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Latest News
Latest News - October 2004

Last updated 27.10.04

[ 27.10.2004 ] - Both De/Vision concerts in Turkey have been postponed

Both De/Vision concerts in Turkey have been postponed for one week. For that reason Steffen won't do the planned DJ-set on December 4th, 2004 at the Dark Flower Club in Leipzig. We don't have any information on a substitute date for his visit in Leipzig yet.

03.12.2004 - Istanbul, Turkey - Bronx Club
04.12.2004 - Ankara, Turkey - Saklikent

Info taken from official De/Vision web site.

[ 27.10.2004 ] - Second new single from Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

«Breathless» / «There She Goes, My Beautiful World»

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds will release the double A-side single «Breathless» / «There She Goes, My Beautiful World» on November 15th, 2004. This is the second single to be taken from the two album set, «Abattoir Blues» / «The Lyre Of Orpheus».

«Breathless» / «There She Goes, My Beautiful World» will be available on 7" and CD. The double A sided single will feature a new mix of «Breathless» by producer Nick Launay (best known for his work with The Birthday Party, PIL, Talking Heads, Gang Of Four and The Slits) plus an edited version of «There She Goes, My Beautiful World». The CD will also include the exclusive «Under This Moon» while the 7" has an alternative B side, «She's Leaving You».

CD (cat. no.: CDMUTE329)


[01] Breathless (Alternative Mix)
[02] There She Goes, My Beautiful World (Edit)
[03] Under This Moon

7" (cat. no.: MUTE329)


[01] Side A: Breathless (Alternative Mix)
[02] There She Goes, My Beautiful World (Edit)
[03] She's Leaving You

Info submited by Mute Records.

[ 26.10.2004 ] - «Uploaded & Remixed» from Icon Of Coil

«Uploaded & Remixed»
«Uploaded & Remixed»

Modern electro-legends Icon of Coil are ready to release enthralling album of remixes, alternative versions and unreleased material. «Uploaded and Remixed» proves as an indispensable introduction to the world of IOC for newcomers while also providing totally unreleased and exclusive tracks for diehard fans and collectors alike. European only Limited Edition version of «Uploaded and Remixed» comes packaged in a luxury fold out digipak and includes a bonus CD «Shelter», including 5 all new, exclusive remixes of this track from IOC last hit album «Machines Are Us».

«Uploaded and Remixed» will released on November 8th, 2004 via Out Of Line.

«Uploaded and Remixed» tracklisting:

[01] Shallow Nation (2004 version)
[02] Floorkiller (2004 version)
[03] Repeat It (Apoptygma Berzerk remix)
[04] Regret (Combichrist remix)
[05] Simulated (Funkervogt remix)
[06] Thrillcapsule (Moonitor remix)
[07] Access And Amplify (fgfc820 mix)
[08] You Just Died (Northborn remix)
[09] Love As Blood (Implant remix)
[10] Floorkiller (Daedal remix)
[11] Disconnect (Goteki remix)
[12] Everything Is Real (Isle of Crows remix)
[13] Been There (exclusive track)
[14] TB Memory (exclusive track)

«Shelter» (Bonus CD) tracklisting:

[01] Shelter (Single Edit)
[02] Shelter (OL Mix)
[03] Shelter (According To CombiChrist)
[04] Shelter (Analogue Brain Remix)
[05] Shelter (Soman Mix)

Info submited by online store Music Non Stop.

[ 26.10.2004 ] - Second new single from Assemblage 23


Assemblage 23 will release «Ground», second single lifted from their stunning new album «Storm» - on November 8th, 2004 via Accession.


[01] Ground (Album Version)
[02] Consequence
[03] Ground (Darker Version)
[04] Lament
[05] Ground (Acoustic Version)

Info submited by online store Music Non Stop.

[ 26.10.2004 ] - «Intercontinental Drift» mutated into «Echoes & Artifacts»

«Echoes & Artifacts»
«Echoes & Artifacts»

Originally designed to introduce The Crüxshadows to their newest fans on the first ever band's European Tour (available as a tour only item and had different title «Intercontinental Drift»), «Echoes & Artifacts» quickly became a much in demand The Crüxshadows rarity. Now it will available since November 2nd, 2004 via Dancing Ferret as a general release, «Echoes & Artifacts» offers an essential collection of hard to find tracks, rare remixes and exclusive cuts for all fans and newcommers to the unique world of The Crüxshadows.


