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Latest News
Latest News - April 2006

Last updated 29.04.06

[ 29.04.2006 ] - «Get Your Body Beat» - new CombiChrist single

«Get Your Body Beat»
«Get Your Body Beat»

New CombiChrist single «Get Your Body Beat» will out on June 2nd, 2006 via Out Of Line.


[01] Get Your Body Beat (Album Version)
[02] Products (Life Composer Version)
[03] What The Fcuk (Exclusive Track)
[04] Get Your Body Beat (Kapt`n K Mix by Sascha Konietzko KMFDM)
[05] Get Your Body Beat (Rotten Blood Remix by Amduscia)
[06] Get Your Body Beat (Remix by Spetsnaz)
[07] Get Your Body Beat (Shooting Up Remix by Point 45)
[08] Get Your Body Beat (Tortured Remix by Manufactura)
[09] Get Your Body Beat (Sergio Mesa)
[10] DNA AM (Exclusive Track)

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 29.04.2006 ] - New double A-side single from Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode return on June 5th with the new double A-side single «John The Revelator / Lilian» - the fourth release from their critically acclaimed «Playing The Angel» album.

Following the smash hits «Precious», «A Pain That I'm Used To» and «Suffer Well», both tracks were written by Martin Gore and produced by Ben Hillier. Two of the many album highlights, «Lilian» is sublime, superior electronica, while «John The Revelator» is pumping goth-gospel.

It will be commercially available on CD, LCD and DVD, featuring exclusive remixes by UNKLE and the stunning new video, which was filmed at their live show in Milan. The full tracklisting is:

«John The Revelator / Lilian» (CD)
«John The Revelator / Lilian» (CD)

Cat. no.: CDBong38

[01] John The Revelator (single version by Ben Hillier) 3:14
[02] Lilian (single version by Steve Fitzmaurice) 3:34

«John The Revelator / Lilian» (LCD)
«John The Revelator / Lilian» (LCD)

Cat. no.: LCDBong38

[01] John The Revelator ('Dave is in the disco' Tiefschwarz remix) 7:49
[02] John The Revelator (Murk mode remix) 7:13
[03] John The Revelator (UNKLE Re-construction) 4:59
[04] John The Revelator (Boosta Club Remix) 4:47
[05] John The Revelator (Tiefschwarz Dub) 8:12

«John The Revelator / Lilian» (DVD)
«John The Revelator / Lilian» (DVD)

Cat. no.: DVDBong38

[01] John The Revelator (live video) 3:45
[02] Nothing's Impossible (Bbare) 4:01
[03] Lilian (Chab Vocal Remix) 9:03

Look for complete format deatails - here.

In other Depeche Mode news: next remastered Collector's Editions of «A Broken Frame», «Construction Time Again» and «Songs Of Faith and Devotion» will see light of a day on July 31th. New Depeche Mode «Live In Milan» DVD will out September 18th, in two formats: Deluxe Version (double DVD with full concert plus DVD with extras) and Standard Version (one DVD just the concert)

Info submitted by Mute Records.

[ 29.04.2006 ] - We recommend: West End Girls

West End Girls
West End Girls

Swedish female electro-pop duo West End Girls will release their third single «Suburbia» on May 17th taken from the forthcoming album «Goes Petshopping».


[01] Surburbia (Orginal Version)
[02] Surburbia (Punkstar 80s Remix)
[03] Surburbia (Extended Version)

Isabelle and Rosanna are only nearly sixteen but they are very talented. We recommend their stuff not for Pet Shop Boys fans only, but for each lover of quality electro-pop music.

Info submitted by official West End Girls web site.

[ 29.04.2006 ] - Client at «Girl Monster»

Client's track «Down To The Underground» features on the upcoming release of German label Chicks on Speed titled «Girl Monster». The compilation will contain 3 discs with 60 songs by almost all good female musicians on the planet like Bjork, Tina Weymouth, Le Tigre, Chicks on Speed, The Slits, Scream Club featuring Peaches and lots more.

Also Client will be playing live at the «Girl Monster» launch party on May 19th in Barcelona alongside Miss Kittin and Ladytron DJ’s

Info submitted by Chicks on Speed Records.

[ 26.04.2006 ] - Hot news from Camouflage


As we were just informed, new Camouflage single is titled «Motif Sky» and will out on July, 28th, 2006 via Synthetic Symphony (SPV). New Camouflage album «Relocated» set to release on August 18th.

«Relocated» produced by Heiko and contains 11 songs. Additional musiciants: Volker Hinkel (guitar), Jörn Heilbutt (guitar), Ingo (guitars) and Jochen Schmalbach (drums).

