December 15th, 2023 So Recordings (UK) Box set Digital 3CD Box set 2LP/1Blu-ray/1CD Box set

Placebo - «Live» (Box set)


«Collapse Into Never - Placebo Live in Europe 2023» 2LP
Recorded at Low Festival, Spain

Side A

A1. Forever Chemicals
A2. Beautiful James
A3. Scene Of The Crime
A4. Hugz
A5. Happy Birthday In The Sky

Side B

B1. Bionic
B2. Surrounded By Spies
B3. Sad White Reggae
B4. Try Better
B5. Too Many Friends

Side C

C1. Went Missing
C2. For What It's Worth
C3. Slave To The Wage
C4. Song To Say Goodbye
C5. The Bitter End
C6. Infra-Red

Side D

D1. Shout
D2. Fix Yourself
D3. Running Up That Hill

«This Is What You Wanted» Blu-Ray
Concert film shot in Mexico City 2023

01. Forever Chemicals
02. Beautiful James
03. Scene Of The Crime
04. Hugz
05. Happy Birthday In The Sky
06. Bionic
07. Twin Demons
08. Surrounded By Spies
09. Chemtrails
10. Sad White Reggae
11. Try Better Next Time
12. Too Many Friends
13. Went Missing
14. For What It's Worth
15. Slave To The Wage
16. Song To Say Goodbye
17. Come Undone
18. Bitter End
19. Infra-Red
20. Shout
21. Fix Yourself
22. Running Up That Hill

«Live From the White Room» Live CD
Recorded at Studio 1, Twickenham Studios

01. Beautiful James
02. Happy Birthday In The Sky
03. Sad White Reggae
04. Surrounded By Spies
05. Went Missing
06. Fix Yourself

Available formats:

- Digital
- 2LP/1Blu-ray/1CD Box set (cat. no.: SOAKBX465t)

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