September 22th, 2023 Wild Kingdom Records (SE) Album Digital CD LP

The Mobile Homes - «Tristesser» (Album)


Digital / CD

01. Wedding Night
02. Some Days
03. Throne
04. In Memoriam No One (Nothing To Say)
05. If You Ask Me
06. The Last Third
07. Centuries
08. Conclusion
09. That Familiar Place
10. Inferior
11. When Everything Is Alright


A1. Wedding Night
A2. Some Days
A3. Throne
A4. In Memoriam No One (Nothing To Say)
A5. If You Ask Me

B1. The Last Third
B2. Centuries
B3. Conclusion
B4. That Familiar Place
B5. Inferior

Available formats:

- Digital
- CD (cat. no.: KING122CD)
- Vinyl (cat. no.: KING122LP)
- Limited Solid White Vinyl (cat. no.: KING122LP01)
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