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24th Wave Gotik Treffen Festival (22.05.2015 - 25.05.2015, Leipzig, Germany)
24th Wave Gotik Treffen Festival (22.05.2015 - 25.05.2015, Leipzig, Germany)
22.05.2015 - 25.05.2015
Various / Leipzig - Leipzig


24th Wave Gotik Treffen Festival (22.05.2015 - 25.05.2015, Leipzig, Germany)

Welcome Message

Hallo friends of darkness!

Like every year on Whitsun, the next Wave Gotik Treffen Festival (the 24th!) will take place in Leipzig (Germany) on May 22nd - May 25th, 2015. Treffen is biggest gathering of the «dark family» worldwide! It'll cover the whole wide range of «dark music»: from electro-pop to goth-metal, from EBM to neo-folk, from medieval music to industrial.

All over the city it will be a lot of bands, projects and single artists, performing on many stages. Their well-known names will be proudly announced a bit later. However, from its beginning the Wave Gotik Treffen has been much more than a music festival: our guest will find a medieval market place and a pagan village, we will have authors reading, performing arts and films. One of the big halls on agra-fairground (the wide place of the German agricultural fair) will turn into the biggest Gothic-warehouse of the world for four days.

On this fairground there is also the Treffen-campingground. With the special ticket you need for this (we call it «Obsorgekarte») you can also use the public-city-transport for free – so you can reach all Treffen-locations without extra costs. The inhabitants of Leipzig are familiar with the Treffen already 24 years. You will be welcome here!

The most fascinating thing during the Wave Gotik Treffen is the unique atmosphere. Gothics from all over the world are celebrating their gathering peacefully and with relish. Once a year about twenty thousand goths are coming home - to the Wave Gotik Treffen.

We would be happy to welcome you in Leipzig, too. Visit the Treffen – your friends from all over the world are already there!

See you!

