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Friday, 10 March 2017 20:19

«European Masterplan» - third album from Winterhart

Winterhart, project of two Dance or Die members Falgalas and Gary Wagner plus Chris L. (Agonoize / Funker Vogt), just released their third studio album «European Masterplan» - on March 10th, 2017 via Danse Macabre Records - as CD and Digital Download with two bonus tracks.

«European Masterplan» describes artistically a historical worldplan to overcome the national, religious and cultural identities, to create a faceless consumer who only believes in a political lobby. And musically it's travel throught wave gothic scene, with all variety and multi-layer.

Track list:

01. Agent Orange 5:30

02. Back to the Front 4:17

03. The Fence 5:39

04. European Masterplan 3:50

05. Ice and Light 3:45

06. Preußisch Blau 4:30

07. Home Is Where My Heart Is 5:07

08. Loose Myself in Daydreams 3:42

09. Gabriel3:30

10. See You in Heaven 5:16

11. Isis Cult 4:17

12. Verdun 3:44

13. French carré 4:02

14. Creeping Crawling 4:25

Bonus tracks (Digital Download only)

15. Hey You 4:36

16. We Fade to Grey 3:29

Info submited by Danse Macabre Records.

Last Updated on Friday, 10 March 2017 20:43

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