Chris Corner put new spiritual life into his hyper-emotional electronic project IAMX with the tenth studio album «Fault Lines²» set to release on August 30th, 2024.

IAMX - new album «Fault Lines²» and FRACTURES tour

«Fault Lines²» is the successor to the aggressive, cult-like machinations heard on 2023's album «Fault Lines¹».

This sequel is half mutant, half prom queen sister, with throbbing bass monsters like «Neurosymphony» and «Infinite Fear Jets» that ethereally segue into tracks like «The Ocean», which features the great vocal talents of Icelandic singer and actress Hafdís Huld on the intro and outro. Then follow tracks like the layered harmonies of «Deathless Wilds», whose grim, grinding 6/8 beats command attention as long-time collaborator Janine Gezang urges the listener in punk rock fashion to accept whatever may come.

The disunity and disharmony of the universe is chaotically displayed on this album. The breaks in the sound worlds become fault lines.

New IAMX single «Neurosymphony» was released May 31th, 2024.

Complete information about IAMX «Fault Lines²» tracklist and formats - here.

Complete information about upcoming FRACTURES IAMX tour - here.

Info taken from official IAMX website.

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