The Treffen-Team


Already confirmed 221 bands/artists (last update 20.05.2015) at WGT2015: .com/kill (D) - Accessory (D) - Agent Side Grinder (S) - Alex Kaschte (D) - Alexander Nym (D) - Andre Ziegenmeyer (D) - Anja Bagus (D) - Antimatter (GB) akustischer und elektrischer Auftritt - Ari Mason (USA) - Arkona (RUS) - Ash Code (I) - Ashes You Leave (HR) - Ashram (I) - Astari Nite (USA) - Asynje (DK) - Automelodi (CDN) - Axel Hildebrand (D) - Axel Thielmann (D) - Beborn Beton (D) - Bella Donna (D) - Bergtatt (N) - Birdmachine (D) - Black Lung (AUS) - Blackhouse (USA) Weltpremiere - Blood And Sun (USA) - Blutengel (D) - Cacophoneuses (F) - Capella Fidicinia (D) - Centhron (D) - Cesair (NL) - Chor Und Ballet Der Musikalischen Komödie (D) - Chor, Kinderchor Und Jugendchor Der Oper Leipzig (D) - Christian Von Aster (D) - Clan Of Xymox (NL) - Claudia Gräf (D) - Client (UK) - Clock DVA (GB) - Combichrist (N) - Crash Course In Science (USA) - Cromdale (D) - DAF (D) - Dalriada (H) - Dark Funeral (S) - David Splittgerber (D) - David Wonschewski (D) - Dear Strange (D) - Death In Rome (D) Weltpremiere - Deine Lakaien (D) - Denny Wilke (D) - Der Weg Einer Freiheit (D) - Die Kammer (D) - Diorama (D) - Dirk Bernemann (D) - Distel (NL) - Donnertrummel - Doppelgänger (RUS) - Dr. Mark Benecke (D) - Dragóna (D) - Dupont (S) - Eisbrecher (D) - Eisler Trio (D) - Eisregen (D) - Eluveitie (CH) - Empathy Test (GB) - Ensemble Wilde Jagd (D) - Esa (GB) - Escape With Romeo (D) - Euzen (DK) - Evi Vine (GB) - Faey (D) - Falloch (GB) - Feuerdorn - Fields Of The Nephilim (GB) Konzert zum 30. Jubiläum - Fixmer/McCarthy (F/GB) - Frank The Baptist (USA) - Freiraum Syndikat (D) - Frigoris (D) - Front 242 (B) - Gerechtigkeits Liga (GB) - Gewandhausorchester (D) - Ghosts Of Dawn (D) - God Seed (N) - Goethes Erben (D) - Grendel (NL) - Greta Helten (D) - Haggard (D) - Harmjoy (D/USA) - Heldmaschine (D) - Hezzel (LV) - Hologram_ (F) - Hubertus Schmidt (D) - In Ruin (USA) - Ingo Martin Stadtmüller (D) - Isabel Gabbe (D) - Ivo Nitschke (D) - Jamey Rottencorpse and The Rising Dead (D) - Jäger 90 (D) - Jörg Scheidt (D) - Jo Quail (GB) - Jordan Reyne (NZ) - Kathrin Christians (D) - Kaunan (D) - Keluar (D/GB) - King Dude (USA) - Kirlian Camera (I) zwei Konzerte mit Frühwerken und aktuellem Material - Klutae (DK) - Koffin Kats (USA) - Konzertchor Wümme-Wieste (D) - L'ame Immortelle (A) - L.E.A.F. (NL) - Last Dominion Lost (AUS) - Laura Carbone (D) - Leipziger Ballett (D) - Lex Wohnhaas (D) - Liebknecht (D) - Lights Of Euphoria (D) - Lisa Cuthbert (IRL) - London After Midnight (USA) - Luci Van Org (D) - Luigi Rubino (I) - Lukas Dreyer (D) - Lukas Heinig (D) - Lydia Bennecke (D) - Lydia Gorstein (D) - Majdanek Waltz (RUS) - Markus Heitz (D) - Männerchor Leipzig-Nord (D) - MDR Rundfunkchor (D) - Megaherz (D) - Metal Cambra (E) - Michael Schönheit (D) - Midgards Boten (D) - Mila Mar (D) erstes Konzert seit 2004 - Minimal Consort (D) - Minuit Machine (F) - Mirja Dahlmann (D) - Modulate (GB) - Mono Inc. (D) - Mono No Aware (D) - Monolith (B) - Moonspell (P) - Morthound (S) - Murkeley - Mushroom's Patience (I) - Nachtmahr (A) - Nachtwindheim - nemus!-Ensemble (D) - Nosferatu (GB) - NZ (A) - Orchester Der Musikalischen Komödie (D) - Orphx (CDN) - Otto Dix (RUS) - OWLS (I/GB) - Phase Fatale (USA) - Phasenmensch (D) - Postscriptum (N) - Qntal (D) - Rabbit At War (D) - Reliquiae (D) - Rezurex (USA) - Roma Amor (I) - Samsas Traum (D) - Sólstafir (IS) - Schonwald (I) - Sea+Air (D) - Seasurfer (D) - Sektion B (D) - Shield Patterns (GB) - Skaluna (D) - Skyforger (LV) - Snog (AUS) - Soko Friedhof (D) - Sol Invictus (GB) spielen das Album "In The Rain" - Sophia (S) - Soror Dolorosa (F) - Spencer (CH) - Spiral 69 (I) - Steinkind (D) - Stoneman (CH) - Substaat (N) - Surturs Lohe (D) - Svartsot (DK) - Sweet Ermengarde (D) - Tüsn (D) - Tehôm (HR) - Tempers (USA) - Terrolokaust (E) - Terrorfrequenz (D) - Thalia Lauer (D) - The Beauty Of Gemina (CH) - The Essence (NL) spielen das Album "Glow" - The Exploding Boy (S) - The Frozen Autumn (I) - The Juggernauts (B) - The March Violets (GB) - The Other (D) - The Present Moment (USA) - The Saint Paul (D) - Thomas Manegold (D) - Thomas-Michael Gribow (D) - Tibetréa (D) - Tilo Augsten (D) - Tommi Stumpff (D) - Trio Concordia (D) - Twisted Nerve (GB) - Two Witches (FIN) - Unterschicht (D) - Unto Ashes (USA) - Uwe Nolte (D) - Valéry Suty (D) - Vannina Horbas (D) - Veil Of Light (CH) - Virelai (DK) - Vive La Fête (B) - While Angels Watch (GB) - Wrangler (GB) - XMH (NL) - Youth Code (USA) - Zackenflanke (D) - Zeena Schreck (USA) - Zombiesuckers (S)

Ticket information


4-days ticket for all events of 24th Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2015 costs 99 euro in pre-sale.

