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Our exclusive interview with West End Girls (October 2006)

Last updated 06.11.06

West End Girls


Alex: Your August concert - it was your first visit to Russia, girls?

WEG: Yes, it's the first, and it's fantastic to be here again!

Alex: Please describe your first feelings being here...

WEG: Everything is sooo big, but it looks cool!

West End Girls


Alex: First question is: when you met each other?

WEG: We were around 7-8 years old, we lived very close, and we are still doing that!

Alex: Why you decided to make complete album of Pet Shop Boys covers? Can it be said that you are tribute band? Maybe your next album will contain your own songs?

WEG: See us as a synth band which have done one record to tribute the best band in the world, later we will do our own songs together with PSB stuff.

Alex: Do you ever meet Pet Shop Boys guys?

WEG: Yes! We met them in Stockholm. They invited us to their concert. And Neil went to our concert the same evening.

Alex: What they say about your work?

WEG: They really really like it. For example, they told us that our version of «Shopping» made them play that song live on their new Tour.

Alex: I don't see it yet, but I heard that you were filmed at UK documentary «Pet Shop Boys: A Life in Pop» by George Scott... tell me some details about it?

WEG: PSB asked some bands to be in their documentary, and one of them were WEG!!!!!! It was Robbie Williams, Keane, Scissor Sisters and of course WEG, ha ha! So they flow us down to London, and we did an interview, it was pretty cool!

Alex: Who is responsible for your image? Why you decided to use helmets?

WEG: We are!!! We are responsible for everything in this project. The helmets comes from the PSB «Domino Dancing» video, and they are real cool, we think.

West End Girls


Alex: Do you like live appearances? What you prefer: work in studio or live concerts?

WEG: Yes, we really like to play live, but also the studio. We prefer the both.

Alex: Your show is just two girls, or someone helps you on stage?

WEG: Most often it's just 2 girls. Sometimes 2 guys from the synth pop group Lowe join us.

Alex: Your image onstage is different from promo pictures?..

WEG: Just sometimes, it depends in which mood we're in, sometimes it's the helmet look, sometimes the hats.

West End Girls


Alex: How much time do you spend with computers? Are they Macs or PCs?

WEG: Most every day and we use Mac of course.

Alex: Do you like PC or video games? What are your favorites?

WEG: Yes, Rosanna is a game freak! Our favourite is «The Sims 2» the extension «Pets». WEG have done the headtrack for that! «Suburbia» in Simlish!! Exactly like Depeche Mode.

Alex: Do you like to surf across the Internet? What are your favorite sites?

WEG: Yes it's pretty fun to do that. We like for example.

Alex: Is it possible to catch you in any forum or chat? Do you keep touch with your fans?

WEG: We always try answer the questions at our homesite. And you'll find us at My Space.

West End Girls


Alex: You are so young... Maybe you even still go school?

WEG: Yes, we are young and we are going to school.

Alex: Do you like go clubbing? Which type of clubs you like to attend?

WEG: We never go out to clubs. Only when we are out playing.

Alex: A question for you, Isabelle. When you were just 13, you sang in the band Peaches, and your single «Rosa Helikopter» became real hit in Scandinavia. What's happened with that project? Did you just grow up from it?

Isabelle: Yes, I think so, we started that band when I was around 11, and we noticed that we liked very different music.

Alex: By the way, Isabelle, do you still big The Cure fan? :)


Alex: Rosanna, we know nothing about your past... Is it your first band?

Rosanna: Yes, it's my first band.

Alex: Your favorite perfume at the moment?

WEG: It's hard to say, there's a lot!

West End Girls


Alex: What in your future plans, girls? When we will grab our hands on your next stuff?

WEG: We are looking for new songs, for the next album.

Alex: What do you feel before your today's concert - your second concert in Russia?

WEG: It's cool, and very exciting to play in Russia!

Alex: What do you want to say or wish your Russian fans?

WEG: Hope you'll like what you're going to hear and see ;-)

Alex: Thank you very much for so nice interview! ;)

For further information, please visit official West End Girls website.

West End Girls

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