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Exclusive interview with Bon Harris / Nitzer Ebb (May 2006)

Last updated 14.05.06

Nitzer Ebb


Alex: Have you heard anything about your popularity among Russian EBM/industrial fans?

Bon: We played Russia once before, in the early 90's. It was great, even back then when our stuff was hard to find. I'm sure it must be fantastic now.

Alex: You were the pioneers of EBM... what pushed you to start a band and to invent your own style? What inspired you in your early years?

Bon: We came from a small town. Not much going on, so we created our own excitement. It was also a fairly boring place, so a desire to do something different was very strong. Good music, looking good and alcahol inspired us in those early days.

Nitzer Ebb


Alex: Do you have any plans to record new Nitzer Ebb material? Please, tell us some words about upcoming Best album «Body Of Work 1984-1997».

Bon: The «Body Of Work» album is a collection of notable Ebb tracks that spans our entire musical output. The «highlights» so to speak. There are no plans as yet to record a new Ebb record. I think we'll see how it feels on the road again supporting the «Body Of Work» record, but we are keeping an open mind about the future.

Alex: What NE track/album do you like most of all?

Bon: Depends on what day it is/ mood I'm in etc. The «Hearts and Minds» mixes that we did with Flood are great. «Control» is good, «Lightning Man» was very different, I really like «One Man's Burden», but really they all have their own thing.

Alex: What do you think about modern electronic music scene?

Bon: Some of it is good. Occasionally a band will come up that grabs my attention. For the most part though I feel it has come down to too much of a formula. A lot of it is very predictable, and it feels that not that much has changed over the years. Access to the technology is far easier now, and a lot of people are doing it. So I think you have to try harder to stand out.

Alex: Your favorite artists/bands?

Bon: So many, a few that spring to mind: DAF, Bowie, Neubauten, Killing Joke, Young Gods, Duke Ellington, Siouxsie, Depeche Mode, Chet Baker, Stravinsky, Bartok, Debussy, Satie, Fats Domino, Nick Cave, DJ Shadow, Abba, The Carpenters, Henry Mancini, Richard D James, Devo, Kas Product, Johnny Cash, Lyle Spud Murphy, John Barry, Angelo Badalamenti, Jerry Goldsmith, Outkast, Soft Cell.



Alex: What do you prefer: to be in studio or on stage?

Bon: Both are good, you need a break from either if you do them for too long. They are opposites, so they provide relief from each other.

Alex: What fans could expect from your tour? Please tell some details about the upcoming shows... what songs could be expected by your fans - mostly from earlier EBM years or from more guitar years?

Bon: We aim to do a simple, honest and energetic show. Back to basics. Classic Ebb.

Alex: Any plans to release live DVD?

Bon: Yes, we will be filming the tour, and combining that with archive material. It will complement the CD's as a comprehensive Nitzer Ebb document.

Alex: You had one concert in Russia long time ago... Do you remember your impressions from our country and our public? No plans to come again?

Bon: We hope to include at least one Russian show on our tour. I remember the last shows well. It was a great time. The people were very passionate about music. Really committed. Also really friendly, welcoming people. I made some good friends and I'm really looking forward to coming back.



Alex: Do you believe that you as artists can change society for the better?

Bon: Absolutely. Yes. Music is well known as a healing and teaching medium. It's extremely hard to sing and not feel better in some way. The beneficial effects of music are beyond scientific question. I think you can raise questions, motivate, inspire and encourage through music.

Alex: What are your favorite places on Earth to live, rest and work? How do you prefer to relax?

Bon: I love living in Los Angeles. It's very green, lots of trees and sunshine. There's a lot going on here and it is also a great place to work. It's a very business minded town. I also enjoy working in Chicago. I like to relax by running, cycling, walking, reading, cooking, eating, sex, sleeping, movies, radio, and playing the piano or vibraphone.

Alex: What's your opinion about MP3?

Bon: Not so great quality, but a good way to get music to people easily.



Alex: What are your future NE plans?

Bon: We don't know yet. Tour first, and we'll see how we feel.

Alex: What do you want to say or wish to readers of our magazine and to all your Russian fans?

Bon: I hope your readers have much happiness and music in their lives.

Alex: Thank you very much, Bon, for your answers! I sure, we'll meet here soon!

Official Nitzer Ebb web site: Nitzer Ebb.

Nitzer Ebb

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