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Latest News
Latest News - April 2003

Last updated 27.04.03

[ 27.04.2003 ] - «Aggressor» - finally on July 28th?

Steve at Ultra Dark Festival
Steve at Ultra Dark Festival

As Steve Naghavi told our German friend after his last performance at Ultra Dark Festival, «Aggressor» release date is finally «set in stone» as July 28th. He also mentioned that And One in October will start Aggressor Tour!

Info from our own sources.

[ 27.04.2003 ] - «Dirty Sticky Floors» video - web premier in Russia!

Dave Gahan in first solo video
Dave Gahan in first solo video

«Dirty Sticky Floors» Video filmed on March 19th at El Matador State Beach in Malibu will be premiered soon on Gala Records web site (licensee of Mute in Russia). At the moment you can see there snippet of recent M.L.Gore's video, «Stardust».

Info submitted by Gala Records web site.

[ 27.04.2003 ] - Bonus DVD for «Paper Monsters» ltd edition!

Dave Gahan
Dave Gahan

As were announced recently, limited edition version of «Paper Monsters» cd will have bonus DVD! Just look at it's cool contents:

[01] A Short Film («Paper Monsters» EPK) 9:10
[02] «Dirty Sticky Floors» Video (Single Video) 3:23
[03] Exclusive B-roll footage from Videoshoot («Making Of») 5:00
[04] «Hold On» (exclusive New York acoustic performance) 5:00
[05] «A Little Piece» (exclusive New York acoustic performance) 5:00
[06] Exclusive B-roll footage from the New York performance 5:03
[07] Photo gallery

Info taken from MUTE Germany info service.

[ 27.04.2003 ] - Camouflage - Sensor Tour 2003: German dates

You can see below German dates for the upcoming Camouflage - Sensor Tour 2003. Ticket sales will begin in a few days.

17.09 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle
18.09 - Berlin, Germany - Columbia Fritz
19.09 - Dresden, Germany - Alter Schlachthof
20.09 - Magdeburg, Germany - Factory
21.09 - Bielefeld, Germany - PC69
23.09 - Cologne, Germany - Live Music Hall
24.09 - Stuttgart, Germany - Longhorn
25.09 - Munchen, Germany - Backstage
26.09 - Erfurt, Germany - Spot
27.09 - Leipzig, Germany - Werk II
28.09 - Rostock, Germany - MAU Club

Info taken from PROJECT Management web site.

[ 27.04.2003 ] - «Dave Gahan Special» on MTV Europe

On June 2nd, MTV Europe will air one hour «Dave Gahan Special» regarding «Paper Monsters» release. It will include shots of interview from press conference done in Hamburg on April 2-3th.

Information taken from MTV info service.

[ 23.04.2003 ] - Tickets for Moscow Dave Gahan's concert already on sale!

Tickets for Moscow concert of Dave Gahan and Massive Attack are on sale from yesterday. SAV Entertainment (show promoters) said that all of you able to buy these tickets in many places around Moscow and via web site You can order tickets by phone: +7 (095) 924 7134, 925 0422.

Ticket prices - detailed info here.

Information was submitted by SAV Entertainment.

[ 19.04.2003 ] - Press-conference regarding concert of Dave Gahan and Massive Attack

Press-conference regarding joint concert of Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan and Massive Attack took place in «Tinkoff» restaurant on April 17th. Spokesmen were Nadezhda Solovyova (SAV), Konstantin Korobov («Tinkoff»), Marya Yezhukova (Gala Records), Richard Turner (GB embassy), Vladimir Zubizky («Russian Show Centre») and Gaya Arutyunyan («Deti Picasso» band). They talks about concept of music-beer show titled «Music Premium», which was idea of brewing company «Tinkoff» and promoter SAV Entertainment. Festival of «quality music for smarties», as it was described by organizers, will be at Moscow SK «Olimpiysky» on June 18.

Support bands for Britain stars will be bands from Russia («Deti Picasso» band) and Belorussia («Runy»). Possibly there will be one more Russian band.

After their support show Dave Gahan will perform as first headliner. His set will include songs from his debut solo album «Paper Monsters» and several Depeche Mode hits, it will lasts 1 hr 15 mins. The same time will last show of second headliner - Massive Attack. They wanna do a great visual performance on two big screens.

Festival will be non stop, without any breaks. Information sponsor of the event will be radio ULTRA. At the end of press conference was shown video for Dave Gahan's «Dirty Sticky Floors», and played promo single.

Information was taken from various sources.

[ 19.04.2003 ] - David Gahan and Robert Smith on new JXL album!

Famous modern electronic artist Junkie XL (aka JXL) announced the inclusion of Dave Gahan and Robert Smith as collaborators on his forthcoming album «Radio JXL - A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin». Dave has done vocals for the song «Reload», Robert - for the song «Perfect Blue Sky».