The band will tour Europe in November/December.

More details - later!

Info submitted by our own sources.

[ 26.04.2006 ] - 50 official live recordings from Depeche Mode

DM at Live Here Now
DM at Live Here Now

Depeche Mode are proud to announce an exciting new collaboration with Live Here Now that will see 50 dates on their current world tour recorded and released as limited edition CD's and digital downloads.

Depeche Mode will play to more than two and a half million people across 31 countries during the Touring The Angel 2005/6 World Tour.

Recording will begin at the legendary Shoreline Amphitheater in California, where the band headline on Thursday, April 27th. After numerous dates across the United States, Depeche Mode return to Europe for a series of stadium shows and festival appearances throughout the summer.

Each concert will be recorded and mixed, giving fans a unique high-quality souvenir that truly captures the energy and atmosphere of the legendary Depeche Mode live experience. The two-disc set is available for a limited time and is packaged with deluxe artwork featuring new and exclusive photographs by Anton Corbijn. Fans can order at the venue on the night or online.

Live Here Now was established in 2004 to produce legal official concert recordings and offers a legitimate alternative to widespread live music piracy. Their clients to date include Moby, Goldfrapp, Mylo, Erasure, Heaven 17 and Throbbing Gristle.

Check out the concerts available at!

Info submitted by official Depeche Mode web site.

[ 26.04.2006 ] - 3 Clan of Xymox albums - under license in Russia!

Clan of Xymox
Clan of Xymox

Russian record label Gravitator Records just released 3 albums of famous goth band Clan of Xymox - recent «Breaking Point» (2006), plus «Hidden Faces» (1997) and «Creatures» (1999) - under licence from Pandaimonium Records. All CDs were out on April 21th for sale in Russia only. «Hidden Faces» and «Creatures» contains special 12 pages booklet with lyrics and exclusive photos!

Info submitted by Gravitator Records.

[ 26.04.2006 ] - A-ha - Russian Tour 2006


We are happy to announce that A-ha will do their Russian Tour in Autemn 2006! Look at already confirmed dates:


29 - Rostov-on-Don - Sport palace
31 - Samara - MTL Arena


02 - Kazan - Ice Palace
04 - Ekaterinburg - Sport Palace
07 - Nizhny Novgorod - Sport Palace
08 - Yaroslavl - Sport Hall
10 - St. Petersburg - Ice Palace
11 - Moscow - SK Olimpiisky

Info submitted by official A-ha web site.

[ 26.04.2006 ] - «Schattenreich Vol. 3» - welcome to dark wave

«Schattenreich Vol. 3»
«Schattenreich Vol. 3»

e-Wave Records (Drakkar Entertainment GmbH) will release on May 19th, 2006 their new complilation «Schattenreich Vol. 3» - in two formats: Double CD and DVD.


Double CD

Disc 1:

[01] Rammstein - Rosenrot (3:45)
[02] Subway To Sally - Sieben (3:22)
[03] Nightwish - Wish I Had An Angel (4:02)
[04] Deathstars - Cyanide (3:51)
[05] Paul van Dyk & Peter Heppner - Wir Sind Wir (3:44)
[06] ASP - Werben (4:28)
[07] Secret Discovery - Mein kleiner Tod (4:52)
[08] Letzte Instanz - Ohne Dich (3:00)
[09] Birthday Massacre - Video Kid (4:34)
[10] New Order - Krafty (3:46)
[11] Hubert Kah - Psycho Radio (3:44)
[12] De/Vision - Breathless (Previously Unreleased) (5:09)
[13] Lacrimosa - Lichtgestalt (5:14)
[14] Eisheilig - Sturm (3:51)
[15] Corvus Corax - Dulcissima (4:59)
[16] Schandmaul - Kein Weg zu weit (4:02)
[17] Negative - Frozen To Loose It All (3:40)
[18] The 69 Eyes - Feel Berlin (4:06)
[19] In Extremo - Liam (3:48)

Disc 2:

[01] Apoptygma Berzerk - Shine On (3:18)
[02] Editors - Munich (3:44)
[03] Lapko - All The Best Girls (3:49)
[04] Deine Lakaien - Secret Hideaway (4:18)
[05] Qntal - Amor Volat (4:22)
[06] Phillip Boa And The Voodooclub - Burn All The Flags (4:07)
[07] Him - And Love Said No (3:41)
[08] Skinny Puppy - Pro-Test (5:27)
[09] XPQ-21 - Dead Body (4:38)
[10] Covenant - 20 Hz (5:05)
[11] Liv Kristine - Fake A Smile (3:37)
[12] Xandria - Now & Forever (3:20)
[13] Within Temptation - Jilian (3:52)
[14] Chemical Brothers - Believe (3:48)
[15] Goldfrapp - Number 1 (3:24)
[16] Joachim Witt - Wo versteckt sich Gott? (3:58)
[17] Regicide - The Hanger-On (3:38)
[18] Oomph! - Gott ist ein Popstar (3:53)
[19] Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus (4:06)