Treffen ticket includes free use of public transportation (tram, city-busses, regional trains, suburban trains) within the zone 110 of MDV («Mitteldeutscher Verkehrs Verbund«) from 8.00 May 21st till 12.00 May 26th (without special routes) There will be additional nightlines especially for WGT visitors on line 11 (gathering line).

Parking Ticket

For car parking at the Treffen-area you have to purchase a Parking Ticket for 15 euro in pre-sale.

Please note: Parking at the Treffen-area (AGRA-fairground) is definitely impossible without a Parking Ticket.


Limited up to 9999 tickets for 25 euro in pre-sale, contains the following service-package:

- Camping at the Treffen-Campground (AGRA-fairground)
- «Pfingstbote» («Whitsun-herald») (the Treffen-programbook)
- Small surprise gift

Please note: Entrance to and use of the campground is impossible without an «Obsorge» ticket. The «Obsorge» ticket is only valid in connection with the Treffen-Event-Ticket.

Important Information

Since March 1st, 2011 about 60% of the urban area of Leipzig has been declared a «low emission zone» to protect the environment from air pollution. Therefore within this zone only vehicles which have an official green sticker placed on the front windscreen are allowed. To obtain such a sticker, the vehicle must meet certain standards (i.e. age, type of fuel, diesel particulate filter etc.). This regulation is also valid for foreigners who travel to Leipzig by car. If you cannot show a valid sticker during a traffic check, you will have to pay a fine of 40 euros.

The stickers are available for about 5 euros at most car repair shops in Germany or via internet, e.g. the website of TÜV-Nord (6 euros)
ATTENTION: The agra-area with parking lot and camping site can be reached via A38 / B2 without having to enter the «low emission zone»! (Please see the map of the zone below) That means it is possible for visitors to park their vehicle at the agra-parking lot (you will need a WGT parking ticket in this case, which can also be obtained on location) and reach all other locations by public transport.

Please use the following links to find more information:

Map of the Leipzig «low emission zone» (pdf, 6MB)

Map of the southern/southeastern part of the Leipzig «low emission zone» (Agra-area) (pdf, 3MB)

Postage & Packing

Postage & Packing inside Germany is 8 euro, outside Germany is 8 euro, no matter how many tickets you would like to order, it will be charged only once per ordering.

Tickets will be delivered from the end of March. Please be patient until this time!

You can order your ticket here!

Additional information - at official Wave Gotik Treffen 2015 web site.

Festival Terms

With the purchase of the ticket the customer is agreeing to the following terms:

- After arriving you need to get a wrist strap accompanying with the entrance ticket which legitimates to participate in all events at the information booth of the Wave-Gotik-Treffen. The ticket will be devalued and loses its validity. The wrist strap is not transferable and will not be replaced in case of loss or damage!

- The taking of glass containers, cans, plastic bottles, fireworks, torches as well as weapons of any kind or other dangerous things to the venues is strictly prohibited. You will be expelled from the location in case of breaking the rules. At the entrance there will be a security check. The security guards are instructed to carry out body checks. Note: Owners of the «Obsorge» ticket are permitted to take containers (cans,cartons or plastic bottles) for providing themselves with food on the camping site only on the day of arrival. It just goes for the camping area!

- The taking of tape and disc recorders, cameras, camcorders to the locations is not allowed at all. Taking photos or recording videos at the venues are strictly not permitted for private use as well! Note: Except pocket cameras for taking private pictures recorders of any kind, video cameras as well as high definition cameras and digital cams are prohibited in all locations!

- We do not assume any responsibility for damages caused to someone's health like hearing defects caused by loud sounds during a concert.

- In case of important matters especially if visitors commit a crime on the festival area they will be expelled by the staff.

- Any reimbursement for the tickets is impossible.

- Unfortunately there is no guarantee for entrance to every single location because of different capacity and response of the audience


Various / Leipzig
Various / Leipzig   -   Website
Leipzig, Germany
Country: de


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