[01] Eurydice
[02] Monsters v2.0
[03] Marilyn, My Bitterness v2.0
[04] Crop Circles
[05] Ballrooms on Mars
[06] The Dying Song
[07] Leave ne alone (Shaft 20/20 mix)
[08] Here Comes the Rain Again
[09] Cruelty (Cruel Vocal)
[10] Bloodline v2.0
[11] Tauschung (Deception sung in German)

Info submited by online store Music Non Stop.

[ 25.10.2004 ] - Camouflage - East Europe Tour 2004

Camouflage - East Europe Tour 2004

11.11.04 - Moscow, Russia - Infiniti
12.11.04 - Minsk, Belarus - Extreme
13.11.04 - Vilnius, Lithuania - Forum Palace
14.11.04 - Tallinn, Estonia - Hollywood

Info submitted by official Camouflage web site.

[ 25.10.2004 ] - De/Vision feat. Telekommander

One more collaboration project from De/Vision. Steffen joined the the producers-team Schumann & Bach. They will work under the remix brand De/Vision feat. Telekommander in the future. The team starts with a remix of «Seven Lifes» from In Strict Confidence.

Info submitted by Side-Line magazine.

[ 25.10.2004 ] - Two new singles from The Cure

The Cure have released two new singles, «alt.end» in the US (released on October 12th) and «Taking Off» in Europe (released on October 18th). Both singles contains the same b-sides: «Why Can't I Be Me» and «Your God Is Fear». The band have also filmed two seperate videos, which were directed by The Saline Project.

«Taking Off»
«Taking Off»

«Taking Off» Maxi CD
Released: October 18th, 2004
Label: Geffen (Universal)


[01] Taking Off
[02] Why Can't I Be Me
[03] Your God Is Fear
[04] Taking Off (Video)

Info submitted by official Cure web site.

[ 20.10.2004 ] - Rammstein are getting ready to tour

Rammstein are in the hot phase of the preparations for the tour. The stage is being built up in a large hall in Germany at the moment, the lights are being programmed to fit with the show's dramaturgy, the pyrotechnics are being tested and their use in the show is being agreed upon, cable is being laid by the kilometer. At the same time in Berlin, the completion of the stage wardrobe is being worked on and Rammstein are getting ready in their own way for the live concerts after a two and a half year absence from the stage. For the last three nights, the band stood on stage for the FanArea, friends, and family in the Knaack Club in Berlin. For this «trial run», the new songs were tried out in front of the crowd for the first time and the members of the audience got the chance to experience Rammstein up close and personal, live in a club atmosphere. This weekend the band starts rehearsing in the big hall on the big stage. The train is rolling, the journey has begun.

Info taken from official Rammstein web site.

[ 20.10.2004 ] - Kraftwerk catalogue delayed for undefined time

Unfortunately the upcoming re-issues of Kraftwerk back catalogue that should have been out in September with partly new artwork has been put on hold. The reason for it is unclear, but may have something to do with artwork issues.

Info taken from Release Music Magazine.

[ 20.10.2004 ] - Ministry on tour

Ministry is almost halfway through their North American Tour in support of the initiative and their recent «Houses of the Molé» CD.

New tour mascot George Dubya makes an appearance early on the bone-ridden stage set but gets abused by frontman Al Jourgensen and later gets beat up by a stagehand while Jourgensen simulates an anal sex motion. While the current band's live line-up has been reshuffled, only guitarist «Mikey» Scaccia (Rigor Mortis) and keyboarder Darrell James (Pound of Flesh) played on the last tour and are contributors to the new Revolting Cocks sessions. The other live players consist of drummer Mark Baker, Rick «Tricky» Valles (guitar) and Eddy Garcia (bass guitar) both from the group Pissing Razors. Five recent west coast dates had a special guest appearance by punk icon Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) to perform some Lard tracks live.

Jourgensen was noticeably absent from soundcheck in Toronto as his voice was on the mend. Interviews have been put off for the next week or so, partially due to celebrating his birthday recently in Chicago. On this tour there weren't as many older signature Ministry classics played as on the last tour. Close to the end of the main set in Toronto, to the surprise of the audience, Jourgensen rhymed off a few bars of Led Zeppelin's «All My Love». Current Ministry's Evil Doer Tour continues on until December 14th.

Last week saw the re-release the three Revolting Cocks CD's with bonus material on RykoDisc (US) and two interesting Ministry compilation CD's: «Early Trax» and «Side Trax». The latter contains the first ever full length version of «Show Me Your Spine» from the «RoboCop» movie soundtrack by side project PTP with Nivek Ogre.

Info taken from Release Music Magazine.

[ 20.10.2004 ] - Rammstein in Top 10 throughout Europe

Exciting Rammstein news! New Rammstein album «Reise, Reise» has gone straight into the Top 10 charts throughout Europe after its release. According to the Billboard charts from last week, Rammstein are now the most successful German-language band of all time worldwide and «Reise, Reise» is the best selling album in Europe!

