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Thursday, 15 July 2010 10:22

KMFDM - «Greatest Shit»

Our American ultra-heavy-beat heros KMFDM proudly announces the ultimate celebration of their 25 year history – «Greatest Shit» ( MET 676). This Limited Edition double disc collection of KMFDM’s best known tracks is presented by Metropolis Records, KMFDM’s home for the last half decade. «Greatest Shit» was compiled by KMFDM's founder and leader, Sascha K. (Kapt’n K, as he is known to his legion of fans). He created this release for KMFDM’s new recruits and veterans alike, specially arranging and sequencing the band’s top tracks for maximum impact. Because a true sampling of the best of KMFDM could not be constrained to one disc, «Greatest Shit» is presented in a two disc configuration. 38 tracks in all, this ultimate ultra-heavy beating has a total running time of over 145 minute and features tracks from every one of KMFDM’s studio album – from 1986’s «What Do You Know, Deutschland?» to last year’s «Blitz». For those looking for KMFDM’s most widely-known songs they can now be found all in one place - «Juke-Joint Jezebel», «A Drug Against War», «Godlike», «Light», «D.I.Y.»,  «Megalomaniac» and «Anarchy». The full breadth of the KMFDM catalog is featured from early singles such as «Kickin’ Ass» and «Don’t Blow Your Top» to more recent fan-favorites like «Free Your Hate» and «Never Say Never». Some of the band’s best loved album cuts are on display as well with «Dogma», «Terror» and «Waste». A true representation of the cream of the crop from all 15 KMFDM albums, this is the «Greatest Shit». KMFDM’s greatest wouldn’t be nearly as great without artwork by long-time KMFDM cohort Brute! In addition to a 16 page booklet bursting with cool features, this Special Edition includes a lenticular image from the world of KMFDM, hot and dangerous. KMFDM, this Shit is the Greatest!



[01] D.I.Y. (Edit)
[02] Tohuvabohu (Edit)
[03] Son Of A Gun (Overhauled Mix Edit)
[04] Juke Joint Jezebel (Single Mix)
[05] Naive (Edit)
[06] Sucks (12' Mix Edit)
[07] Hau Ruck (Edit)
[08] More & Faster (12' Mix)
[09] Money (Radio Mix)
[10] Megalomaniac (Single Mix Edit)
[11] Virus (12' Mix Edit)
[12] Light (Cellulite Radio Mix)
[13] Anarchy (Edit)
[14] Vogue (Edit)
[15] Split (12' Mix Edit)
[16] WWIII (Edit)
[17] Godlike (12' Mix Edit)
[18] A Drug Against War (Single Mix)
[19] Power (Single Mix Edit)


[01] Go To Hell (Fuck MTV Mix Edit)
[02] Don't Blow Your Top (Edit)
[03] Looking For Strange (Edit)
[04] Ultra Album (Edit)
[05] Itchy Bitchy
[06] Dogma
[07] Strut (Edit)
[08] Kickin' Ass (Edit)
[09] Free Your Hate (Edit)
[10] Terror (Edit)
[11] Adios
[12] Trust (Edit)
[13] Waste
[14] Attak-Reload (Edit)
[15] Glory (Edit)
[16] Sturm & Drang (Edit)
[17] Never Say Never (Edit)
[18] Rules (Edit)
[19] That's All (Edit)

KMFDM - «Wurst»

«Wurst» ( MET 675) is single disc version of KMFDM’s «Greatest Shit» released by Metropolis Records. Like a German Wurst, or sausage, is made from top quality beef, pork and veal and then grilled to perfection, KMFDM’s «Wurst» is comprised of their greatest tracks, hand picked and then painstakingly prepared by KMFDM’s “top chef”, Sascha K.

Both releases will see light of a day on September 28th, 2010.

Info submited by Metropolis Records.

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