The album will see a worldwide release on June 2nd. The album will be an incredible two hour broadcast, with the radio as a central theme. One disc will be called «3pm» and represents daytime radio and dance music merged with pop music. The other disc, called «3am», reflects nighttime radio and is similar to what a DJ might do. It is very dance-orientated, it starts slowly and dubby, and builds up over 70 minutes to steaming techno.



[01] Intro 3PM
[02] Crusher (feat. Saffron)
[03] Sleepy Policemen (feat. Peter Tosh)
[04] Spirits (feat. Saffron)
[05] Angels (feat. Gary Numan)
[06] Between These Walls (feat. Anouk)
[07] Access To The Excess (feat. Chuck D.)
[08] Catch Up To My Step (feat. Solomon Burke)
[09] Never Alone (feat. Terry Hall)
[10] Logos (feat. Phill Mills)
[11] Configuring Audio System
[12] Nightmares (feat. Infusion)
[13] Beauty Never Fades (feat. Saffron)
[14] Rivers (feat. Shelley Harland)
[15] Aqua Man (feat. Infusion)
[16] Clouds (feat. Grant Nicholas)
[17] JXL Radio Technical Support
[18] Reload (feat. Dave Gahan)
[19] Perfect Blue Sky (feat. Robert Smith)
[20] Tennis *

* exclusive to the UK/Japan edition


[01] Intro 3AM
[02] Chilled
[03] Dubzilla
[04] Casio
[05] Angels (12" Cut)
[06] Breezer (feat. Sasha)
[07] Nudge (We're Gonna Rock Now)
[08] Red
[09] Beauty Never Fades (12" Cut)
[10] Cosmic Cure
[11] Rehsurc

Info taken from official Junkie XL web site.

[ 19.04.2003 ] - Re-release of «Moerderwerk»

On May 5th Melotron debut album «Moerderwerk» will be re-released. The album has not been available for more than two years. The new version has been digitally mastered and contains some different versions and b-sides from 1999. The disc will be designed in a new artwork. «Moerderwerk» will be released through the new label Plattenkombinat and distributed by Soulfood/Sony Music.

Info taken from official Melotron web site.

[ 16.04.2003 ] - New version of «American Life» video


A newly created performance-only video for Madonna's «American Life» see its world premiere today (April 16th) at 10:30 pm ET/PT on VH1. The clip will air following the cable channel's special «Madonna Speaks», in which the artist discusses fame and the state of the world with actress Megan Mullally (NBC's «Will & Grace») and, in a separate interview, the decision to pull the original «American Life» video.

As previously reported, earlier this month Madonna canceled the release of the anti-war imagery-laden «American Life» clip to video outlets. She said in a statement that she did not want to risk offending anyone and did not want the video to be misinterpreted.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 16.04.2003 ] - MESH in Moscow!


Russian Synth-Pop Community presents exclusive first ever Russian concert of European synth-pop stars Mesh. Show will happened on May 31th, 2003 in Moscow club «Roxy».

Support bands are Russian Modul and Inner Conflict.
Doors open at 7 pm, show starts at 9 pm.

Ticket price: pre-order 600 rubles (20 USD), 650 rubles (22 USD) at doors. Order your ticket here.

After show party titled «Synthpop vs. Gothic» will be all the night till 6 am, on two dancefloors, with special decoration and and video projections.

Club address: metro «Krasnye Vorota» or «Baumanskaya», ul. St. Basmannaya 20/13. Phone +7 (095) 261 6174, 261 4764.

Info submitted by

[ 14.04.2003 ] - Red Flag frontman passed away...

Mark Reynolds passed away...
Mark Reynolds passed away...

With deep sadness Side-Line announced the death of Mark Reynolds, lead singer of the duo Red Flag and owner of Plan B Records. Mark passed away on Monday, April 7th 2003. The news was brought by Sandi Reynolds, Mark's wife.

Info taken from Side-Line magazine.

[ 14.04.2003 ] - New double CD from Project Pitchfork!

«Collector - Fireworks & Colorchange»
«Collector - Fireworks & Colorchange»

On June 2nd, 2003 a new double CD from Project Pitchfork will be released. The double CD will be a further publication of the «collector» series, entitled «Collector - Fireworks & Colorchange». It features tracks taken from the singles, which are no longer available on Warner Music, to make these tracks available again. There are 30 tracks, about 130 minutes of playtime. Among the tracks are songs like «Sin», «Teardrop», «Life Command» and there are remixes as well from Front 242, Apoptygma Berzerk, Covenant, VNV Nation, And One, Phillip Boa, Gary Numan and more.

Info taken from official Project Pitchfork web site.

[ 11.04.2003 ] - Rammstein remixed Marilyn Manson

Recently officially confirmed that Paul Landers and Christoph Schneider have contributed a remix to the upcoming Marilyn Manson's single «Mobscene». The name of the track will be «Sauerkraut Remix». Release date set to April 28th.