The Clips:

[01] Oomph! - Gott ist ein Popstar
[02] Paul van Dyk & Peter Heppner - Wir sind wir
[03] Chemical Brothers - Believe
[04] New Order - Krafty
[05] Goldfrapp - Number 1
[06] Skinny Puppy - Pro-Test
[07] Phillip Boa And The Voodooclub - Burn All The Flags
[08] Joachim Witt - Wo versteckt sich Gott?
[09] Lacrimosa - Lichtgestalt
[10] Liv Kristine - Fake A Smile
[11] Negative - Frozen To Loose It All
[12] Birthday Massacre - Video Kid
[13] Subway To Sally - Sieben
[14] Nightwish - Wish I Had An Angel
[15] Deathstars - Cyanide
[16] Corvus Corax - Dulcissima
[17] Hubert Kah - Psycho Radio
[18] Editors - Munich
[19] Lapko - All The Best Girls
[20] Within Temptation - Jillian
[21] In Extremo - Liam
[22] Him - And Love Said No


[01] In Extremo - Küss mich (Unplugged Session)
[02] In Extremo - Davert-Tanz (Unplugged Session)
[03] Camouflage - Me and you (Unplugged Session)
[04] Tiamat - Interview Schattenreich TV
[05] Moonspell - Interview Schattenreich TV
[06] Regicide - EPK «Break The Silence»
[07] Letzte Instanz - Ohne Dich (Live Impression)
[08] Das Ich - Bochum Total 2005 (Interview & Live)
[09] ASP - Bochum Total 2005 (Interview & Live)
[10] Faun - Bochum Total 2005 (Interview & Live)
[11] Leaves'Eyes - Bochum Total 2005 (Interview & Live)
[12] Mesh - Bochum Total 2005 (Interview & Live)
[13] Blood, Dead & Sexy - Bochum Total 2005 (Interview & Live)
[14] Draculas Ball Intro - Draculas Ball Bootleg (Interview)
[15] Thou Shalt Not - Draculas Ball Bootleg (Interview)
[16] Voltaire - Draculas Ball Bootleg (Interview)

Info submited by Drakkar Records.

[ 26.04.2006 ] - «Today» - new Junkie XL album


New Junkie XL album «Today» was released on April 18th, 2006 in US (via Ultra Records).


[01] Youthful
[02] Mushroom
[03] Such A Tease
[04] Today
[05] Drift Away
[06] I've Got A Xerox To Copy
[07] Even In This Moment
[08] Yesterdays
[09] Honey
[10] We Become One

Single with the same title was released earlier.

«Today» (single)
«Today» (single)


[01] Today (Junkie XL Extended)
[02] Today (Yonderboi Remix)
[03] Today (Unkle vs Mode Showdown Remix)
[04] Today (Fuzzy Hair Remix)

Info submited by Ultra Records.

[ 26.04.2006 ] - Get ready to «Ultra.Electro»


Ultra Records and David Waxman are proud to announce the newest addition to their family of groundbreaking dance music compilations: «Ultra.Electro». This 2-CD set provides a crash course into the hottest electronic music genre today: electro. «Ultra.Electro» contains 24 of the freshest electro tracks, an innovative sound that is taking the dance world by storm.

Mixed by New York City DJ David Waxman, this exceptional compilation marks Ultra Record’s latest triumph as well as a new chapter in the ever-changing world of dance music. Often imitated and never duplicated, Ultra Records«Ultra.Electro» will be this season’s must have dance collection.


Disc 1

[01] Gorillaz - DARE (Soulwax Remix)
[02] Depeche Mode - A Pain That I'm Used To (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
[03] New Order - Waiting For The Sirens Call (Planet Funk Remix)
[04] Röyksopp - What Else Is There? (Trentemoller Remix)
[05] Ladytron  - Sugar  (Jagz Kooner Mix)
[06] Tiefschwarz feat. Matty Safer - Warning Siren (Buick Project Remix)
[07] Daft Punk - Technologic
[08] Moby - Dream About Me (Sebastian Ingrosso Remix)
[09] The Egg - Walking Away (Tocadisco’s Acid Walk Mix)
[10] Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko (Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Retouch)
[11] Goldfrapp - Ooh La La (Tiefschwarz Remix)
[12] N.E.R.D. - She Wants To Move (DFA Remix)

