As you for sure allready heard, out longtime favorites Front 242 announced their Black Out Tour - the final shows in 2024 and 2025. Band will perform in USA and Europe - ending on a high note.

Front 242 will start their last Black Out Tour in August 2024

Today, we reach out to you, our fans, with a heavy yet hopeful heart to share the news of our final concerts. Now, we are preparing to bring down the curtain on our live performances as Front 242, we find ourselves navigating a sea of emotions. For nearly four decades, we've journeyed together, creating unforgettable moments and sharing the profound joy of music. You've been more than an audience; you've been a part of our extended family, witnessing our evolution and sharing in our highs and lows. The decision to step back from performing live has not been easy, but we believe it's important to end this chapter on a high note, preserving the essence of Front 242 that you've grown to love. We want to leave you with memories of our band at its peak, full of energy and passion. So, we are extending our invitation to you: join us for one last adventure. Let's make these final shows a celebration of the incredible journey we've shared. We promise to deliver performances that capture the heart and soul of Front 242, a fitting farewell to a story we've written together.»

Front 242

Check complete information about FRONT 242 - BLACK OUT : THE FINAL SHOWS 2024 - 2025 - here.

Info taken from official Front 242 web site.

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