September 23rd, 2022 Neue Meister (DE) Album Digital CD Vinyl LP
Limited Collector's Box

Alphaville - «Eternally Yours» (Album)


Digital / 2CD


01. Dream Machine
02. Summer in Berlin
03. Big in Japan
04. Dance with Me
05. Summer Rain
06. Apollo
07. Elegy
08. Lassie Come Home
09. MoonGirl
10.Welcome to the Sun


01. A Victory of Love
02. Sounds like a Melody
03. Around the Universe
04. Eternally Yours
05. Diamonds Are Forever
06. Flame
07. Forever Young
08. Big in Japan (BassRoque Version)
09. Sounds like a Melody (Chamber Version)
10. Forever Young („Petite“)
11. Big in Japan (Single Edit)
12. Sounds like a Melody (Single Edit)
13. Forever Young (Single Edit)


A1. Dream Machine
A2. Summer in Berlin
A3. Big in Japan
A4. Dance with Me

B1. Summer Rain
B2. Apollo
B3. Elegy
B4. Lassie Come Home

C1. MoonGirl
C2. Welcome to the Sun
C3. A Victory of Love
C4. Sounds like a Melody

D1. Around the Universe
D2. Eternally Yours
D3. Diamonds Are Forever
D4. Flame
F5. Forever Young

E1. Big in Japan (BassRoque Version)
E2. Sounds like a Melody (Chamber Version)
E3. Forever Young (Petite Version)
E4. Big in Japan (Single Edit)
E5. Sounds like a Melody (Single Edit)
E6. Forever Young (Single Edit)

F1. Pandora's Lullaby (Lunapark Version MCMXCI)
F2. Elegy (Springtime Version MCMXC)
F3. Dream Machine (Dreamscape Version MCMXCIX)

Limited Collector's Box

- 3 Gold LPs
- 2 CDs
- Compact Cassette
- USB-Stick
- Alphaville jute bag
- signed photo print

Available formats:

- Digital
- 2CD ( LR001)
- 3LPs
- Limited Golden Vinyl
- Limited Collector's Box

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