Disc 2

[01] Daisy Daisy - Michelle Plays Ping Pong
[02] M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade - Body Language
[03] Trick & Kubic feat. Valeska  - Easy
[04] Armand Van Helden - Sugar (Paper Faces Remix)
[05] Laid feat. Yota - Me
[06] Freeform Five - No More Conversations (Mylo Remix)
[07] Tonite Only Danger (The Bomb)
[08] Alter Ego Rocker (Eric Prydz Remix)
[09] Digitalism - Zdarlight
[10] Tom Novy feat. Michael Marshall -  Your Body (Gianluca Motta Remix)
[11] Till West & DJ Delicious - Same Man
[12] Supermode - Tell Me Why

Info submited by Ultra Records.

[ 26.04.2006 ] - Ministry and The Revolting Cocks on MasterBaTouR 2006

MasterBaTouR 2006
MasterBaTouR 2006

Cool news: Ministry and The Revolting Cocks on MasterBaTouR 2006! Look some already confirmed dates:

US/Canada Leg


05 - Houston - Verizon Wireless
06 - San Antonio - Sunset Station
07 - Fort Worth - Ridglea Theatre
08 - New Orleans - House of Blues
10 - Tulsa - Cains Ballroom
11 - Albuquerque - Sunshine Theatre
12 - Denver - Ogden Theatre
13 - Fort Collins - Aggie Theatre
14 - Magna - The Great SaltAir
16 - Las Vegas - House of Blues
17 - Tempe - Marquee Theater
19 - West Hollywood - House of Blues
20 - West Hollywood - House of Blues
21 - San Diego - House of Blues
23 - Anaheim - House of Blues
24 - Sacramento - Crest Theatre
26 - San Francisco - The Fillmore Auditorium
27 - Portland - Roseland Theatre
28 - Seattle - Showbox
30 - Vancouver - Commodore
31 - Vancouver - Commodore


02 - Edmonton - Reds Entertainment
03 - Calgary - MacEwan Hall
05 - Winnipeg - Burton Cummings Theatre
07 - Kitchener - Element
08 - Toronto - Koolhaus
09 - Ottawa - Capital Muisc Hall
10 - Montreal - Le Medley
11 - Quebec - Le Capitole de Quebec
13 - Poughkeepsie - The Chance
14 - New York - BB Kings
16 - Worchester - The Palladium
17 - Atlantic City - House of Blues
18 - Philadelphia - Trocadero
20 - Baltimore - Sonar
21 - Washington - 9:30 Club
23 - Belle Vernon - Ice Garden Arena
24 - Detroit - Harpos
25 - Cleveland - House of Blues
27 - Niagara - The Dome Theatre
28 - Cincinnati - Bogarts
30 - Minneapolis - Quest Club


01 - Chicago - House of Blues
02 - Chicago - House of Blues
03 - Columbus - Newport Music Hall
05 - Omaha - Sokol Auditorium
06 - Sauget - Pops
07 - Atlanta - The Masquerade
08 - Orlando - House of Blues
09 - Ft. Lauderdale - Revolution
11 - Tampa - The Masquerade
12 - North Charleston - Center Stage at The Plex
14 - North Myrtle Beach - House of Blues
15 - Charlotte - Tremont Music Hall
16 - Norfolk - The NorVa Theatre
18 - Birmingham - Sloss Furnace
19 - Little Rock - Clear Channel Metroplex
20 - Austin - La Zona Rosa

European Leg


27 - Spain - Metalways Festival
31 - Paris, France - La Locomotive


02 - London, UK - Forum
04 - Wacken, Germany - Wacken Open Air
05 - Hultsfred, Sweden - Gates of Metal
09 - Vienna, Austria - Planet Music
10 - Budapest, Hungary - Sziget Festival
11 - Czech Republic - Love Planet Festival
12 - Dresden, Germany - Alte Reithalle
13 - Hildesheim, Germany - Mera Luna Festival
15 - Rimini, Italy - Velvet
16 - Munich, Germany - Backstagewerk
17 - Offenbach, Germany - Capitol

Ministry are:

Al Jourgensen (vox, guitar)
Paul Raven (bass)
Tommy Victor (guitar)
Mike Scaccia (guitar)
Joey Jordison (drums)

The Revolting Cocks are:

Al Jourgensen (vox, guitar)
Luc Van Acker (vox)
Phildo Owen (vox)
Josh Bradford (vox)
Anna K (bass)
Seven Antonopoulos (drums)
Sin (guitars)
Clayton Worbeck (keyboards)

Info taken from official Ministry web site.