Info taken from official Rammstein web site.

[ 11.04.2003 ] - «Dirty Sticky Floor» tracklisting

The tracklisting for the «Dirty Sticky Floor» CD single has beeen officially confirmed:

[01] Dirty Sticky Floors
[02] Stand Up
[03] Maybe

Check soon here for further updates.

Info taken from HALO fan site.

[ 09.04.2003 ] - Steve Naghavi remixed Oomph's new single

As we were informed, Steve Naghavi doing remix for Oomph's new single «Delivered», set to release on May 12th. Further details - later.

Info taken from our own sources.

[ 09.04.2003 ] - Madonna is preparing to promote her new album


Madonna is preparing to promote her new Maverick/Warner Bros. album, «American Life», due April 22th in North America and a day earlier internationally. On April 22th, singer will perform her new songs live for the first time in a one-hour MTV special, «Madonna on Stage & on the Record». The show will be taped at the network's Times Square studios in New York, and will air on MTV at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Madonna will also take live questions from the audience. Contest winners from Infinity Broadcasting-owned radio stations around the country will be invited to attend the show (Infinity and MTV are both owned by Viacom.)

Also on April 22th, Madonna will be featured on NBC's «Today» and «Dateline», and she is set to perform on CBS' «Late Show With David Letterman». The artist also will also appear on ABC morning talk show «Live With Regis and Kelly» on April 23th, and will, as previously reported, make a highly publicized guest appearance on NBC sitcom «Will & Grace» in an episode airing April 24th.

In related news, on April 8th MTV web site premieres a new online initiative called «The Leak», in which fans can preview full-length tracks from an upcoming album before the album's release. Madonna will be the inaugural artist for «The Leak», as songs from the «American Life» album will be exclusively available on the site through April 22th.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 06.04.2003 ] - Melotron on US Tour soon

Recently Melotron announced dates of their upcoming US Tour - you can see them here. In other news - band plans to release new full length album in Autumn 2003.

Info taken from official Melotron web site.

[ 06.04.2003 ] - «Aggressor» - in June?

As talks sources close to Virgin Germany, new And One album «Aggressor» is finally set to release on June 30th. Oh God, is it real?!!

Info taken from our own sources.

[ 04.04.2003 ] - 3 new CDs and DVD from Nitzer Ebb!

Hot news reaches us from our old EBM favorites Nitzer Ebb. According to Side-Line Magazine, the band will release 3 new compilation CDs in very close future. The first release will be complete collection of NE singles, second - best of NE remixes, 3rd - value set of rarities (which rarities is not yet known). Announced DVD will hold every videoclip the band ever made, and possibly more exclusive stuff. More details - later!

Info taken from Side-Line magazine.

[ 04.04.2003 ] - Hot news from Marc Almond and Soft Cell

As officially announced, Marc Almond is ready to release his so called Russian album titled «Heart On Snow». Album set to release by XIII Bis label for release in Europe somewhere in July-September. Also, Marc and Dave are currently choosing and mixing tracks for forthcoming double live album of Soft Cell to be released on Cooking Vinyl later this year. At the moment the band is selecting the tracks from several recent shows.

Info taken from official Marc Almond web site.

[ 04.04.2003 ] - Alphaville in St. Petersburg!

Forever young, forever drunk ;)
Forever young, forever drunk ;)

German new wave classics Alphaville will do a concert in St. Petersburg, Russia - on April 25th at Ice Palace - during their current Crazy Show Tour. Support band - russian rock band Smyslovye Galuzinazii. Concert will start at 7 pm. Ticket prices: from 300 to 700 rubles (10-22 USD). You can order your ticket at

All Crazy Show Tour dates:

05.04.2003 - Lommel, Belgium - Eurorock Festival
25.04.2003 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Ice Palace
13.05.2003 - Bratislava, Slovakia - open air
17.05.2003 - Kiew, Ukraine - Europe Day
27.06.2003 - Leipzig, Germany - Fanzelten Festival
05.07.2003 - Erfurt, Germany - Boxberg Festival
12.07.2003 - Chemnitz, Germany - Pressefest

Info submitted by Hobbott concert agency.

[ 04.04.2003 ] - VNV Nation will release new single on their own label

Next VNV Nation's single «Honour 2003» will released on June 10th at their own just founded label, Anachron Sounds. It will contain a new re-worked version of «Honour», live versions of «Fearless» and «Legion», a new track called «Second Skin» and a CD ROM trailer for the upcoming double DVD, «Pastperfect».

Info taken from VNV Nation management.

[ 04.04.2003 ] - Toast Hawaii site will be ready soon

Just few words - Toast Hawaii, record label owned to Andrew Fletcher, will launch its web site later this week, not only start page which you already saw.

Info taken from Side-Line magazine.

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