.

[ 04.04.2007 ] - New releases from Gravitator Records

As we were informed, Russian indie music label Gravitator Records recently released 2 new CDs under license from NoiTekk (Germany): Psyclon Nine «Crwn Thy Frnicatr» (Dark Electro) and Dawn Of Shes «In The Acts Of Violence» (Dark Electro/EBM)

Psyclon Nine «Crwn Thy Frnicatr»
«Crwn Thy Frnicatr»

Psyclon Nine
«Crwn Thy Frnicatr»
Cat. No.: GRR 024 Total time: 57:37 Format: CD, jewel case CD, with 12 page lyrics booklet
Description: a kind of horror soundtrack, full of pain and fear

[01] Bellum In Abyssus 1:26
[02] Parasitic 4:53
[03] Better Than Suicide 5:10
[04] Anaesthetic (For The Pathetic) 4:02
[05] The Room 1:24
[06] Flesh Harvest 4:21
[07] Scar Of The Deceiver 4:03
[08] Crwn Thy Frnicatr 4:33
[09] Visceral Holocaust 5:11
[10] Proficiscor Of Terminus Vicis 4:01
[11] The Purging (A Revelation Of Pain) 18:31

Dawn Of Shes «In The Acts Of Violence»
«In The Acts Of Violence»

Dawn Of Shes
«In The Acts Of Violence»
Cat. No.: GRR 025
Total time: 61:21
Format: jewel case CD, with 8 page lyrics booklet
Description: brutal horror EBM, a kind of music mix of Skinny Puppy and Suicide Commando

[01] Abyss 5:23
[02] In The Acts Of Violence 4:11
[03] Flat-Line 5:33
[04] Diagnosis 4:35
[05] Nightmare 5:54
[06] Dark Reality 6:41
[07] Killer Instinct 6:52
[08] Naildriven 4:53
[09] Disgraceful Treason 6:02
[10] Maximum Damnation 5:30
[11] Abyss (FGFC820 Remix) 5:45

Info submitted by Gravitator Records.

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