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Camouflage :: Concert in Moscow (31.10.03) - Photos

Last updated 14.11.03

Live in Moscow
31.11.2003 DK Gorbunova

It looked as if the wings of time had turned back to the 80's that night in DK Gorbunova! Our common dream to see Camouflage live, definitely legendary band of our electro-pop youth, finally came true... and it was amazing concert!

Heavy concentration on their new CD, «Sensor». Lots of energy, exciting performance. On other hand, the show emphasized the band's vast array of hits, from earliest «The Great Commandment» to hottest recent «I Can't Feel You», so even a huge fan could get lost in their hit tunes during more than 2 hour performance.

Deep sexual intense voice of Marcus sounded very clear. But he didn't just standing and singing, he jumped and run around scene, every moment of show! Sometimes he reminded me another great frontman, Dave Gahan, really, especially when he played with microphone stand.

Heiko and Oliver did their work very professionally. They took off from their keyboards fantastic beats and samples, smiled and laughed, and for sure enjoyed by public.

Band looked very happy being and performing together, it was easy to notice, especially during «Kraft» - song done by all the three together, on 3 languages (German/Russian/English)

He-he, despite their advancing age, these guys will hopefully be around for many more years to come!

As simply predictable result the audience was totally into the band dancing and singing along with band all the concert from the very first song.

3 screens behind the band provided their haunting images, very stylish.

So with that Moscow show Camouflage proved that they are back on big venues and are here to stay.

Funny moment before the concert: Marcus walked in the DK Gorbunova's foyer absolutely unknown by public - nobody could even imagine that famous frontman of legendary band could goes into crowd without bodyguards or something.

The bottom line: this was one of the best concerts I've ever had the pleasure to have been a part of.


[01] Sensorium (Intro)
[02] I'll Follow Behind
[03] Crime
[04] Perfect
[05] That Smiling Face
[06] Heaven (I Want You)
[07] You Turn
[08] Harmful
[09] Me And You
[10] Thief
[11] A Picture Of Life
[12] Kraft
[13] Suspicious Love
[14] Here She Comes
[15] I Can't Feel You
[16] Love Is A Shield

1st Encore

[17] X-Ray
[18] Together
[19] The Great Commandment

2nd Encore

[20] One Fine Day

Look at some photos from that great event:









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