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Exclusive inteview with Jürgen Engler / Die Krupps (November 2005)

Last updated 16.11.04


Some intro questions

Alex: It was unbelievable dream... to see here live legendary Die Krupps.. but now it's come true... very soon your band will play first ever concert in Russia! Could you even imagine to be here?

Jürgen: We have thought of playing Russia many times! We are really looking forward to it!

Alex: Do you have any expectations from Russia? Or from Russian public? Did you hear anything about our electro/industrial scene?

Jürgen: I don't give much about what other people say. I like to build my own opinion. I am very interested in your scene, your architecture, your art, your people and your food. I am sure it will be a great adventure!

Your band

Alex: As I know, your first band was punk band Male. What was that «kick ass event» for you to start industrial project in far 1980?

Jürgen: We had played shows with The Clash, and I was very unhappy with the way we were treated by their crew. I thought this was not any better than the way some supergroup's crew would have treated us. I thought it was time to move on and leave the punk scene behind. I am still a Punk by heart though, after all these years.

Alex: You were pioneers combined synthesizers with metallic percussion, and made your own style, now well-known as «metal machine music». Is it difficult to make your style and keep it with each album?

Jürgen: We are Die Krupps and have our own style and approach to music, and whatever we play is what we are about at the time of the recording. It is not hard to be what we are, because we live it.

Alex: Your song «To The Hilt» was in heavy rotation on European MTV in 1994. Was it good for your band, independent and not-major in its nature? Or maybe there were hidden negative consequences?

Jürgen: It was good because the record company at the time was doing a good job. Later, when they merged with a big major company, things got out of hand.

Alex: For me, in 1997, when Die Krupps left stage in silence, another German band Rammstein obviously occupied your place in music. They continue the way you started before. Do you agree with me or no?

Jürgen: They are definetely continuing what we had started. The good thing is, Die Krupps has many fecets, which they don't have. We started out as a industrial band in the traditional sense, moved on to found what was later called Electronic Body Music, and later incorporated Metal guitars into our music. So, we can go wherever we want, and it will still be us. A lot of bands can't do that.

Alex: Please tell a behind story for birth... why you started this project? Just 'cos Die Krupps project was frozen?

Jürgen: I started the project because I was bored with the Metal Industrial music I had started, because everyone was jumping on the bandwagon and copying it. It was good to do something different, that was still rooted in Die Krupps.

Alex: Recently was announced about your new colloboration, this time with girls from British electro band Client. Who was author of idea to make together cover version of Visage classic, «Der Amboss»? How you met these girls?

Jürgen: Ralf had the idea and contacted them. They were playing a show near Dusseldorf, where my studio is. Sarah just came to record her vocals. The rest was done later. Client really liked the song we did with them.

Alex: Current status of your band: is it really re-born or just jubilee re-uninion, for limited time?

Jürgen: Die Krupps are back, and not just for a short jubilee tour!


Your music

Alex: Do you miss years of early industrial era? Years of wild experimentation with anything at hand to create a music, to find music amidst the noise?

Jürgen: I still play my Stahlofon, the metal pipes on a stand. It is part of Die Krupps. Unfortunately, I cannot bring it with me to Russia. I hope the concert agency will provide me with some equivalent equipment.

Alex: Your band is not so popular as another German giant in the industrial genre - Einsturzende Neubauten. Do you feel a bit unsatisfacted, maybe you would like to change something in your music career?

Jürgen: We have toured the world and certainly sold more records than them. On the other hand, I don't see us as only an Industrial band. Like I said before, we have a lot more to offer than that. They do what they do, and we do what we do. If for sure don't want to be an aging diva like Blixa!

Alex: You are making new record... how it will sounded?

Jürgen: The new stuff sounds more like the early beginnings, more electronic, but still blended with guitars. The music is not built on the guitar riffs, though. It is built on the keyboards, which we haven't done in a long time. The result is very heavy electronic dance stuff for the clubs, with the right amount of Rock guitars.


Alex: What do you prefer: to be in studio or on stage?

Jürgen: I prefer both. I love the contact with our audience, but I also like the creative moments at the studio. I just had a great day at the studio working on the new single.

Alex: What fans could expect from your 25th anniversary tour? Tell some details about upcoming shows?

Jürgen: There will be a tour in January and February, and many more shows next year. This year, we will be playing some more shows in the East, like Estonia and Stockholm in the North. The shows will be straight forward energetic positive aggressive. I can already see the russian audience go crazy!


Alex: On all Die Krupps sleeves we can see «Stop Fascism» logo. Did you just try to stop misunderstanding industrial as close to military or war music? Or you really took part in anti-Nazi movement?

Jürgen: We have always made our standpoint clear: we are anti facist. I think we have the responsibility and the power to change young peopleīs ways and views. I am still hoping for things to change for the better.

Alex: Do you believe that you as artist can help change society for the better?

Jürgen: I hope so. I am sure U2 can do a better job. They appeal to a lot bigger audience, and they do it on a large scale. I admire that. We mostly preach to the already converted. Our audience already knows what is good and bad.



Alex: How much time do you spend at computer? Is it PC or Mac?

Jürgen: I use a PC at the studio.

Alex: Do you play computer games? If yes, what are your favorites?

Jürgen: I don't have time for games. I liked to play one called Sanitarium some years ago.

Alex: Why you don't have official site, with simple name like or something?

Jürgen: We will soon have our official site . As of now, news and contacts can be made through our fan clubs web-site, which is:

Alex: Do you involved personnaly in creation of your fan site?

Jürgen: Absolutely. It is important for me to stay in close touch with things.

Alex: Is it possible to catch you at some forum?

Jürgen: Hardly. I rarely have time. I work in the studio 7 days a week.

Alex: What's your opinion about MP3s? Is it real evil for your band, or no?

Jürgen: It's the record companies fault. They made the products too expensive for the people. I can understand if people can't afford to buy CDs and then copy them. It is not good for us, but I understand their actions. I also never had a problem with bootlegs. I think that the fans that buy them, must already have all our official releases. If a record company canīt put out enough stuff to satisfy the fans, then bootlegs donīt take away from my cake.

Personal questions

Alex: Are you involved in any side projects at the moment?

Jürgen: No. I have enough to do with the new Die Krupps single, album, Best of album with all new versions of our classic tracks, and a new Male album.

Alex: Do you DJing sometimes?

Jürgen: Very rarely. I would love to spin in Russia sometime!

Alex: What music is much close to your heart? Your favorite artists/bands?

Jürgen: I love David Bowie, early Roxy Music, Lou Reed, cool 50s Rockabilly like Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran, good old Punk Rock like Wire, The Clash and the Buzzcock, Suicide, Pere Ubu and Devo, Jazz stuff like Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, and newer bands like Interpol and even Green Day.

Alex: Did you ever use drugs? (You can not answer this intimate question for sure)

Jürgen: I have never taken drugs in my life, smoked a cigarette or drank alcohol. I am absolutely pure.

Alex: Your favorite way of relaxing?

Jurgen: Somewhere in nowhereland, preferrably in some deserted place in the States, or play one of my many guitars.

Final questions

Alex: How about your future music plans?

Jürgen: See above. Lots of Die Krupps and Male.

Alex: What are your feelings before first ever show in Russia? Do you feel excited?

Jürgen: Absolutely. I hope to see big exstatic crowds!

Alex: What do you want to say or wish to your Russian fans?

Jürgen: We are all one. There are no borders. We are connected by mind and in our hearts!

Alex: Thank you very much for interview!

Die Krupps fan site: Die Krupps.


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