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Exclusive interview with Felix Marc (September 2008)

Last updated 22.09.08


Alex: How do you feel now, after your first ever solo album is already released?

Felix: What can I say... very good [smile]

Alex: Are you satisfied by results of work done?

Felix: Now after 3 weeks that the album is released and if I listen to it again I can definetly say YES.

Felix Marc


Alex: I heard, you started your musical career as club DJ. What's happened which is turned you from trance and house into synthpop and dark wave?

Felix: The musical journey started when Torben Wendt introduced me to this scene about 10 years ago and I started to get in contact with bands and music from the dark wave scene. Synthpop on the other hand has always caught my attention from the very first moment. However, it started to become part of my own creations only when I started to write my own songs.

Alex: Can it be said that music you ever produced was always a state of your mind at that moment?

Felix: I guess so. I am a very flexible and intuitive person. So I reflect situations I have come across in my music instantly. This is certainly true for almost 90% of the album.

Alex: Do you feel yourself as music professional at the moment? Is it your only job right now? And is it different feeling when music becomes your business in comparation with time of more altruistic youth?

Felix: I would love to consider music my main job, but reality bites. With all expectations I have for this one life that is given to me, music will always remain a highly appreciated hobby for me.

Alex: What music is much closer to your heart? Your favorite artists/bands?

Felix: My private music library is quite broad and features very old bands as well as new ones. Difficult to name the favorite bands, but certainly Pink Floyd, Pet Shop Boys, Cock Robin, Manic Street Preachers, Mylène Farmer, Peter Gabriel, Schiller, Talk Talk.

Alex: What you think regarding MP3 exchange? Do you ever use Torrent-like systems?

Felix: I support torrent-like systems for very old tracks that are otherwise hard to find, since the official selling platforms of mp3-files on the internet focus on rather new and current releases. Otherwise, I support the artitst by buying music.

Felix Marc


Alex: You are well-known as long-time member of Diorama, also you are doing Frozen Plasma project together with Vasi Vallis... why did you decide to start one more project, this time completely of your own?

Felix: I have composed many songs besides those 2 other projects, which have a very important personal meaning to me. So when the time was there to put these songs on a album I was glad to have the chance to release an album of my own.

Alex: How you can describe your solo music, in few words? Is it completely different, at your opinion, from your other projects?

Felix: I describe the style with modern eighties sound. Melodies and vocals lines are related to the eighties, while the beats and sounds stem from the current synthesizers. It is definetly different from the other projects, because of many reasons. The lyrics describe stories from my personal experiences and are therefore very intimate. It is not consequently produced to rock the dancefloors, like Frozen Plasma for example, yet not as intelligently composed as most Diorama works. I guess it is somewhere in between.

Alex: What's main idea behind «Pathways» and it's title?

Felix: On the one hand, the title of the album represents the pathways each of us chooses in life and how each of us determines his/her own fate, and on the other hand it stands for my very own experiences during the last 10 years in which I created the songs that are now part of the album. Each song is from a different era and has a different personal background for me. So it is also possible to regard the album as my autobiographical and musical statement.

Alex: Where did you find an inspiration to write «Pathways» lyrics? Is it a kind of your own experience?

Felix: Each song of the album tells a story that is personal to me and which relates to something that crossed my life during the past 10 years. When I wrote the songs and found lyrics they connected to this experience very well.

Alex: As seems, you and Torben Wendt were always really big friends, and your common band Diorama was always your most lovely music child. Do Torben a bit jealous regarding your side projects, especially your newest solo one?

Felix: I don’t think so. We discussed this new musical step for me in detail and I think he supported my attempt to release a solo album. Especially, since he was one of the few people who had to listen to my compositions for such a long time [smile]

Alex: What's your favorite track(s) on this album?

Felix: It's difficult to say, since all tracks are important to me and it changes from time to time. At the moment, the songs I listen to most are «Follow the demons» and «Back to life».

