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Monday, 28 November 2016 17:18

Erasure - «Be With You»

Marking the 30th anniversary of debut album «Wonderland», UK legends Erasure will release Deluxe Box Set «From Moscow To Mars - An Erasure Anthology» (cat.no.: EBX5). It will out December 9th, 2016 via Mute (BMG) and feature over 200 tracks, 12 CD discs, Wild! Tour concert on DVD and much, much more:

- «Erasure - The Singles» (CD1 - CD3) (a complete set of all 50 Erasure singles to date, compiled for the first time in the original single versions)

- «Erasure by Vince Clarke and Andy Bell» (CD4 - CD5) (a playlist each from Vince Clarke and Andy Bell, featuring the songs they each consider their personal favourites from across the Erasure songbook)

- «Erasure - The B-Sides» (CD6 - CD7) (2 discs featuring 36 of Erasure's best loved b-sides as chosen by Erasure Information Service members)

- «Remixes» (CD8 - CD9)(a selection of Erasure remixes including 6 brand new mixes of Erasure favourites including interpretations from Vince Clarke, Martyn Ware and Little Boots commissioned exclusively for this set, alongside classic and rare remixes from the archives)

- «Erasure - Live!» (CD10)(a curated selection of 17 live tracks recorded at Erasure shows at various points throughout the band's career, including material recorded on 1992's spectacular Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour and an intimate performance from 'An Evening With Erasure'.

- «Rarities» (CD11)(a collection of rare and previously unreleased material, including the recording of Andy Bell's original audition for Vince Clarke in 1985, demo versions and unreleased remixes.

- «A Little Respect - 30 years Of Erasure (Audio Documentary)» (CD12)(an audio documentary looking at the first thirty years of Erasure's career, presented by Mark Goodier for radio broadcast around the world and including contributions from Vince Clarke and Andy Bell alongside Martyn Ware (Heaven 17), Gareth Malone, Paul Humphreys (OMD) and Mute's Daniel Miller)

- «The Wild! Tour» DVD (DVD13)(Recorded at The London Arena in 1989 during Erasure's lavish Wild! Tour this complete concert film is available here on DVD for the first time, accompanied by previously unreleased backstage footage from the Wild! Tour shot by Paul Hickey)(NTSC Region 0)

- Exclusive photobook with unpublished yet photos

- Postcard set

- Space Passport

Track list:

«Erasure - The Singles»


01. Who Needs Love Like That?

02. Heavenly Action

03. Oh L'Amour

04. Sometimes

05. It Doesn't Have To Be

06. Victim Of Love

07. The Circus

08. Ship Of Fools

09. Chains Of Love

10. A Little Respect

11. Stop!

12. Drama!

13. You Surround Me

14. Blue Savannah

15. Star

16. Chorus


01. Love To Hate You

02. Am I Right?

03. Breath Of Life

04. Take A Chance On Me

05. Always

06. Run To The Sun

07. I Love Saturday

08. Stay With Me

09. Fingers and Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day)

10. Rock Me Gently

11. In My Arms

12. Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me

13. Rain

14. Freedom

15. Moon And The Sky (JC's Heaven Scent Radio Re-Work)

16. Solsbury Hill

17. Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)


01. Breathe

02. Don't Say You Love Me

03. Here I Go Impossible Again

04. All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love

05. Boy (Acoustic)

06. I Could Fall In Love With You

07. Sunday Girl

08. Storm In A Teacup

09. Sucker For Love

10. When I Start To (Break It All Down)

11. Be With You

12. Fill Us With Fire

13. Gaudete

14. Make It Wonderful

15. Elevation

16. Reason

17. Sacred

«Erasure by Vince Clarke and Andy Bell»

CD4 - «Andy»

01. Fill Us With Fire

02. Save Me Darling

03. Fly Away

04. Here I Go Impossible Again

05. Witch In The Ditch

06. Miracle

07. Siren Song

08. Mad As We Are

09. Boy (Acoustic)

10. Joan

11. I Bet You're Mad At Me

12. Golden Heart

13. A Long Goodbye

14. What Will I Say When You're Gone?

15. Brother & Sister

16. Whole Lotta Love Run Riot

CD5 - «Vince»

01. Sono Luminus

02. Because You're So Sweet

03. Love Affair

04. Home

05. Alien

06. Precious

07. Don't Dance

08. How My Eyes Adore You

09. Boy

10. Blues Away

11. Spiralling (Acoustic)

12. Piano Song

13. Tenderest Moments (Acoustic)

14. Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime

15. Cry So Easy

16. You've Got to Save Me Right Now

17. Weight Of The World

«Erasure - The B-Sides»