[ 20.04.2006 ] - Psyche «Imaginary Life» DVD details

«Imaginary Life»
«Imaginary Life»

As we were informed, Psyche will release their «Imaginary Life» DVD on May 6th, 2006 via Endless Records. Look at complete tracklisting:

[01] The Crawler
[02] Cheated
[03] Screaming Fire
[04] The Brain Collapses
[05] Maggots
[06] I'm A Gentleman
[07] Unveiling The Secret
[08] Uncivilized
[09] Eternal
[10] Misery
[11] Twilight
[12] Angel Lies Sleeping
[13] Prisoner To Desire
[14] Love Is A Winter
[15] Tears
[16] Murder In Your Love
[17] Unbreakable
[18] Sanctuary
[19] Looking Glass
[20] The Beyond
[21] Goodbye Horses

+ Bonus features:

- Videos for «Ghost» (Live at Berlin Metropol 1991) and «Krieg» (Offbeat TV Edmonton 1983)
- Hidden track
- Audio commentary

DVD Stereo - Region «0» Region Free - PAL

Length Approx. 100 min.

Info submited by official Psyche web site.

[ 20.04.2006 ] - Oomph!: second single and tour

«Das Letzte Streichholz»
«Das Letzte Streichholz»

On May 5th, 2006 Germans Oomph! will release their second new single «Das Letzte Streichholz». Look at tracklisting:

[01] Das letzte Streichholz
[02] Mein Schatz
[03] Der Präsident ist tot - Original Werk: «Der Präsident ist tot - Main Title»
[04] Die Hölle kann warten
[05] Das letzte Streichholz (SITD Remix)

Also Oomph! announced dates of their tour:

18.05.2006 - Braunschweig, Germany - Jolly Joker
19.05.2006 - Erfurt, Germany - Thüringenhalle
21.05.2006 - Hamburg, Germany - Docks
23.05.2006 - Berlin, Germany - Columbiahalle
26.05.2006 - Leipzig, Germany - Haus Auensee
27.05.2006 - Cologne, Germany - Live Music Hall
29.05.2006 - München, Germany - Zenith
30.05.2006 - Neu-Isenburg, Germany - Hugenottenhalle
31.05.2006 - Stuttgart, Germany - LKA Longhorn
02.06.2006 - Zürich, Switzerland - Volkshaus
09.06.2006 - Estonia - Rabarock Festival
17.06.2006 - Nickelsdorf, Austria - Nova Rock Festival
07.07.2006 - Turku, Finland - Ruisrock Festival
14.07.2006 - Dour, Belgium - Dour Music Festival

Order your ticket online and via phone: 0180 - 500 42 22 (0,12 euro / min.)

Info submited by official Oomph! web site.

[ 20.04.2006 ] - New CD/DVD EP from Ladytron

«Extended Play»
«Extended Play»

Ladytron have just released a new «Extended Play» CD/DVD EP in North America, featuring new exclusive mixes, UK B-sides and a DVD featuring the «Destroy...» and «Sugar» clips, plus the «Once upon a time in the East: Ladytron in China» film.



[01] High Rise (Club Mix) 6:09
[02] Nothing to Hide 3:51
[03] Weekend (James Iha Mix) 4:02
[04] Sugar [Jagz Kooner Mix) 5:25
[05] Citadel 3:54
[06] Destory Everything You Touch (Catholic Version) 4:45
[07] Tender Talons 3:31
[08] Last One Standing (Shipps & Tait Mix) 3:47


[01] Destroy Everything You Touch
[02] Sugar
[03] Once Upon a Time in the East: Ladytron in China

Info submited by official Ladytron web site.

[ 20.04.2006 ] - «Military Fashion Show» - new And One single!

«Military Fashion Show»
«Military Fashion Show»

New And One single «Military Fashion Show» will out May 19th, 2006 via their new European label Out Of Line. The title track is an infernal mix of stomping EBM beats, weirdly beautiful synthesizer hooks and highly memorable melodies - addictive Body-Pop at its best! «Military Fashion Show» contains all the ingredients of a typical And One anthem and yet manages to sound fresh, dirty and new at the same time. The two other new tracks on the single do not fail to amaze either: «Beauty Clown» is one of those strange and provocative German electro pop songs with which Steve Naghavi always manages to take the crowds by storm. After that, «Computerstar» revs up the blistering beats to embark on a synthetic transfer from neuro transmitters to computer to dancefloor.