Number 1: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Mexico, Iceland, and Estonia
Number 2: Sweden, Netherlands
Number 3: France, Czech Republic, Denmark
Number 4: Norway, Poland, Slovenia
Number 5: Belgium
Number 6: Portugal
Number 7: Spain

Info taken from official Rammstein web site.

[ 20.10.2004 ] - New Bjork single «Who Is It»

New Bjork single «Who Is It» was released on October 18th, in 3 commercial formats:

«Who Is It» CD1
«Who Is It» CD1


[01] Who Is It (Radio edit)
[02] Oceania (featuring Kelis)

«Who Is It» CD2
«Who Is It» CD2


[01] Who Is It (c2n dattasette mix by Lesser)
[02] Who Is It (Fruit Machine Mix)
[03] Who Is It (Bell Choir Mix (featuring the Bústaðakirkja bell choir)

«Who Is It» DVD
«Who Is It» DVD


[01] Who Is It (Choir Mix)
[02] Mouth’s Cradle (Ilé Aiyé Mix)
[03] Who Is It (Video)

Single photograph done by Inez & Vinoodh and artwork by m/m (Paris). «Who Is It» video was directed by Dawn Shadforth at Hjorleifshofdi, in the south east of Iceland.

Info taken from official Bjork web site.

[ 20.10.2004 ] - «Ohne Dich» - 3rd Rammstein single!

Recently Universal Music Germany officially announced that «Ohne Dich» will be released as next single from Rammstein album «Reise, Reise». It planned to be out before Christmas (unconfirmed date is November 15th, 2004). Tracklisting is not known yet.

Info submited by Universal Music Germany.

[ 20.10.2004 ] - UK «Amerika» release

On Oktober 18th Germans Rammstein released single «Amerika» in UK - in two formats, CD and DVD.



[01] Amerika
[02] Amerika (Digital Hardcore Mix)
[03] Mein Herz Brennt (featured on the Mercedes advert)
[04] Ich Will (Orchesterlied VII)


[01] Amerika (Video)
[02] EPK Clips - Rammstein «Amerika» («The Making Of»)
[03] Amerika (Album Version)

Info submited by online music store Amazon UK.

[ 20.10.2004 ] - Marc van Linden feat. De/Vision

On November 15th, 2004 there will be released new single from collaboration project of trance DJ Marc van Linden (ex-Green Court) and both guys from De/Vision. As usually, Thomas wrote lyrics, and Steffen recorded vocals for upcoming Marc van Linden feat. De/Vision single titled «Real Thing».

Info submited by official Marc van Linden web site.

[ 11.10.2004 ] - Funker Vogt - Always & Forever V.1

Brand new long in the planning (and long in the making) release from electro-legends Funker Vogt - «Always & Forever V.1» delivers on November 2nd, 2004 the first installment of the Funker Vogt Collectors Edition series. Released as a double CD edition in a deluxe digipak set «Always & Forever V.1», contains the long time deleted first three Funker Vogt EP's («Words Of Power», «Take Care» and «Killing Time Again» - all originally released on legendary German label Zoth Ommog) plus 9 exclusive, previously unreleased songs and remixes (including two brand new remixes produced exclusively for this set). This 2CD collection is exclusively released in Europe on FV's own Repo Records label with all songs digitally remastered for this release - a must for all fans and collectors of this great electro band.

Disk 1:

«Words Of Power» EP

[01] Words of Power (Highspeed Mix)
[02] The 3rd War (Original Mix)
[03] Thanks For Nothing (Original Mix)
[04] Words of Power (Power Mix)
[05] The 3rd War (Atomic Shell)
[06] Thanks For Nothing (Controlled Fusion Mix)
[07] Thanks For Nothing (In Strict Confidence Mix)

«Take Care» EP

[08] Take Care!
[09] Take Care! (G2 f135 Mix by Grish Zeme)
[10] Take Care! (Booster +18 Mix)
[11] Take Care! (Nightmare Mix)
[12] Fantasies (Burning In Hell Mix)

Previously unreleased Tracks

[13] Ein Neuer Tag (1995)
[14] Words of Power (V.1 - 1996)

Disk 2:

«Killing Time Again» EP

[01] Killing Fields (Killed Mix)
[02] Evil's Birth
[03] Vision
[04] The Race Is On
[05] Killing Fields (Guitar Fixer Mix)
[06] Evil's Birth (Mezzo Mix)
[07] Black Hole (Live)

Previously unreleased Tracks

[08] Schone Schmerzen (1995)
[09] You Can Win If You Want (1996)
[10] Am Tag Als Conny Kramer Starb (1997)
[11] Children's Eyes (1997)
[12] King for a Night (Vol.1 - 1997)
[13] Thanks for Nothing (Vocoded - 2003)
[14] Under Control (Back To The Roots Mix - 2004)

Info submited by online store Music Non Stop.