01. Supernature

02. The Hardest Part

03. When I Needed You

04. She Won't Be Home

05. Knocking On Your Door

06. Don't Suppose

07. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

08. Over The Rainbow

09. Waiting For Sex

10. Tenderest Moments

11. March On Down The Line

12. Dreamlike State

13. The Soldier's Return

14. Heart Of Glass (Live In Oxford)

15. Let It Flow

16. Runaround On The Underground

17. Rapture

18. Paradise


01. La La La

02. Truly, Madly, Deeply

03. Like Zsa Zsa Zsa Gabor

04. Sweet Sweet Baby

05. True Love Wars

06. Ghost

07. Hi NRG

08. The Good The Bad And The Ugly

09. In The Name Of The Heart

10. Die 4 Love

11. Tragic

12. First Contact

13. Love Is Colder Than Death

14. Don't Say No

15. In The Hall Of The Mountain King

16. No G.D.M

17. Take Me On A Highway

18. Tomorrow's World



01. A Little Respect (Extended Mix)

02. Waiting for The Day (Vince Clarke Remix)

03. Supernature (William Orbit Remix)

04. Blue Savannah (Little Boots Remix)

05. S.O.S (Perimeter Mix)

06. Love To Hate You (Bruce Forest Remix)

07. Snappy (The Spice has Risen Mix)

08. Ship Of Fools (Nicka & Asle's Stella Polaris Remix)

09. The Circus (The Equalateral Mix)

10. Elevation (Jack Antonoff Remix)

11. Stay With Me (Guitar Mix)


01. Stop (12" Remix)

02. I Could Fall In Love With You (Jeremy Wheatley Extended 12" mix)

03. Always ('Always In Motion' mix)

04. Blue Savannah ('Out Of The Blue' Mix)

05. Oh L'Amour (Almighty Remix)

06. Chorus (Aggressive Trance Mix)

07. Heavenly Action (Matt Pop's Planet Cupid Mix)

08. Breath Of Life (Joey Beltram Mix)

09. You Surround Me (Syrinx Mix)

10. If I Could (Japanese Mix)

11. Rock Me Gently (A Combination Of Special Events)

CD10 - «Erasure - Live!»

01. Victim Of Love - The Circus Tour 1987

02. Knocking On Your Door - The Erasure Show 2005

03. A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot - Tomorrow's World Tour 2011

04. Joan - The Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour 1992

05. Witch In The Ditch - The Innocents Tour 1988

06. I Bet You're Mad At Me - The Erasure Show 2005

07. Home - The Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour 1992

08. Spiralling - The Innocents Tour 1988

09. Sunday Girl - Light At The End Of The World Tour 2007

10. Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me - An Evening With Erasure 1997

11. Breathe - The Erasure Show 2005

12. Sometimes - The Innocents Tour 1988

13. Tenderest Moments - The Acoustic Tour 2006

14. Ave Maria - The Erasure Show 2005

15. Soldiers Return - The Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour 1992

16. I Could Fall In Love With You - Light At The End Of The World Tour 2007

17. A Little Respect - The Innocents Tour 1988

CD11 - «Rarities»

01. Who Needs Love Like That? (Audition Version)

02. Blue (Searching)(Unreleased Demo)

03. Piano (Tomorrow's World Demo)

04. Waiting For The Day (Demo)

05. Siempre - (Always - Spanish Version)

06. 2000 Miles (Monteverde 7" Mix)(Unreleased Mix)

07. Chanson (Moon & The Sky French Demo)

08. Am I Right (Guitar Demo)

09. Worlds On Fire (Demo)

10. Run To The Sun (Demo)

11. Breath Of Life (Piano Demo)

12. Alien (Demo)

13. Whole Lotta Love Run Riot (Demo)

14. Moon & The Sky (The Beatmasters Remix)(Unreleased Remix)

15. Untitled (Loveboat Demo)

16. Amo Odiarti (Love To Hate You - Italian Disco Anthem Mix)

17. UK Vibe 3 (Tomorrow's World Demo)

18. Symphony (Unreleased Track)

19. Reason (Sirius XM Radio Session)

CD12 - «A Little Respect - 30 years Of Erasure (Audio Documentary)»

DVD13 - «The Wild! Tour» DVD

01. Piano Song

02. How Many Times?

03. You Surround Me

04. Knocking On Your Door

05. Brother And Sister

06. Crown Of Thorns

07. Star

08. Chains Of Love

09. Hideaway

10. Supernature

11. Who Needs Love Like That?

12. Stop!

13. Victim Of Love

14. La Gloria

15. Ship Of Fools

16. It Doesn't Have To Be

17. Blue Savannah

18. Sometimes

19. The Hardest Part

20. Oh L'Amour

21. Drama!

22. A Little Respect

23. Spiralling

Info taken from official Erasure web site.

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