[01] Military Fashion Show
[02] Beauty Clown
[03] Computer Star
[04] Military Fashion Show (Naghavi's Re-Something)
[05] Reklame «So Klingt Liebe»

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 12.04.2006 ] - Project Pitchfork at 2nd Orkus Club Tour Festival

As we were informed, Project Pitchfork will headline the 2nd Orkus Club Tour Festival. Unheilig will also be a part of the tour as well as two further bands to be anounced. The dates are as follows:


29 - Hannover - Capitol
30 - Magdeburg - Factory


01 - Düsseldorf - Stahlwerk
02 - Erfurt - Centrum
03 - Nürnberg - Hirsch
05 - Stuttgart - Universum
06 - Dresden - Reithalle
07 - Chemnitz - Südbahnhof
08 - Berlin - Postbahnhof

The tickets are already on sale at and by phone at: 01805-997060.

Info submited by Project Management.

[ 12.04.2006 ] - Fans wanted for Depeche Mode official retrospective documentary

Recently we received a post from Brown Owl Films and Mute:


Brown Owl Films have been commissioned by Depeche Mode and Mute Records to produce a documentary film tracing the history of Depeche Mode as told by the followers of the band.

We would like to make contact with fans and admirers of Depeche Mode to tell us about their lives and what the band and their music means to them.

We would also like to hear from anybody who has any personal stories, anecdotes, photographs, personal artwork, scrapbooks, writing, diaries, film or video footage and memorabilia.

If you would like to share your experience of being a follower of the group and would like to be a part of this unique project, please get in touch with people at Brown Owl Films by sending them an email at

Info submited by Mute Records.

[ 12.04.2006 ] - Double Box Set from De/Vision

On April 28th, 2006 Drakkar Records will release Double Box Set collection from De/Vision. This special price Set includes the albums «Two» and «Devolution».


Disc 1 - «Two»

[01] All I Ever Do
[02] Silent Moan
[03] Drowning Soul
[04] Heroine
[05] Blindness
[06] Heart-Shaped Tumour
[07] State Of Mind
[08] Escape The World
[09] Uncaring Machine
[10] Lonely Day

Disc 2 - «Devolution»

[01] Sadness
[02] When the Word Disapppeared
[03] Miss You More
[04] Drifting Sideways
[05] A New Dawn
[06] Far Too Deep
[07] Digital Dream
[08] You Say ...
[09] Mary Jane
[10] The Day's Not Done

Info submited by Drakkar Records.

[ 12.04.2006 ] - De/Vision started their Subkutan Tour

On April, 7th at Bunker club (Dresden, Germany) our favorites De/Vision started their Subkutan Tour. Look at show set-list:

[01] Intro/E-Shock
[02] Subtronic
[03] Obey Your Heart
[04] I'm Not Enough
[05] New Drug
[06] Digital Dream
[07] Not Made Of Gold
[08] Star-Crossed Lovers
[09] Breathless
[10] Try To Forget
[11] In Dir
[12] Endlose Träume
[13] My Own Worst Enemy
[14] Your Hands On My Skin
[15] No Tomorrow
[16] Aimee
[17] I Regret
[18] The End
[19] Still unknown

Encore 1

[20] E-Shock
[21] Deliver Me
[22] The Days Not Done

Encore 2

[23] Addict
[24] Beside You

Info taken from our own sources.

[ 12.04.2006 ] - Limited Vinyl from Depeche Mode

«Darkest Star»
«Darkest Star»

On April 24th, 2006 Depeche Mode will release «Darkest Star» as Limited 12" Vinyl only - via Mute. It gets an amazing reworking courtsey of innovative producer and Border Community mainman, James Holden. These two remixes deliver interpretations that are darker and more intense than the album track.


[01] The Darkest Star (Holden Remix)
[02] The Darkest Star (Holden Dub)

Info submited by Mute Records.

[ 12.04.2006 ] - Madonna announced Confessions Tour


Madonna will be dancing and singing across the stages of the world this Spring and Summer. The Confessions Tour with concerts across major US cities, Canada, Europe and Japan will begin in Los Angeles on May 21st.

The Confessions Tour will be directed by longtime Madonna collaborator Jamie King with Stuart Price once again on board as Musical Director. Arianne Phillips and Jean Paul Gaultier, long standing members of Madonna's creative team, will respectively oversee and design costumes for the tour.

The mega star, whose current CD «Confessions On A Dance Floor» debuted at No.1 in 29 countries, has already begun rehearsals in Los Angeles with her talented troupe of musicians and dancers. With a staggering 35 No. 1 hits on Billboard's dance charts during the course of her unparalleled career, it's no surprise that Madonna issued the following mission statement regarding the Confessions Tour: «I'm going to turn the world into one big dance floor,» exhorted the Material Girl.

The multi-Grammy Award winning artist, songwriter, children's book author, producer and video visionary with an unrivaled reputation for astonishing stage spectacles, has made musical history many times over including International record sales of over 200 million albums.