[ 11.10.2004 ] - New EP from In Strict Confidence

«Seven Lives»
«Seven Lives»

New In Strict Confidence «Seven Lives» CD EP will released on December 13th, 2004 via Minuswelt. Tracklisting:

[01] Seven Lives (Extended Version)
[02] Seven Lives (Clubmix)
[03] Open Skies
[04] Seven Lives (De/Vision Remix)
[05] Eye Of Heaven (Silversilence)
[06] Der Teufel
[07] Walking Shadows
[08] Slowmotion
[09] No Love Will Heal (Lucas Boysen Remix)
[10] Seven Lives (Monozelle Remix)
[11] Seven Lives (Iris Remix)
[12] Babylon (Drumgrip III)
[13] No Love Will Heal (The Crüxshadows Remix)

«Seven Lives» is second single, lifted from ISC album «Holy», real 79 minutes EP.

Info taken from official In Strict Confidence web site.

[ 03.10.2004 ] - New releases from Laibach


New Laibach compilation album «Anthems» (cat. no.: CDMuteL12) will be released on October 4th as a double CD package. CD1 of the album is a collection of the best of Laibach's anthemic songs including previously unreleased material while CD2 will contain mixes, some of which are unavailable elsewhere. The package includes a 40 page booklet containing paintings, photographs and writing on the band by Alexei Monroe.

Two weeks later on October 18th, Mute Records will release «The Videos» DVD (cat. no.: LBACHDVD1) containing a collection of Laibach videos with the WAT EPK as a bonus. The WAT EPK is a documentary filmed around the making of 2003's album, «WAT».

«Anthems» tracklisting:


[01] Das Spiel Ist Aus 3:18
[02] Tanz Mit Laibach 4:17
[03] Final Countdown 5:39
[04] Alle Gegen Alle 3:52
[05] Wirtschaft Ist Tot 3:45
[06] God Is God 3:42
[07] In The Army Now 4:31
[08] Get Back 4:22
[09] Sympathy For The Devil 5:43
[10] Leben Heisst Leben 5:26
[11] Geburt Einer Nation 4:21
[12] Opus Dei 5:01
[13] Die Liebe 3:52
[14] Panorama 4:52
[15] Drzava 4:19
[16] Brat Moj 6:02
[17] Mama Leone 4:51


[01] Das Spiel Ist Aus (Ouroborots Mix) 4:05
[02] Liewerk (3. Oktober Kraftbach Mix) 4:21
[03] Wir Tanzen Ado Hinkel (Zeta Reticula Mix) 5:39
[04] Final Countdown (Beyond The Infinite Juno Reactor Mix) 7:37
[05] God Is God (Optical Mix) 5:44
[06] War (Ultraviolence Meets Hitman Mix) 6:19
[07] God Is God (Diabolig Mix) 3:36
[08] Final Countdown (Mark Stent Alternate Mix) 5:48
[09] Wirtschaft Ist Tot (Late Night Mix) 5:22
[10] Jesus Christ Superstar (Random Logic Mix) 6:22
[11] Wirtschaft (R.Hawtin Hardcore Noise Mix) 5:18
[12] Brat Moj (Random Logic Mix) 5:09
[13] Smrt Za Smrt (Octex Mix) 7:02
[14] Wat (Iturk Mix) 5:29

«The Videos» DVD tracklisting:

[01] Drzava
[02] Opus Dei
[03] Geburt einer Nation
[04] Sympathy For The Devil
[05] Across The Universe
[06] Wirtschaft ist tot
[07] The Final Countdown
[08] In The Army Now
[09] War
[10] Alle gegen Alle
[11] God Is God
[12] Tanz mit Laibach
[13] Das Spiel ist aus

Info submited by Mute Records.

[ 03.10.2004 ] - «How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb» - new U2 album

«How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb»
«How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb»

New U2 album titled «How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb» will be released on November 22nd via Island (Universal). Full tracklisting:

[01] Vertigo
[02] Miracle Drug
[03] Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
[04] Love And Peace Or Else
[05] City Of Blinding Lights
[06] All Because Of You
[07] A Man And A Woman
[08] Crumbs From Your Table
[09] One Step Closer
[10] Original Of The Species
[11] Yahweh

Info submited by Universal Music.

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