Alex: Do you care about music charts regarding your new album?

Felix: It is interesting to follow the development regarding sales figures and chart positions, but that is not and never was the major part behind the album idea.

Felix Marc


Alex: What pushed you to join Torben and Diorama since their second album only? Why you didn't do it with their first one, I heard, you were with him in studio already in that time?

Felix: I didn't know too much the dark wave scene by the time, Torben started to do the first Diorama album. It was nice to listen to his compositions, but for my taste at that time, they were very melancholic, while I prefered the more uptempo music. The more I got involved in the dark wave scene, I also connected to this type of melancholy music and after the first live show with Torben we also focused on a common compository work in the studio.

Alex: I guess, Torben is mostly responsible for dark side of Diorama, full of melancholy, and you are for light side, uptempo and danceble. Am I right?

Felix: See previous answer [smile] I guess you are right.

Alex: Do you have absolute leader in the band (i.e. Torben), or your music union is absolute democracy? [smile]

Felix: Diorama is Torben's baby and therefore he has the final decision on what we do or we don't. However, everybody in the band has the right to suggest new concepts in the compositions.

Alex: I sure, this question is really exciting for big army of Diorama fans... How about new Diorama album?

Felix: The army may prepare for a new Diorama album next year. At the moment, we are in the studio to write new songs. Spring next year is our personal deadline. We still have to coordinate with the label.

Felix Marc


Alex: Is Frozen Plasma project your first project where you are lead singer?

Felix: Yes.

Alex: Do you add to Vasi Vallis' music some of your trance experience from your youth?

Felix: Frozen Plasma gives me the opportunity to also enjoy the trance side of my musical past and also experiment with uptempo style of music that is oriented strictly versus the clubs.

Alex: What we can expect from Frozen Plasma in close future?

Felix: We release a new single on September 19th AND – what is important for our Russian fans - of course we will play at the Synthetic Snow Festival in Moscow on December 6th! For next year, we plan to release a new album.

Felix Marc


Alex: Are You using PC, Mac or both? How many hours do you spent with it every day?

Felix: I only use PC. If I include my full-time job I use it probably 8 hours per day.

Alex: Do you like games? What's your favorites?

Felix: I used to play games in the past. Not anymore.

Alex: Do you like surf Internet? What's your favorite sites?

Felix: Of course – the most frequented site at the moment is MySpace.

Felix Marc


Alex: Do you still DJing sometimes?

Felix: Only rarely. Too many bands with too many concerts [smile]

Alex: What's your favorite place on Earth? To live, to work, to rest?

Felix: Southern Austria – you have everything there…nice people, good food, mountains for hiking or skiing, lakes for swimming, you can drive to the Italian sea in 2 hours AND they even speak German (with a funny accent).

Alex: Your favorite way of relaxing?

Felix: Sex with 2 girls [smile]

Alex: Did you ever have any addiction problems: drugs, alcohol etc?

Felix: No.

Alex: Some people can't perform or go clubbing without alcohol... What do you use to «to get a drive»? Do you need it anyway?

Felix: Before concerts I restrict myself from alcohol, since I want to give the audience the best performance possible. This would definetly not be the case if I was drunk. I rather celebrate together with the fans after the show! In order to get hyped for the show I listen to loud music or meditate in silence.

Alex: And finally: who were that girl in your new video «Give back the moments»?

Felix: Ha ha ha... do you want her phone number [smile] I know, she is really pretty AND she is a professional theatre actress. When I was looking for the female part of the video I realized that it is not necessary to have only a model, but to have an actress who can also transport the necessary emotions. I looked at the actresses in the theatres around Stuttgart and went to see several plays, before I found her.


Alex: How about your future plans?

Felix: I want to continue making music with my projects and play concerts in far away countries. Especially those, where I have not yet been, like Southern America or Asia.

Alex: What do you want to wish your Russian fans?

Felix: May Synthpop be with you all time and don’t stop to produce that excellent vodka!!!

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