A cultural innovator of astonishing diversity and enduring appeal, Madonna has defined our era with a sound, style and vision that has inspired countless artists and millions of fans around the globe. In the process, she has pioneered a new model of creative empowerment, overseeing a multi-faceted career that encompasses virtually every aspect of contemporary culture.



Already confirmed dates:

North America


21 - Los Angeles, USA - Forum
27 - Las Vegas, USA - MGM Grand Garden Arena
30 - San Jose, USA - HP Pavilion


05 - Fresno, USA - Save Mart Center
08 - Phoenix, USA - Glendale Arena
14 - Chicago, USA - United Center
21 - Montreal, Canada - Bell Centre
25 - Hartford, USA - Civic Centre
28 - New York, USA - Madison Square Garden
29 - New York, USA - Madison Square Garden


06 - Boston, USA - TD Bank Garden
12 - Philadelphia, USA - Wachovia Center
16 - Atlantic City, USA - Boardwalk Hall
22 - Miami, USA - AmericanAirlines Arena



30 - Cardiff, UK - Millennium Stadium


01 - London, UK - Wembley Arena
03 - London, UK - Wembley Arena
06 - Rome, Italy - Olympic Stadium
20 - Dusseldorf, Germany - LTU Arena
22 - Hannover, Germany - Niedersachsen
24 - Horsens, Denmark - Forum Horsens Outdoor
27 - Paris, France - Bercy Stadium
28 - Paris, France - Bercy Stadium


03 - Amsterdam, Holland - Arena

Additional dates - forthcoming!

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[ 12.04.2006 ] - Re-issues of early Icon Of Coil releases

When talking about future pop and melodic EBM, it is impossible to ignore Norway's Icon Of Coil - a band usually mentioned in the same breath as VNV Nation and Apoptygma Berzerk. Unfortunately, the first releases of the group based around Andy LaPlegua (Combichrist/Panzer AG) and Sebastian Komor (Monofader/Moonitor/Zombie Girl) long ago turned into hard-to-find and deleted rarities and have been out of print for many years. Now finally May 5th, 2006 sees the Out Of Line label releasing a complete anthology of Icon of Coil's early years on three seperate compact discs : «I» will contain the debut single «Shallow Nation» and the first full-length album «Serenity Is The Devil». «II» encompasses the two first EPs - «One Nation Under Beat» and the «Seren E.P.», while «III» features the second album «The Soul is in the Software» and the «Access and Amplify» EP. Finally all of the bands storming club anthems from the Tatra years, such as «Regret», «Disconnect», «Floorkiller» and «Shallow Nation» (the single that turned Icon of Coil into one of the most popular acts in the scene virtually over night), are available again on CD. Icon of Coil combine the synthetic melodies of electro pop, the aggressive beats of EBM and the club-compatibility of techno like no other act in the underground scene. «I», «II» and «III» are timeless and essential collections.



(«Serenity Is The Devil»/«Shallow Nation»)

[01] Activate
[02] Regret
[03] Shallow Nation
[04] Down On Me
[05] Former Self
[06] Everlasting
[07] Situations Like These
[08] Fiction
[09] You Just Died
[10] Floorkiller
[11] Shallow Nation (Original Version)
[12] Shallow Nation (Club Mix)
[13] Floorkiller
[14] Shallow Nation (Radio Edit)


(«Seren EP»/«One Nation Under Beat»)

[01] Situations Like These (Single Version)
[02] Come Alive
[03] Situations Like These (Moonitor Remix)
[04] Everlasting (Psyche Remix)
[05] Situations Like These (Album Version)
[06] Situations Like These (Edit)
[07] Former Self (v.1.0)
[08] Brighter Day (v.1.0)
[09] We Need (Club Mix)
[10] Repeat It (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix)
[11] Confront (Floorkiller Remix by Epa)
[12] We Need (Water Remix by Sector9)
[13] Former Self (Radio Edit)
[14] Untitled Track


(«The Soul Is In The Software»/«Access And Amplify»)

[01] Comment
[02] Thrillcapsule
[03] Violations
[04] In Absence
[05] Access and Amplify
[06] Everything Is Real?
[07] Other Half of Me
[08] Love As Blood
[09] Disconnect
[10] Simulated
[11] Access and Amplify
[12] The Soul is in the B-Side
[13] Access and Amplify (Club Mix)
[14] Access and Amplify (Hudlager Remix)
[15] Access and Amplify (Edit)

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[ 12.04.2006 ] - «Exile Paradise» - new ISC album

«Exile Paradise» (CD)
«Exile Paradise» (CD)

