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Exclusive interview with Peter Spilles (Project Pitchfork) (November 2004)

Last updated 28.11.04


Alex: You'll perform your first ever concert in Russia very soon! Could you even imagine to be here?

Peter: No.

Alex: Do you have any expectations from Russia? Or from Russian public? Did you hear anything about your fan base here?

Peter: No, nothing at all.

Peter Spilles


Alex: Definitely Project Pitchfork are the most successful German band at the Dark Wave / Electro scene. Do you feel your popularity in the everyday life?

Peter: No, there are no reactions we could feel or see in everyday life.

Alex: Your videos have a lot of airplay on VIVA2 and MTV...

Peter: If «a lot of airplay» means «more than not at all», then you are right. But if you notice that we first have to enter the German charts to be played, instead of being supported like major-acts who get airplay even before they released a new CD, then you might get a feeling for what is «much» and what is «just what is deserved» without any second more.

Alex: it true that Project Pitchfork finally became commercially successful band in Germany, or it still indie/underground?

Peter: We could discuss for hours what exactly is «commercially successful», but we are kept in the underground if we want it or not. So, we mostly care about your next theme...

Project Pitchfork


Alex: People like to stick labels to music they listen: Synthpop, Futurepop, EBM, etc. In the same time, I guess, most of bands don't like definitive terms talking about their music. But anyway: how you can describe your music style, basically?

Peter: Music with electronic instruments supported through voice, drums and guitar.

Alex: Someone in past described you as the link between Gothic and EBM. Is correct still?

Peter: Was it correct back then? I don't know... but there has to be a missing link... is it us? Who cares?

Alex: I think that your music contains a lot of philosophical aspects. Is it true?

Peter: Well, you decide. As with live you decide anyways what is true for you and what not.

Alex: How does philosophy affect your daily life?

Peter: The «love for knowledge» is a human tendency. It affects any life, philosophical («loved») or not.

Alex: Could you describe song writing process of PP? Does someone come up with a general idea and the rest of band just add something to it, or what?

Peter: Me, Peter, and Jürgen are the main songwriters in this moment. We create songs and then we meet and work together on them.

Alex: It's clearly that your lyrics are changing from album to album. Is it evolutionating with your band?

Peter: I hope so.

Alex: Your fans are amazing by huge diversity not only between your albums, but also within each album. Where are you find so much inspiration?

Peter: Look into the world... isn't this inspiring?

Project Pitchfork


Alex: Your last album «Inferno» was followed by two EPs, «View From A Throne» and «Trialog». You called these 3 CD as NUN Trilogy. What you mean by this trilogy?

Peter: We meant to make music with a strong message.

Alex: Why you don't simply released it as double CD?

Peter: Well, I often asked myself too, why are «icons» painted on three or two pages instead of one. [smile]

Alex: Which was central idea of «Inferno»?

Peter: You (with all aspects of not knowing you)

Alex: There are 14 tracks on «Inferno» album and more than 10 new songs distributed on the two EPs. Do you always so productive during recording sessions?

Peter: Yes.

Alex: How many songs you ordinary wrote prior recording session? How much of them could be founded on your albums later?

Peter: All, because we trained ourselves not to compose «shit» we have to throw away.

Alex: Do you satisfied by your recent release?

Peter: Yes, otherwise we wouldn't have released it!

Peter Spilles


Alex: I heard that you do not rehearse before your gigs? Is it true?

Peter: Yes. we are professionals [smile]

Alex: What do you prefer: to be in studio on stage? Tour: stress or fun for you?

Peter: I like both, otherwise I would do the wrong thing for me. A tour is always fun.

Alex: Do you specially prepare your songs, to playing them live?

Peter: Sometimes we do little changes within older songs. «Live» sounds automatically harder than on CD.

Alex: You are already tour a lot around the Europe and world. In which country, apart from Germany, do you like to play?

Peter: Everywhere, because the scene isn't much different from country to country.

Alex: Your stage on your last German Tour was very huge: impressive decorations, wide screens and bright lights. What we'll see at your Moscow show? Any surprises for our public?

Peter: If we would tell them, would they still be surprises? To be frank, the costs of the travel are hardly covered, so..... stage will be pure [smile]

Project Pitchfork


Alex: Are you interested in politics? And its mirrored in your songs? Or you don't care about it?

Peter: In a democracy you can't allow yourself not to care. But the influence in our songs is minor.

Alex: Can it be said that something changed in your mind after September 11th?

Peter: No, it can't be said, because that would mean on the other hand, we were sleeping before September 11th.

Alex: What's your favorite place on Earth? To live, to work, to rest?

Peter: Earth itself is my personal favorite within our solar system... and I'm happy with my spaceship called «body»... I am free to live, to work, to rest wherever I want.

Peter Spilles


Alex: How much time do you spend at computer?

Peter: Sometimes too much, but it is for art, so.

Alex: And in the Net? Do you like surfing?

Peter: Sometimes.

Alex: Do you like to play games?

Peter: Don't we humans do this all the time without really noticing?

Alex: Is it really possible to catch you at PP forum?

Peter: As no one throws us, not really... but there is a chance to meet us [smile]

Alex: What's your opinion about MP3s? Do you afraid music piracy?

Peter: MP3s are a tool of the multi industrial culture machine called major label and therefore to be used with caution. Because nothing from that direction is invented for «you», «you» are a tool for earning faster money with less influence by original artists. Aren't you afraid of this? Music piracy makes us look bigger than we already are...

Alex: In the past you're placed some live tracks for free download from your web site. Will continue this nice tradition?

Peter: Perhaps, ...we'll decide from time to time.

Peter Spilles


Alex: Are any of you involved in any side projects?

Peter: Not in this moment. But Dirk and Carsten are involved in several projects.

Alex: Have you ever used drugs, alcohol or other kind of doping in any way to influence your music, to enrich your creativeness?

Peter: I tried that out back in time to find is it a lie... drugs kill true creativeness.

Alex: Your favorite way of relaxing?

Peter: Having sex, listening to music, sleeping.

Alex: What music is much close to your heart? Your favorites? Your favorite PP album and songs?

Peter: As an musician you can hear what music is made with a heart... and that's what I like.

Peter Spilles


Alex: How about your future plans? When we will grab our hands on your next release? If it not so big secret tell something about it.

Peter: We are actually working on new material for you. If it is not stopped we will release new stuff early next year (2005).

Alex: What do you want to say or wish your Russian fans?

Peter: «hi, are you there? I'm asking because I don't know yet [smile] See you soon.»

Alex: Thank you, Peter, for interview!

Peter: Thank you!

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