In Strict Confidence are back with surely one of the most hotly anticipated darkwave/electro releases of year 2006. Their new masterpiece «Exile Paradise» (out May 12th, 2006 via Minuswelt) continues the steady evolution and unstoppable momentum of one of the dark underground scenes most potent and talented bands. Delivering 12 brand new tracks of ultimate, spine-tingling melodic darkwave, «Exile Paradise» features tracks culled from hypnotic «Where Sun And Moon Unite» EP («Promised Land» and «Wintermoon») together with 10 new songs of typically infectious ISC brilliance - where bombastic driving sequencers and darkly melodic, lush synth backdrops blend with the anguished vocals of frontman Dennis Ostermann to exceptional effect. «Exile Paradise» delivers an unmissable and essential next-chapter from one of the most popular and talented acts in the electro /darkwave scene.

Please note that this album will out in 3 versions: CD, Limited Double CD and Limited 3CD Box. Limited 3CD Box comes presented in a Deluxe DVD Digipak and includes the regular album, an exclusive «metallized» bonus disc featuring the three tracks «Samael», «A Single Touch» and «Blind Spot» plus a very special ISC CD-ROM featuring the Videoclip for «Forbidden Fruit», Remix Kits, an instrumental song, exclusive Desktop Wallpapers and a Link Section. This version also comes complete with an exclusive In Strict Confidence postcard set and stickers. Double CD Version comes presented with special rounded corners (similar to the «Where Sun And Moon Unite» EP) together with special silver-print and exclusive «metallized» bonus disc. Standart CD Version contains a 24 page booklet.


Disc 1:

[01] The Harder They Come...
[02] Promised Land
[03] Forbidden Fruit
[04] Fading Light
[05] Wintermoon
[06] Manchmal Redest Du Im Schlaf
[07] Regicide
[08] Der Teufel
[09] Away From Here
[10] In Favilla
[11] Something To Remember
[12] ...The Harder They Fall

«Exile Paradise» (2CD)
«Exile Paradise» (2CD)

Disc 2: (Limited 2CD or 3CD Box Set only)

[01] Samael
[02] A Single Touch
[03] Blind Spot

«Exile Paradise» (3CD)
«Exile Paradise» (3CD)

Disc 3: (CD-ROM) (Limited 3CD Box Set only)

[01] Videoclip for «Forbidden Fruit»
[02] Remix Kits for «Promised Land» & «Forbidden Fruit»
[03] Instrumental Song «Miss Your Voice»
[04] Different Desktop Wallpapers
[05] Link Section

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[ 12.04.2006 ] - Fourth single from Goldfrapp

The fourth single to be taken from Goldfrapp platinum «Supernature» album, «Fly Me Away» is set to release on May 1st. «Fly Me Away» also comes accompanied by the band's most interesting video concept yet, with the part of Alison being played by a specially made animated doll. The video is directed by Chris Hopewell (he worked with Franz Ferdinand, Killers and Mylo).


«Fly Me Away» (CD)
«Fly Me Away» (CD)

Cat. no.: CDMUTE361

[01] Fly Me Away (Single Version)
[02] Satin Chic (Bombay Mix by The Shortwave Set)

«Fly Me Away» (LCD)
«Fly Me Away» (LCD)

Cat. no.: LCDMUTE361

[01] Fly Me Away (C2 rmx 4)
[02] Fly Me Away (Ladytron Remix)
[03] You Never Know (Múm Remix)

«Fly Me Away» (DVD)
«Fly Me Away» (DVD)

Cat. no.: DVDMUTE361

[01] Visuals: Fly Me Away: Inflight Movies (Paris - New York - London) Directed by Hannah Holland
[02] Ride A White Horse (Video) Directed by Diane Martel
[03] Audio: Time Out From The World (Fields Remix)

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[ 12.04.2006 ] - Motor are releasing debut album


On April 24th, 2006 electronic project Motor will release debut album «Klunk». It will available as CD and LP.


Cat. no.: NOMU170CD

[01] Black Powder
[02] Yak
[03] Stuka Stunt
[04] Killer
[05] Botox
[06] MDXT-A
[07] 1 x 1
[08] Sweatbox
[09] King of USA
[10] Spazm
[11] Din 13
[12] En Trans

LP (double vinyl)
Cat. no.: NOMU170LP

[01] Killer
[02] Botox
[03] MDXT-A
[04] 1 x 1
[05] King of USA
[06] Spazm
[07] Din 13
[08] En Trans

Prior album they released 12" «Black Powder / Punkture».

«Black Powder / Punkture»
«Black Powder / Punkture»


Cat. no.: 12NOMU168

[01] Black Powder
[02] Punkture

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